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Travel to Egypt has never been easier or more affordable, and as millions have already discovered, there is something for everyone in the ancient land of the pharaohs. Our private Egypt tour packages allow you to explore pyramids, temples and tombs; discover the unrelenting vastness of the Sahara, cruise the Nile or succumb to the pleasures of the Red Sea coast. Our Egypt Travel blog makes it easy for you to learn all you need to know before you go.

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Egypt Tour Packages from Dubai - Horus Temple, Edfu

Egypt Tour Packages from Dubai

Egypt tour packages from Dubai are amazing, and this guide will ensure that you are fully prepared for your unforgettable journey through Ancient Egypt.
Egypt Pyramids Tours During Christmas

Spend Christmas in Egypt and Explore the Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Christmas in Egypt means endlessly sunny weather, easier access to some of the most popular sites of ancient history. Come explore the best of Egypt!
Cruise Down the Nile River

Cruise Down The Nile River – The Best Way To Discover Egypt

Touchdown in Cairo; Explore pyramids, monuments, churches and mosques; head for Luxor and venture into ancient temples and tombs; bid King Tutankhamen farewell, then enjoy an unforgettable cruise down the Nile River.
Egypt Adventure Tours - Jeep safari at dusty Eastern Desert in Egypt

Egypt Adventure Tours – Non-Stop Action From Start To Finish

Surrender yourself to great Pharaohs; explore their ancient pyramids and tombs; stroll through their vast temples; experience a luxurious Nile River cruise, or take on the challenge of the mighty Sahara with unforgettable Egypt adventure tours.
Best Nile River Cruises

The Best Nile River Cruises – Tips And Advice For Travelers

Freefall into an ancient world ruled by Pharaohs, where time has stood still; come face to face with antiquity; explore the pyramids, tombs and temples of Egypt – all this and so much more with the best of the best Nile River cruises.
Old Cairo Tours - Bab Zuweilla in the heart of Old Cairo

Old Cairo Tours – Churches, Synagogues, And Mosques

Listen for the sound of pharaohs as you step inside the great pyramids of Giza; marvel at ancient churches; imposing monuments; vast mosques; timeless monasteries and so much more - Old Cairo Tours designed to thrill!
Spiritual Egypt Tours

Spiritual Egypt Tours – Follow In The Footsteps Of Prophets

Explore ancient monasteries frozen in time; visit awe-inspiring churches and mosques, then make your way to site of the Burning Bush and remember Moses being given the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai – Spiritual Egypt Tours.
Nile Cruises All Inclusive

Nile Cruises All Inclusive - Designed To Pamper, Thrill, And Entertain

Our Nile Cruises All Inclusive tours feature a lot more than just an unforgettable cruise on board a luxury river cruiser. This guide details all that is included as well as excluded.
Felucca Nile Cruises

Felucca Nile Cruises – Sail The Nile In Timeless Tradition

Hear the wind in your sails, watch farmers at work as you sail silently by; explore ancient temples and tombs left behind by pharaohs, and reflect on the significance of your voyage through Egypt – Felucca Nile cruises.
Sinai Desert Tours - Photo by Florian Prischl

Sinai Desert Tours – Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

Take a walk on wild side; explore Egypt’s most isolated desert in the company of local guides; visit ancient monasteries tucked away in the mountains; go camel trekking through time, and dive in the crystal clear waters Red Sea with unforgettable Sinai Desert tours.
Mount Sinai Egypt Tours - Photo by Alljengi

Mount Sinai Egypt Tours – Follow In The Footsteps Of Moses

Visit the Holy Mountain where God spoke to Moses and gave him the 10 commandments, explore the ancient Monastery of St. Catherine and its fascinating history, and soak up the natural beauty and splendor of the Eastern Desert with unforgettable Mount Sinai Egypt Tours.
Monastery of St. Catherine

Monastery of St. Catherine - And The Legend Of A Monk

Immerse yourself in biblical history; soak up the religious atmosphere on the sacred mountain where God spoke to Moses, giving him the 10 Commandments, then visit the ancient, age defying Monastery of Saint Catherine.
Red Sea in Egypt

The Red Sea in Egypt – A Truly Unforgettable Experience

Lose yourself in the Land of the Pharaohs; enter into ancient pyramids, tombs and temples; cruise along the Nile in style, then explore a breathtakingly beautiful underwater world when you visit the Red Sea in Egypt.
Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

Sinai Peninsula, Egypt – Beaches, Deserts, And Fun For All

Take on the challenge of the mighty Sahara Desert; explore ancient attractions, then go diving or snorkeling in an underwater Red Sea paradise inhabited by colorful coral, and teeming with exotic vibrantly colored fish – the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

Colored Canyon Egypt – A Hidden Gem In The Sinai Mountains

Escape urban pollution and non-stop chaos; step into isolation and tranquility, and follow in the footsteps of traders and pilgrims of civilizations long gone – welcome to Colored Canyon Egypt.
Egypt Tailor Made Holidays

Egypt Tailor Made Holidays – Because You Are Special!

