14 Day Egypt Tours

14 day Egypt tours are among the most popular of all Egypt tour packages, largely because of the fact that they allow visitors to experience all the best attractions in Egypt within a relatively short space of time. Including Jordan, Dubai or Turkey is also an option.

A 14 day tour itinerary will also often include a 5-Star Nile River cruise and perhaps even a Sahara Desert adventure before moving on to visit Egypt’s many ancient tombs and temples located along the length of the Nile River Valley.


Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Egypt Tour Package

14 Day Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Egypt Tour Package

Visit the best sites of glittering Dubai; tour the best sites of Adu Dhabi, and then take to the skies to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt - 14 Day Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Egypt tour package.
Tour of Egypt Jordan and Israel

14 Day Egypt, Jordan and Israel Tours

Three diverse countries; many different cultures and millions of unforgettable memories: A once in a lifetime 14 Day Tour of Egypt, Jordan and Israel.
Egypt And Petra Tours

14 Day Egypt And Petra Tours Holidays

Visit Egypt’s finest attractions and explore some of the oldest human dwellings ever discover when you visit Jordan with our magical 14 days Egypt and Petra tours.
Egypt Jordan Jerusalem Tour

14 Day Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem Tour

Experience three countries; countless cultures; thousands of sights and millions of memories with an explosive 14 day Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem tour.
Egypt Istanbul Tours

14 Days Egypt-Istanbul Tours

Experience the grandeur of the pyramids; sail the Nile; explore Istanbul and cruise the Bosphorus: All this and more in 14 Days Egypt–Istanbul tours.
Sahara Desert and Nile River

14 Day Sahara Desert and Nile River

Discover ancient history; sail the majestic Nile, and explore the ever changing Sahara with a premium 14 Day Sahara Desert and Nile River cruise package.