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Nile Cruise Packages

Nile Cruise & Stay Holidays

Greet the pharaohs at the pyramids in Cairo; board a luxury cruise in Luxor; tour and explore the Nile Valley’s ancient gems with Nile Cruise Travel Packages. See all…

Classic Egypt Tours

Experience a true Egyptian adventure beyond pyramids, temples and tombs. Sail the Nile, dive the Red Sea and conquer the desert with Classic Egypt Tour Packages. See all…

Egypt Luxury Tours

Luxury Egypt Tours

Spoil yourself with absolute luxury whether you’re traveling Cairo; trekking through the Sahara, or sailing the Nile – Egypt Luxury Tours never disappoint. See all…

Budget Egypt Tours

Put away your credit cards and explore the countless wonders that await you in the Cradle of Human Civilization – Meet the pharaohs with Egypt Budget Tours. See all…

Cairo Tour Packages

Cairo Tour Packages

Embark on an ancient Egyptian journey of discovery; explore iconic pyramids and come face to face with mummies – the ultimate Cairo Tour Packages. See all…

Luxor Tour Packages

Luxor Tour Packages

Lose yourself between the ancient tombs in the Valley of Kings; stroll through the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut – feed your travel passion with Luxor, Egypt Tour Packages. See all…

Egypt Desert Tours

Egypt Desert Tours

Explore the mighty deserts on camels or air conditioned vehicles; dine with local Bedouin; sleep at oases or camp beneath the stars – Egypt Desert Trips. See all…

Egypt Diving Holidays

Egypt Diving Holidays

Explore coral reefs; take pictures of rays; swim with dolphins; take a Nile cruise and explore the wonders of an ancient world with Egypt diving holidays. See all…

Egypt Tour Packages

Design Your Personal Egypt Tour Package

Explore Egypt “YOUR WAY” with our user friendly trip builder. Visit only the attractions that matter the most to you; add a Nile River cruise and a trip to Dubai, or spend weeks in the desert and then jet off to Jordan. It’s your vacation, your way, and planning it couldn’t be any easier.

A Brief Guide To Egypt Tours Packages

A Brief Guide To Egypt Tours Packages

Egypt tour packages are always popular, regardless of which country you live in. One can easily spend a day learning about some of the many ancient Egyptian temples, tombs and pyramids. In fact, one could spend a lifetime learning about all the ancient attractions  that await you in the Land of the Pharaohs.

What all is there to see in Egypt? One of the first things you need to take into consideration when planning your Egypt tour package is the fact that the country is divided into several sections:

  • Lower Egypt: This region includes the northern Nile delta; the Mediterranean coast, as well as Cairo and Alexandria. Cairo – the capital of Egypt – is the starting point for most Egypt tour packages. This is where you will experience the Great Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum.
  • Middle Egypt: This area isn’t popular with tourist since there isn’t much too see nor do. Mostly desert.
  • Upper Egypt: This part of the country is home some of the country’s best historical attractions and can be found around the southern stretch of the Nile River Valley. Touring the areas around Luxor and Aswan in upper Egypt is a must and the best way to do so is by choosing a Nile River cruise.
  • Sahara Desert: The Sahara is divided by the Nile River into the Eastern Desert and the Western Desert. The Western Desert is home to a number of thriving Oases and a surprising amount of Pharaonic og Roman temples as well as a number of natural attractions.
  • Red Sea Coast: This region of the country is famous for its spectacular beaches and family friendly resorts. It is also a world class destination for SCUBA divers and snorkelers from around the world.
  • Sinai Peninsula: An isolated peninsula, ideal for historical land tours; trekking; hiking, and some sporting activity. The area around Dahab is famous for its diving while Sharm El Sheikh is a popular beach resort destination.

What Are the Best Egypt Travel Packages?

What are the best Egypt travel packages? It’s really difficult to say because all people are different. However, Cairo tour packages are among the most popular tours, and of course these nearly always include a tour of the pyramids, as well as ancient museums and churches. Some Cairo tours will only feature the Giza Plateau, which features the Sphinx and the Pyramids, while other will also include a trip to the ancient Saqqara Necropolis where even more pyramids can be seen and explored.

Luxor tours give you the opportunity to see many old statues, temples and ancient tombs. Combining Cairo and Luxor in one amazing classical Egypt tour is highly recommended. Alternatively, and maybe an even better choice are Nile cruise holiday packages.

Nile Cruise Holidays Are The Best Way To See Egypt

Nile cruise holidays represent the finest opportunity for anyone hoping to see the majority of historic sites in EgyptThey are available in many styles.

Nile River cruises are a great way to enjoy a wonderful holiday or “getaway” while saving a great deal of time and money. All Nile cruises will require a visitor to embark from Aswan or Luxor in Upper Egypt. This is because there are no longer any trips leaving from Cairo.  This is not due to a lack of interest, but rather because of difficulties in navigating the narrow “cataracts” and bends in the river.

Egypt tour packages will generally have travel itineraries that begin with a few days in the Cairo where you can view the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, and of course explore the markets. After this you will usually fly to one of the two points of departure, Luxor or Aswan. Once here, you will begin your Nile cruise for three days to a whole week! Nile cruise packages will include several guided shore excursions to several well-known attractions.

