Egypt Travel Information

Egypt travel information designed to smash down barriers. Enjoy hassle-free travel in Egypt, the ancient Land of the Pharaohs. Find all the information you need right here before booking your Egypt tour package, and experience this intriguing land; its people; its blend of cultures and it inspiring history dating back thousands of years.

What to See in Egypt

What To See In Egypt?

Wondering about What to See in Egypt? Find a comprehensive, picture rich, guide covering the best of Egypt's many, many historical sites.
Where to Go in Egypt

Where To Go In Egypt?

Cruise the Nile; venture into pyramids, tombs and temples; trek the Sahara and visit oases, or relax on the Red Sea coast. Discover where to go in Egypt and enjoy the ultimate vacation.
What To Bring When Traveling To Egypt

What to Pack For Egypt – Far Less than You Think

Don your cap; put on your sunglasses; grab your camera; head outside into antiquity and explore the wonders of ancient Egypt, the Cradle of Human Civilization – What to pack for Egypt.
Why Travel to Egypt

Why Travel To Egypt, The Cradle Of Human Civilization?

Visit ancient pyramids; enter into the tombs of the Great Pharaohs; explore the might Sahara Desert, or enjoy the turquoise waters of the Red Sea and discover why travel to Egypt makes perfect sense.