Enjoy Egypt your way, at your pace, and in line with your budget! Visit the ancient Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx; explore royal tombs in the Valley of Kings, or lose yourself in luxury with a Nile River cruise. Let us make your dreams come alive with tailor made Egypt holidays.
Egypt Group Tours

Egypt Group Tours – The Best Way To Visit Egypt As A Group

Experience the ultimate corporate tour; incentive tour or family tour in the Land of the Pharaohs; explore ancient historical sites, then cruise along the majestic Nile River in the lap of luxury with Egypt group tours.
Egypt Pyramid Tours - Giza Pyramids, Cairo

Egypt Pyramid Tours

Marvel at the enormity of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, then head for the ancient Saqqara Necropolis near Memphis, Egypt’s first capital, and explore the World’s only remaining step pyramid, that of Pharaoh Djoser – Egypt pyramid tours.
Egypt Day Tours

Egypt Day Tours – The Convenient Way To Explore Antiquity

Navigate your way through the legendary pyramids of Giza and Saqqara; explore ancient churches, monasteries mosques and monuments - discover a whole new world with Egypt day tours.
Vacation Packages To Egypt

Amazing Vacation Packages To Egypt To Suite All Ages And Tastes

Our bespoke vacation packages to Egypt are powered by nearly 60 years of experience, and they’re designed to bring travelers face to face with the very best sites and attractions that wait for you in Egypt, the cradle of humanity.
What to See Along the Nile River - A Nile Cruiser docked at the Temple of Kom Ombo on the River Nile

What To See Along The Nile River – Watch History Unravel

Surrender to the Great Pharaohs as you step into the tomb of King Tutankhamen; explore ancient temples, and marvel at monuments frozen in time - What to see along the Nile River in Egypt?
Egypt Tour Packages from Canada

Country Specific Travel Tips And Advice

Whether you are traveling to Egypt from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or ... We have a country specific travel guide covering the most important points you need to know about before you travel to Egypt.

Explore 127 Amazing Places to Visit in Egypt

Explore the best, most important and beautiful places to visit in Egypt. Find the ultimate guide to all the must-see destinations in Egypt right here.
Egypt Diving Holidays

Egypt Diving Holidays

Come explore coral reefs, take pictures of rays, swim with dolphins, and experience the amazing underwater worlds with Egypt diving holidays.
Egypt Guided Tours

Egypt Guided Tours

Venture into the ancient pyramids; explore the Valley of Kings in Luxor, and step inside the tomb of Tutankhamen; tour the temples of Aswan and discover the gems of the Nile Valley as you cruise the Nile - Egypt Guided Tours.
Egypt Vacation Packages

Breathtaking Egypt Vacation Packages - Since 1955

Our bespoke Egypt vacation packages are powered by nearly 60 years of experience, and they’re designed to bring travelers face to face with the very best sites and attractions that wait for you in Egypt, the cradle of humanity.
Egypt Tour Packages from USA

Breathtaking Egypt Tour Packages from USA

Luxury Nile cruises; desert adventures; Red Sea Diving, and some of best sightseeing opportunities in the world. Enjoy it all with Egypt tours from USA.
Egypt Tours from Australia

Private Guided Egypt Tours From Australia

Explore ancient wonders; conquer the Sahara; cruise along the Nile in luxury, and swim in pristine waters teaming with life with time-tested Egypt tours from Australia
Egypt Escorted Tours

Egypt Escorted Tours – The Only Way To See The Real Egypt

Step into an ancient world; experience the timeless wonders of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan; or cruise along the Nile in the lap of luxury. Experience all this and more with escorted Egypt tours.
Egypt Tour Packages from India

Egypt Tour Packages From India

Wave goodbye to India; explore the Great Pyramids of Giza; listen to the undisturbed silence in ancient royal tombs and temples, and enjoy all the other treasures that Egypt has to offer – Egypt tour packages from India.
Egypt Tours From New Zealand

Egypt Tours From New Zealand

Avoid unnecessary disappointment and heartache when you travel to the magical Land of the Pharaohs – find out everything you need to know about Egypt tours from New Zealand.
Tours to Egypt from South Africa

Tours to Egypt from South Africa

Listen for silent whispers in the Great Pyramids of Giza; explore ancient tombs and vast temples of mighty pharaohs; dive the Red Sea reefs and embrace the ever-changing Sahara Desert – Egypt tours from South Africa.
Egypt Sightseeing Tours

Egypt Sightseeing Tours – Making Your Dreams Come Alive!