All in all, Egypt tour packages are among the best package travel options in the world, combining mystery, wonder and excitement into one convenient amazing sightseeing package. Come find out why this country is one of the most universally revered civilizations in human history by booking your Egypt tour package today.

12 Reasons to Take Advantage of Egypt Tour Packages This Year

12 Reasons to Take Advantage of Egypt Tours This Year

Are you interested in booking an unforgettable vacation? Do you crave breathtaking natural sights, fascinating ancient history and structures brought to life before your eyes, delicious regional cuisine, and more amazing sights than you can imagine? You owe it to yourself to look into some of the many Egypt tour packages designed to give you a customized experience of Egypt, suited to your specific interests and desires.

It’s hard to believe that a single destination could have so much to offer. However, with the amazing variety of Egypt tour packages available from quality tour companies like Egypt Tours Plus, you’ll find that there’s a lot more to Egypt than the Pyramids of Giza and the Nile (though you won’t want to miss either of those!).

So, why should you choose Egypt for your next vacation? And, when you do, why should you go with one of the Egypt tour packages available to you? Why shouldn’t you just design your own vacation itinerary and go explore Egypt on your own? Well, you could attempt a visit on your own, but you are very likely to miss some of the incredible jewels that this country has to offer.

First of all, let’s discuss just a few of the numerous must-see attractions to take in when you arrive in Egypt, all of which are included in Egypt travel packages and many of which you might very easily miss if you try to plan an Egyptian vacation without any local help or guidance.

1. The White and Black Deserts

When you look out at the White Desert at night you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to the moon or some distant planet. The shimmering pale sands and rock formations give this beautifully barren place its otherworldly feel. In fact, the White Desert has been used in a number of films to portray alien planets. Among other Hollywood appearances, the enormous, uniquely shaped rock formations and pale sands brought the desert planet of the Vin Diesel movie “Riddick” to life.

And nearby the White Desert, you’ll find the Black Desert with its mountains coated in black sands. You’ll be amazed at the stark difference between these two ecosystems that reside so close to one another. Why is the Black Desert black?

Many, many years ago it was actually home to active volcanoes. Their numerous eruptions contributed the black color of the sands atop the mountains here. When you see them, you are looking at the erosion of volcanic rock and ash for millions of years.

Whether you are interested in movie trivia, geology, history, and/or some of the most breathtaking views in the entire world, the White and Black deserts are not to be missed. With the right Egypt trip packages, you can experience both of these natural wonders and much, much more.

2. The Mosques of Medieval Cairo

Medieval Cairo (sometimes called “Old Cairo” or “Islamic Cairo”) is a living piece of history nestled in central Cairo. Founded as the royal enclosure of the Fatimid calips in 969 AD, Medieval Cairo is actually even older than that. It has been beautifully preserved for over a millennium, and here you will find such incredible historical sites, such as the Sultan Qalawun Mosque and the Al-Azhar Mosque.

While Medieval Cairo is packed with incredible ancient architecture and beautiful mosques, these two especially stand out. The Sultan Qalawun Mosque uniquely combines traditional Islamic architecture with the architectural designs of European churches of the eighth century. Constructed in 718, the Sultan Qlawun Mosque shares similar features to only one other mosque in the world, Spain’s Cordoba Mosque.

The Al-Azhar Mosque was constructed just after the founding of Islamic Cairo in 970. Not only is the Al-Azhar Mosque a beautiful place of worship, though, it’s also the world’s second oldest university. Students have been learning sciences, literature, maths, religion, and other fields of study for over a thousand years, and the Al-Azhar Institution is still a prominent and important Sunni Islamic Authority in Egypt today. Not to mention it boasts absolutely gorgeous architecture and atmosphere and is a true must-see attraction for history and architecture lovers, alike.

Egypt tour packages often include guided tours of these important and historic sites, hosted by local experts who can tell you much more about them than you would get from reading a tourism or history book as you fumbled your way through. If you want to get a true, human experience of the history and culture of Medieval Cairo, Egypt tour packages are the way to go.

3. The Bahariya Oasis

The Bahariya Oasis (which translates to and is often referred to as the “Seaside Oasis”) is truly a sight to behold. Known for its delicious and juicy mangos and dates, this area is full of beauty and history. You can still lay your eyes on the ancient mud houses erected to keep their residents cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

But the Bahiriya Oasis offers more than just an amazing view. You can also gather tales of ancient Egypt here. It is even said that Alexander the Great passed through this seaside oasis during his days conquering the world. Many Egypt tour packages include a trip to Bahariya in their plans, giving you the chance to see much more of Egypt than you could have hoped for on your own.

4. Abu Simbel Temples

For over a century, visitors from around the world have been attracted to the two temples of Abu Simbel, erected for the pharaoh Ramessess II. This beautiful relic of ancient Egypt was almost lost to history, but in the 1960s it was saved by a project that involved completely dismantling it and then reassembling and building it just under 200 feet up a cliff face.

