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Middle East Honeymoon Packages

Make one of the most special occasions in your life more special than ever with our high quality Middle East Honeymoon Packages; bespoke tours which are entertaining, exciting, and absolutely flawless. Whether you want to celebrate your wedding with a sightseeing extravaganza and a romantic Nile River cruise, or spend lazy carefree days in sun, […]


Multi-Country Tours – Egypt and Beyond

Set your spirit free with one of our epic multi-country tours; tours which are designed to thrill and excite, from the day you arrive, to the day you fly back home. When you book a multi-country tour through Egypt Tours Plus, you are booking so much more than just a holiday; you are booking a […]


Egypt and Greece Tours

Enjoy visiting two breathtaking destinations with high caliber Egypt and Greece Tours presented by the world’s number one Egypt tour operator.


Egypt and Africa Tours

Discover a whole new world with premium quality Egypt and Africa tours; bespoke travel adventures designed for people who are passionate about travel.


When is the Best Time to Visit Cairo?

When is the Best Time to Visit Cairo? You have decided you would like for your next vacation to be in beautiful and historic Cairo. However, you aren’t quite sure when you want to book your Cairo tour package. You have heard that there are certain times of the year that it might not be […]


Jordan Tours from Amman

Many people who have never traveled to Jordan before think that there is little to see, but the popularity of Jordan tours from Amman tells a very different story. So many travelers arrive in Amman, either directly from their own countries, or from places such as Egypt, Morocco, or Israel, and they soon discover that […]


Jordan Tours from Egypt

This short guide regarding Jordan Tours from Egypt is relevant for people traveling on an Egyptian passport, as well as for people traveling on other passports. Egypt is of course one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and many of those who visit Egypt, also visit Jordan while they are in the region. In […]


Jordan Tours from the UK

Looking for Jordan Tours from the UK? Whether you want a relaxing break on the Red Sea coast; an adventure trip in the desert, or simply a fantastic sightseeing holiday, Jordan is an excellent destination to visit. Many of our clients who book Jordan tours from the UK also opt for one of our multi-destination […]


Jordan Tours from Singapore

If you are looking for up to date information regarding Jordan Tours from Singapore, then you need to continue reading because you will find all the answers you need right here. Jordan tours from Singapore have become increasingly popular, and it is easy to see why. Not only is Jordan a fantastic holiday destination, but […]


Jordan Tours from Israel

It is not only Israelis that book Jordan Tours from Israel, but also thousands of other people coming from countries all over the world. Many have traveled to Israel on holiday, and then while they are there, they decide to book a Jordan tour as an extension to their existing vacation. Others who travel to […]


Jordan Tours from India

If you are considering booking Jordan Tours from India, you will be pleased to know that things got a whole lot easier just a short while ago in terms of visas and etc. but more about that a bit later. India itself is an incredible country to visit, with so much to see and do. […]


Jordan Tours from Canada

Whether you are a Canadian citizen or whether you are an expat living and working in Canada, you can find all the information you need about Jordan tours from Canada right here. Traveling to Jordan from Canada has never been more affordable and more convenient than it is today so it’s hardly surprising that Jordan […]


Jordan Tours from Australia

It has never been easier or more convenient to enjoy Jordan Tours from Australia, particularly if you are traveling on an Australian passport. In fact, all you need is a ticket and your passport, and then you are ready to board your flight to Jordan, a real gem in the Middle East which is both safe […]


Jordan Tour Packages from the USA

Jordan Tour Packages from the USA are immensely popular for a number of reasons. Not only is Jordan a very tourist-friendly country with plenty to see and do, but it is also conveniently located, given its close proximity to other fascinating destinations such as Egypt and Israel. In fact, many people who book Jordan tours […]


Jordan Tour Packages from Dubai

When you book Jordan Tour Packages from Dubai through Egypt Tours Plus, you are booking you vacation through a Middle East tour operator that has been making travel dreams come to life ever since 1955. Whether you are a visitor or an expat living in Dubai, or whether you are a citizen of Dubai, unforgettable […]


Jordan Travel Blog

Our Jordan Travel Blog is your key to a great vacation in a truly wonderful destination; a country that has not only embraced tourism to the full extent, but one which welcomes visitors with open arms. In fact, the Jordanian authorities have made a tremendous effort to make visiting Jordan as hassle-free as possible. We […]


Morocco Tours from Spain

Morocco Tours from Spain are extremely popular, but this is hardly surprising when you consider just how easy it is for people to visit Morocco from Spain. Morocco is also a very popular add-on destination for people touring Spain. Of course, besides the convenience aspect, Morocco is also an incredibly alluring holiday destination which is […]


Morocco Tours from Portugal

If you are searching for information about Morocco Tours from Portugal, then you have definitely come to the right place, and we are confident that you will find all the answers you need right here on this page. And, if you later decide that you want to press ahead and visit this fascinating country, then […]