Explore ancient pyramids, royal tombs and legendary temples; visit churches, mosques, monasteries and monument; experience the mighty Sahara Desert and its many oases, or go diving the strikingly beautiful Red Sea with quality Egypt sightseeing tours.
Tours to Egypt

Tours to Egypt – Experience the Best That Egypt Has to Offer

Tours to Egypt that offer you a truly exciting opportunity to enjoy the best that Egypt has to offer in terms of comfort, convenience and safety. Discover more at Egypt Tours Plus.
Egypt Holiday Tours

Egypt Holiday Tours – Enjoy An Egyptian Journey of Discovery

Enjoy Egypt your way with Egypt holiday tours that have been carefully structured, based on nearly six decades of experience providing quality tours.
All Inclusive Egypt Tours

All Inclusive Egypt Tours – The Ultimate Egyptian Vacation

Our all inclusive Egypt tours are designed to give travelers far more than just an Egyptian or Middle Easter vacation – They are designed to THRILL!
Diving in Taba

Diving in Taba

Being on the Red Sea, diving in Taba is a natural choice for recreation. The Red Sea is endlessly beautiful and well worth the visit.
Things to do in Taba

Things to do in Taba

There's never a shortage of things to do in Taba. The sea draws tourists from every corner of the globe. We'll show you what brings them here.
Travel to Taba, Egypt - Boats and yachts are in the harbor

Travel to Taba

There are a few ways to travel to Taba, including chartered planes and via overland means. We will help you select the best option based on your needs.
Hotels in Taba

Hotels in Taba

Hotels in Taba are all inclusive resorts with friendly, professional staff and many amenities. Choose the right one with our expert assistance.
Taba Tours

Taba Tours

Taba tours allow you to experience the history, as well as the present state, of this fascinating border city. Click here for more details about available tours.

What To See In Egypt?

Wondering about What to See in Egypt? Find a comprehensive, picture rich, guide covering the best of Egypt's many, many historical sites.
Diving in El Gouna - View of coastline at El Gouna. Egypt

Diving in El Gouna

Diving in El Gouna is one of the resort's most popular draws and it is no surprise. Learn about it in pictures and words right here!
Travel to El Gouna - Red Sea, Egypt

Travel to El Gouna

Probably the best way to travel to El Gouna is by specifically including the town in your Egypt sightseeing itinerary. This can be done quite easily when you design your personal Egypt tour with us.
Hotels in El Gouna

Hotels in El Gouna, Egypt

Hotels in El Gouna are made for vacationers. They will provide you the luxury you need to relax after a long day in the ocean or on the beach.
El Gouna Tours

El Gouna Tours

This is a city known for its natural and manmade beauty. El Gouna tours always include the extensive canal system, one of the cities distinctive features!
Diving in Dahab

Diving in Dahab

Do not miss this. Scuba Diving in Dahab is an experience you will relish forever and likely come back to repeat. Come see what information we have to share!
Things to do in Dahab

Things to Do in Dahab

Need some ideas? Check out our list of things to do in Dahab. You might be surprised at how many of the options are decidedly non-touristy!
Travel to Dahab

How Do I Travel To Dahab?

It is part of the Red Sea Riviera so travel to Dahab is astonishingly convenient given its secluded feel. We will show you how to get there in style.
Hotels in Dahab

Finding Great Hotels in Dahab

We have compiled information on the hotels in Dahab. There is always more of them going up and they are, without exception, excellent.
Dahab Tours

What Can You See on Dahab Tours?

Dahab tours are truly unique. Incredible camel safaris and scuba diving adventures are accessible from this former fishing village, now a vacation hub for travelers around the world.
Marsa Alam Dive Sites

Marsa Alam Dive Sites

See the Red Sea from the best vantage point: underneath the surface! Marsa Alam Dive Sites are an internationally renowned experience.
Things to do in Marsa Alam, Egypt

Things to Do in Marsa Alam

Exploring ancient Egyptian architecture nearby or lounging around on the beach, there are endless things to do in Marsa Alam.
Travel to Marsa Alam

How to Travel to Marsa Alam

Find out how to get there in the most cost-effective and comfortable…
Hotels in Marsa Alam

Hotels in Marsa Alam, Egypt

A comprehensive list of the best hotels in Marsa Alam. All price ranges are represented so every traveler will find a good fit.
Marsa Alam Tours

What Can You Do With Marsa Alam Tours?