Thanks to this monumental work, the temples stand in exact relation to one another and to the sun as when they were originally constructed, and visitors can enjoy an astounding sound and light show every day. When you choose a visit to Abu Simbel with one of your choices of Egypt tour packages, you’ll be sure to catch it at the best time of day for the most spectacular sights and sounds.

5. The Nile at Night in Cairo

Now, of course, you will also want to take in some of the culture and life of modern Cairo, a city that comes to life along the banks of the Nile at night. Egypt tour packages give you the freedom to explore the city along the banks of this phenomenal river, sip hot tea in a café, smoke shisha in a hookah bar, or take a scenic felucca (boat) ride on the river itself. The reflections of the gorgeous city lights dancing and reflecting in the river’s surface are a sight to behold by themselves.

6. The Great Pyramids of Giza

Of course, you won’t want to miss the Great Pyramids of Giza. These are truly great wonders of the world, and no picture of them can truly do them justice. You’ll feel transported to ancient times, and you’ll stand in awe as you wonder – like so many others – how these incredible structures could have been constructed without the use of any modern technology.

7. Discover a Side of Egypt You Never Knew

Egypt tour packages also include some very interesting and unexpected options for adventure and history lovers, alike. For example, did you know that Egypt Plus Tours offers Egypt tour packages for divers? Can you imagine a more fun way to get your internationally recognized diving certification than in the gorgeous waters of Ras Mohammed?

The coast of Egypt and the Red Sea provide amazing coral reefs and other exotic sights that you can only see when you dive under the sea. While most people think of desert sands, pyramids, and the Nile, you can enjoy all of that plus an adventurous and educational diving experience, too.

8. Cruise the Nile

Some of the best Egypt tour packages also include a cruise on the Nile. You can start your trip by exploring the many historic and cultural offerings in Cairo, visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza, and other fantastic sites, and then continue on to cruise along the Nile and enjoy the amazing views as you take in the sun and breezes on the deck of a luxury cruise ship.

9. Support Local Egyptian Artisans and Craftspeople

Who doesn’t want to support local artists, artisans, and craftspeople? Egypt Tours Plus is an especially good choice if you want to give back to the people and communities that have made your vacation special. Through their Egypt tour packages, they maintain standards for economic responsibilities that help local people thrive.

For example, when you choose Egypt trip packages with Egypt Tours Plus, your sightseeing tours will be led by local people who have an intimate knowledge of the culture and history of Egypt. They also use local drivers who know the roads and routes better than anyone else, and all Egypt tour packages are organized and arranged by local staff.

With the right Egypt tour packages, you’ll have amazing opportunities to help support local artisans and local economies by shopping at El Khalili Bazaar in Cairo and other markets in Luxor and Aswan. You’ll also stay in the finest locally owned hotels when you choose from Egypt tour package.

10. Take a Greener Vacation

Along those same lines, when you go with Egypt trip packages from Egypt Tours Plus, you’ll know that you’ve chosen a greener vacation than you could on your own or with a less meticulous tour company. For example, after guided camping trips in the White Desert and Bahareya Oasis, Egypt Tours Plus has staff members specifically tasked with cleaning campgrounds and ensuring that each space you visit is left exactly as it was before you arrived.

On a company-wide level, Egypt Tours Plus works regularly to ensure that all of their Egypt tour packages are put together in the least environmentally impactful way possible. Routes are streamlined. Litter is eliminated. Vehicles are optimized. Eco-friendly hotels and accommodations are booked. In short, everything is done for you to ensure that your trip is as environmentally friendly as possible. Imagine trying to plan all that on your own! Egypt travel packages from Egypt Tours Plus do it all for you!

11. Get Familiar with Local Customs

Now, we’ve all seen that awfully awkward scene in so many movies when a well-meaning tourist makes a terrible blunder that violates local customs and thoroughly offends everyone around him or her. With Egypt tour packages from Egypt Tours Plus, you’ll be provided with all of the information you’ll require on local customs, suitable clothing, and traditions for each and every destination on your itinerary.

Because these Egypt tour packages are arranged and run by local people, you can be sure that they are very familiar with these details, that you will be properly prepared, and that you will be in good hands when you arrive.

12. Don’t Worry About Accessibility

Finally, if you have any kind of disability or problem with mobility, you should definitely explore your options for Egypt tour packages. When attempting to plan on your own, you will have to make a lot of different arrangements and calls to ensure that you have full access to everything you want to see. That’s not the case when you plan your trip with one of Egypt Tours Plus’ Egypt tour packages.

Each and every one of their Egypt tour packages is designed with accessibility in mind. Handicapped and disabled visitors can enjoy all that Egypt has to offer with help from Egypt Tours Plus. So, if you or one of your family members is disabled, don’t take on the stress (and risks!) of planning your visit on your own. Instead, choose one of the amazingly inclusive Egypt tour packages from Egypt Tours Plus.

Travel Packages to Egypt are for Everyone

There are Egypt tour packages available for everyone. No matter what your interests or activity level, Egypt Tours Plus can help you truly experience the many wonders of Egypt.