Egypt Tour Packages – Memories For Life

Cruise the Nile, explore the pyramids and discover the magic of Egypt. All of this awaits you and can be planned with our customizable and personal Egypt tour packages.

Your Best Egypt Travel Experience Ever… Guaranteed!

Classic Egypt Tour Packages

Experience a true Egyptian adventure beyond pyramids, temples and tombs. Sail the Nile, dive the Red Sea and conquer the desert with Classic Egypt Tours.

Nile Cruise Packages

Nile Cruise Packages

Greet the pharaohs at the pyramids in Cairo; board a luxury cruise in Luxor; tour and explore the Nile Valleys ancient gems with Nile Cruise Packages.

Egypt Luxury Tours

Egypt Luxury Tours

Spoil yourself with absolute luxury whether you’re exploring Cairo; trekking through the Sahara, or sailing the Nile – Egypt Luxury Tours never disappoint.

Egypt Budget Tours

Put away your credit cards and explore the countless wonders that await you in the Cradle of Human Civilization – Meet the pharaohs with Egypt Budget Tours.

Cairo Tour Packages

Cairo, Egypt Tour Packages

Embark on an ancient Egyptian journey of discovery; explore iconic pyramids and come face to face with mummies – the ultimate Cairo Tour Packages.

Luxor Tour Packages

Luxor, Egypt Tour Packages

Lose yourself between the ancient tombs in the Valley of Kings; stroll through the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut – feed your passion with Luxor, Egypt Tour Packages.

Egypt Desert Tours

Egypt Desert Tours

Explore the mighty deserts on camels or air conditioned vehicles; dine with local Bedouin; sleep at oases or camp beneath the stars – Egypt Desert Tours.

Egypt Diving Holidays

Egypt Diving Holidays

Explore coral reefs; take pictures of rays; swim with dolphins; take a Nile cruise and explore the wonders of an ancient world with Egypt diving holidays.

Design Your Personal Egypt Tour Package

Explore Egypt “YOUR WAY” with our user friendly tour builder. Visit only the attractions that matter the most to you; add a Nile River cruise and a trip to Dubai, or spend weeks in the desert and then jet off to Jordan. It’s your vacation, your way, and planning it couldn’t be any easier than it already is.