Marsa Alam tours showcase this ever more popular resort, this is a luxury seaside resort where one is free to relax and indulge their adventurous side in the clean blue surf.
Alexandria Tours - Fishing boats, Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria

Alexandria Egypt Tours - Fascinating, Adventurous, Relaxing

Alexandria Egypt tours are the gateway to the historical city of Alexandria. Named after Alexandria the Great, the city is a popular destination for those in search of adventure and relaxation.
Hotels in Hurghada

Hotels in Hurghada

New hotels in Hurghada are always going up and that means there are many choices for you. Let us help you find your way around!
Hurghada Tours - Desert safaris are among the most popular tours in Hurghada

What to See on Hurghada Tours

Hurghada tours are a great way to make sure you get it all in during your tour. Go out on the sea, under the sea and explore the city!
Hurghada Nightlife - Disco ball light reflection

Hurghada Nightlife

From discos and clubs to bars and cafes, Hurghada nightlife provides numerous options. This brief guide explores some of the many nighttime activities that are available to you.
Hurghada Diving - Bottlenose Dolphins Swimming, Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada Dive Sites

Hurghada diving is what sparked interest in this city as a tourist destination. It is some of the best to be had in Egypt or anywhere.
Hurghada, Egypt - Beautiful architecture of Hurghada Marina at dusk

Explore Hurghada, Egypt

A quickly growing Red Sea Resort, Hurghada, Egypt is popular with locals, especially those from Cairo, and international tourists alike.
Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Diving in Sharm El Sheikh is a scuba diver's dream come true. Coral reefs and warm, clear waters invite you to take a plunge and see what's beneath the surface!
Sharm El Sheikh Tours

Sharm El Sheikh Tours

Sharm El Sheikh tours allow you to see the ocean, the deserts, the bustling city or Sharm Old Town if you want a taste of this exciting resorts past.
Travel to Sharm El Sheikh

How to Travel to Sharm El Sheikh

Travel to Sharm El Sheikh is easy and affordable. It has the largest airport in the Sinai and is a popular starting point for many vacationers.
Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

The hotels in Sharm El Sheikh are among the most luxurious resorts in Egypt. Seaside or closer to the center of town, you'll have all amenities you need.
Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Most people come for the ocean, but the deserts that surround this resort paradise are well worth a visit. Learn about what the things to do in Sharm El Sheikh are.
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt - Panorama

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is the premier resort town in Egypt. Great diving and wonderful excursions are always available.
Aswan Tours - Feluccas on the River Nile

Aswan Tours - Where The Fun And Excitement Never Ends

Aswan tours allow you to experience the very best of this marvelous city. Explore ancient monasteries, monuments and temples, or sail on the Nile in a Felluca and explore islands on camels.
Marsa Alam Diving Holidays

Marsa Alam Diving Holidays

Travelers on Marsa Alam Diving Holidays can enjoy excellent, year round diving conditions with many sites available directly offshore.
El Gouna Diving Holidays

Planning El Gouna Diving Holidays

Those who have arranged for El Gouna Diving Holidays will have access to a remarkable range of facilities and training to use in their Red Sea Riviera explorations.
Hurghada Diving Holidays

Enjoying Hurghada Diving Holidays

World class resorts and accommodations are available to anyone enjoying one of the many Hurghada Diving Holidays available.
Sharm El Sheikh Diving Holidays

Sharm El Sheikh Diving Holidays

Anyone interested in experiencing some of the finest diving and snorkeling conditions and sites in the world should explore the available Sharm El Sheikh Diving Holidays.
Red Sea Diving Holiday Packages

Red Sea Diving Holiday Packages – Ultimate Underwater Experience

When it comes to all-inclusive Red Sea diving holiday packages, no other tour operator is able to offer a better experience than Egypt Tours Plus.
Taba Holidays

Taba Holidays

Explore the Sinai Peninsula and vast coral gardens during Taba Holidays. The area is becoming quite popular and has many accommodations available.
Dahab Holidays

Dahab Holidays

Escape the tourist areas and choose Dahab Holidays as a way to enjoy the excellent diving in the Red Sea and the natural wonders of the Sinai Peninsula.
Cheap Egypt Vacation Packages - Sunrise Over the Red Sea in Egypt

Cheap Vacation Packages To Egypt – Are They Really Worth It?

