Egypt Travel Information

Egypt travel information designed to smash down barriers. Enjoy hassle-free travel in Egypt, the ancient Land of the Pharaohs. Find all the information you need right here before booking your Egypt tour package, and experience this intriguing land; its people; its blend of cultures and it inspiring history dating back thousands of years.

What To Bring When Traveling To Egypt

What to Pack For Egypt – Far Less than You Think

Don your cap; put on your sunglasses; grab your camera; head outside into antiquity and explore the wonders of ancient Egypt, the Cradle of Human Civilization – What to pack for Egypt.
Why Travel to Egypt

Why Travel To Egypt, The Cradle Of Human Civilization?

Visit ancient pyramids; enter into the tombs of the Great Pharaohs; explore the might Sahara Desert, or enjoy the turquoise waters of the Red Sea and discover why travel to Egypt makes perfect sense.