Morocco Tour Packages from Singapore

If you are thinking about booking a Morocco Tour Package from Singapore, you will no doubt have plenty of questions on your mind, and if that is the case then you have definitely come to the right place. Not only will you find the answers you are looking for right here, but if you decide […]


Morocco Tour Packages from Malaysia

The number of people who are booking a Morocco Tour Package from Malaysia has been increasing steadily for several years already. Many of those who choose to visit Morocco from Malaysia also choose to visit an additional destination while they are in the area, with a popular add-on destination being Egypt for example. In fact, […]


Egypt Tour Packages from USA

Luxury Nile cruises; desert adventures; Red Sea Diving, and some of best sightseeing opportunities in the world. Enjoy it all with Egypt tours from USA.


Egypt Tours From Australia

Explore ancient wonders; conquer the Sahara; cruise along the Nile in luxury, and swim in pristine waters teaming with life with time-tested Egypt tours from Australia


Egypt Tours from Singapore

Egypt tours from Singapore; your gateway to an ancient world; an unforgettable journey of discovery from the moment you arrive until the moment you bid the pharaohs farewell.


Egypt Tour Packages from Dubai

Egypt tour packages from Dubai are amazing, and this guide will ensure that you are fully prepared for your unforgettable journey through Ancient Egypt.


Egypt Tour Packages From India

Wave goodbye to India; explore the Great Pyramids of Giza; listen to the undisturbed silence in ancient royal tombs and temples, and enjoy all the other treasures that Egypt has to offer – Egypt tour packages from India.


Amazing Egypt Tours from UK

Put freezing weather and a monotonous nine to five job on hold, and allow us to introduce you to a world of ancient marvels with our affordable Egypt tours from UK.


When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Egypt?

Ask travel and weather experts and they will all agree that the best time of year to visit Egypt is when the daytime temperatures are most comfortable. That means from October through to the following April. After that, it can be uncomfortable in the desert areas and even in many areas along the Nile. Yet, […]


The 6 Best Egypt Tours 2020

With headlines telling of amazing discoveries still occurring in our modern era, it makes sense to consider the best Egypt tours for 2020. Learn more in this brief guide!


Egypt Tours from Germany

At Egypt Tours Plus, you will find Egypt tours from Germany to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable tour in the Land of the Pharaohs that will see you visiting one amazing ancient monument after the next, or whether you are in search of the ideal destination to relax and […]


Egypt Tours from Ireland

Enjoy magical Egypt tours from Ireland; tours which have been created by people who are as passionate about travel as you are; a company that has been offering high quality tours of Egypt and beyond ever since 1955. Our Egypt tours from Ireland are affordable, they are convenient, and they are totally unforgettable. → Click here […]


Egypt Tours from Israel

Egypt tours from Israel are popular among both Israeli citizens and foreigners who visit Israel. Many visitors to Israel choose Egypt as a sort of extension to their holiday in Israel. Just like people from all countries, there are many Israelis who have a burning desire to visit and explore Ancient Egypt, or spend some […]


Egypt Tours from NYC (New York)

Egypt tours from NYC (New York) have always been incredibly popular, but they have not always been as affordable as they are now. Back in the early days, only the rich and wealthy could afford luxury cruises to Egypt, but that all started changing as air travel became increasingly popular and increasingly more affordable. Not only […]


Egypt Tours from London

Egypt tours from London are massively popular, but then again, they always have been. With three international airports in the area, there is certainly no shortage of flights from London to Egypt, and of course, Egypt is also not all that far away. In fact, if you book a direct flight from London to Cairo, […]


Egypt and Jordan Tours from India

Egypt and Jordan tours from India can quite literally be life changing travel experiences, and even more so if you book your tour through a reputable and well experienced Egypt tour operator; a tour operator you can trust and rely upon to provide you with an Egypt and Jordan tour package which is flawless in […]


Egypt Jordan Tours from Australia

At Egypt Tours Plus, you can find an excellent range of Egypt Jordan tours from Australia, and when you book your tour through us, you can enjoy absolute peace of mind in knowing that you are booking your dream vacation through an Egypt tour operator that has been making travel dreams come true ever since […]


8 Romantic Sights for Your Honeymoon in Egypt

No matter where you go in Egypt, there’s something romantic and magical about this ancient land. Sweeping views of sands that have seen the pyramids being built, beautiful waterways, amazing city skylines, and so much more make this land perfect for a honeymoon. Fall in love with Egypt as you explore each of these romantic […]


The History Buff’s Guide to a 4-Day Cairo Tour

Of our many luxury tours all over Egypt, one of the most perfectly tailored options for history buffs is the 4-day tour of Cairo. Because this tour involves packing a lot of sightseeing into a short amount of time, you’ll cover all the major historical spots and ancient wonders in and around the city. The […]