Cheap Egypt vacation packages that make it possible for anyone and everyone to explore the very best sites and attractions in the magical Land of Pharaohs – Experience a vacation you’ll never forget.
Egypt All-Inclusive Vacations - Pyramids of Giza

Egypt All-Inclusive Vacations – The Best Way To See Egypt

Egypt all-inclusive vacations that go beyond your wildest expectations; a seamless travel experience powered by nearly six decades of experience, and an adventure you never forget.
Egypt Family Vacations - Family on the Beach, Silhouette

Egypt Family Vacations - Know Your Options Before You Travel

Egypt family vacations that can be enjoyed by one and all: whether you’re travelling with parents or grandparents; children or grandchildren, a magical journey of discovery awaits.
Egypt Vacation Tour Packages - Balloons above Luxor, Egypt at dawn

Egypt Vacation Tour Packages – An Adventure Experience

Egypt vacation tour packages bring you face to face with the world’s most ancient civilization, and all the remnants they left behind to remind us of their fascinating legacy.
Egypt Luxury Vacations - Mena House Hotel Garden and Pyramid View, Cairo

Egypt Luxury Vacations – Explore Ancient Egypt In Style

Egypt Luxury Vacations – when the best simply isn't good enough. Discover and explore Ancient Egypt’s countless wonders, and do it in the lap of luxury every step of the way.
Pyramids of Giza, Cairo

How To Find The Best Egypt Vacations

Welcome to a world where the magic never ends; where thousands of years of history wait around every turn, welcome to the best Egypt vacations.
Marsa Alam Holidays

Marsa Alam Holidays

Dive in the wonderful waters of the Red Sea or explore some ancient Pharaonic ruins on Marsa Alam Holidays. The snorkeling and diving conditions are among the finest in the region.
El Gouna Holidays

El Gouna Holidays

Travelers who arrange El Gouna holidays will experience some of the most unique amenities, activities and facilities along Egypt’s eastern coast. The entire town is a resort location!
Hurghada vacation packages are for sunseekers and beach lovers

Hurghada Vacation Packages – Understanding the Basics

Hurghada vacation packages, where thousands of years of history come together with world class diving and snorkeling to give you a vacation you’ll never be able to forget.
Sharm El Sheikh Vacation Package - Fountain and Beach in Sharm

Sharm El Sheikh Vacation Packages – Visit The Red Sea Riviera

A Sharm El Sheikh vacation package fit for a king, Explore and ancient land; take a walk on the wild side, and treat yourself to a break at the Red Sea Riviera.
Luxor Egypt Vacation Packages - Tourists at the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut which was dedicated to the Sun God Amon-Ra

Luxor Egypt Vacation Packages – Turn Dreams Into Reality

Luxor Egypt vacation packages are driven by a passion for all things ancient; from the magisterial beauty of the pyramids in Cairo, to the astounding royal tombs and temples in Luxor – Enjoy tours that thrill and excite.
Cairo vacation packages always include a visit to the Pyramid of Khafre and the Great Sphinx in Giza

Cairo Vacation Packages – Making Your Dreams Come Alive

Cairo vacation packages that unlock the door to a whole new world of discovery: Explore ancient pyramids; mosques; churches and monasteries – Feel the heartbeat of Egypt!
The best Egypt vacation packages include the Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor

The Best Vacation Packages to Egypt – A Traveler’s Guide

Let your trip to Egypt be more than just a vacation; make it an unforgettable travel experience, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave – find the best Egypt vacation packages.
Egypt Golf Holidays

Egypt Golf Holidays – A True Hole In One Experience

Experience the never ending magic of Egypt; explore sites of antiquity; venture in the ancient royal tombs of the pharaohs, then lose yourself playing golf in the shadow of the legendary pyramids – Egypt golf holidays.
Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids Tour – An Unforgettable Egyptian Experience

Experience the thrill and mystique of Egypt’s most famous landmark attractions. A Giza Pyramids tour is your gateway to the ancient Land of Pharaohs.
Where to Go in Egypt

Where To Go In Egypt?

Cruise the Nile; venture into pyramids, tombs and temples; trek the Sahara and visit oases, or relax on the Red Sea coast. Discover where to go in Egypt and enjoy the ultimate vacation.
Senior Travelers In Egypt

Senior Travelers In Egypt – Enjoying Egypt Regardless Of Age

Explore the ancient pyramids, tombs and temples; cruise the Nile River in the lap of luxury; visit the stunningly beautiful Red Sea coast, or camp under the desert stars in the mighty Sahara – a guide for senior travelers in Egypt.
Women travelers in Egypt

Women Travelers In Egypt – Enjoy A Vacation Of A Lifetime

Visit the legendary Pyramids of Giza; cruise the Nile in the lap of luxury; dive or snorkel in the Red Sea, or enjoy an unforgettable Sahara desert adventure – travel advice for women travelers in Egypt.
Travelling with children in Egypt

Traveling With Children In Egypt – The Ideal Family Vacation

Most people discover an interest, or even a fascination, with Egypt as children. No one forgets the first time they heard the stories of the ancient pharaohs and their burial pyramids...
Egypt Visa Requirements

Egypt Visa Requirements – Don’t Get Turned Away On Arrival

Immerse yourself in thousands of years of history; explore ancient pyramids, tombs and temples; conquer the Sahara Desert or cruise the Nile in Luxury – A guide to Egypt visa requirements.
Eating And Drinking When Traveling Egypt

Eating And Drinking In Egypt – An Epic Culinary Journey

Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey of discovery: enjoy the mouth watering flavors of the ancient civilizations that have stood the test of time - Eating and drinking in Egypt.
What To Bring When Traveling To Egypt

What to Pack For Egypt – Far Less than You Think

Don your cap; put on your sunglasses; grab your camera; head outside into antiquity and explore the wonders of ancient Egypt, the Cradle of Human Civilization – What to pack for Egypt.
Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt - Kings, Rulers, Gods

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt ruled over one of the oldest and most spectacular civilizations in the world, spanning an astonishing period of more than 3,000 years.
Arab Conquest of Egypt

The Arab Conquest of Egypt, 639 AD - A Defining Moment in Egyptian History

In medieval Egypt, perhaps the most significant event to occur since the unification of the Two Lands by King Menes in ancient times was the Arab conquest.
Arab Republic of Egypt - Egyptian Revolutionary Command Council 1953

The Birth of the Arab Republic of Egypt - July 22, 1952

The birth of the Arab Republic of Egypt was a landmark event in Egyptian history - for the first time since the pharaonic era the country was ruled by a native Egyptian.
Middle East Peace Treaty 1979

The Middle East Peace Treaty 1979 - The Camp David Accords

The Middle East Peace Treaty - In 1977 the outlook for peace between Israel and Egypt was not good. Israel still held most of Sinai, and negotiations had been at a stalemate...
Brief History of Egypt

The Brief History of Egypt - Ancient, Medieval and Modern

The Brief History of Egypt covers Ancient, Medieval and Modern Egyptian History from A to Z. A great introduction to Egypt's History.
Ancient Egypt Nile River

The Importance of the Nile River in Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt the Nile River was the main reason for the foundation of a religion, the 1st agricultural revolution and the development of towns and a hierarchical structure.
Ancient Egyptian Pyramids - Giza Plateau, Cairo

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids - Understanding The Pyramids of Egypt

Ancient Egypt Pyramids - Why were they built? Understand the Egyptian Pyramids; origin, importance to the Afterlife, and role in ancient Egyptian religion.
Egypt Tours from UK - Ruins of the Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt

Amazing Egypt Tours from UK

Put freezing weather and a monotonous nine to five job on hold, and allow us to introduce you to a world of ancient marvels with our affordable Egypt tours from UK.
Egypt and Jordan Tours from Canada

Egypt and Jordan Tours from Canada

Marvel at the pyramids, tombs and temples of ancient Egypt; cruise the Nile in style, and succumb to timeless antiquity in Jordan with our quality Egypt and Jordan tours from Canada.
Sharm el Sheikh Travel Guide

Brief Sharm El Sheikh Travel Guide

A Sharm El Sheikh Egypt travel guide, is one of the necessary items that you will need when you are travelling to this incredible part of the world. Explore this brief guide.
Egypt Tour Packages from Saudi Arabia

Egypt Tour Packages From Saudi Arabia

Egypt Tour Packages from Saudi Arabia represent the ultimate travel experience; A perfect blend of history, fun, adventure and absolute luxury.
Egypt Tour Packages from Canada

Breathtaking Egypt Tour Packages from Canada

Escape frozen winters and discover an ancient world; explore pyramids, tombs and temples; cruise the mighty Nile, or SCUBA dive in the Red Sea.