Dubai Group Tours

Our selection of high caliber Dubai Group Tours are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get as much value for their money as possible. With our tour groups limited to a maximum of 15 people, you are guaranteed never to feel left out or overlooked as we take you on a magical journey of discovery through the very heart of Dubai.

Visit the city’s modern wonders like Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa; marvel at the city’s famous historical masterpieces, and enjoy a desert safari with a BBQ dinner under the stars, all in the company of some likeminded companions who will no doubt become friends by the time you say goodbye.

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7 Day Dubai Tour Itinerary

7 Day Dubai Itinerary

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Middle East with a 7 Day Dubai Itinerary that includes sightseeing, a mountain safari, dolphin watching and more.
Dubai 6 Day Packages

Dubai 6 Day Package

Book a high quality Dubai 6 Day Package holiday and experience the best of Dubai; the best of Abu Dhabi, and the best of Sharjay; 3 emirates in 1 trip.
Dubai 5 Day Tour Packages

Dubai 5 Day Tour Package

Experience the magnetism of modern-day Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a high caliber Dubai 5 Day Tour Package that never fails to astonish and impress.
Short Breaks in Dubai

4 Day Short Break in Dubai

Enjoy a superb 4-Day Short Break in Dubai that will begin with you visiting the best sites in Modern Dubai, and end with an unforgettable desert safari.

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3 Reasons to Book Dubai Group Tours

Dubai Group Tours

Whether you are a fan of luxury travel, adventure tours, or holidays that take in a lot of sights and scenery, you may hesitate to choose a “group tour”. This is because it is often an experience in which you are part of a very large crowd of people, few of whom you know. You may all head to locations friendly to large groups, but which may not give you the experiences you had hoped. After all, it can be challenging to visit a truly authentic local restaurant when there are dozens of you!

However, booking Dubai group tours may not be a bad idea. Why not?

We offer three very good reasons why you will want to consider booking one of the premium group tours to Dubai, and some of them might surprise you:

1. Limited Group Size

The finest Dubai group tours limit the number of travelers to 15 or less. This means you have the full attention of any tour guides, you can enjoy experiences that traditional groups just cannot do, and you get to become friendly with everyone in the party. This is only going to enhance the experience as you can all easily share thoughts, ideas and insight that increases the overall value of the journey.

Don’t forget that a smaller group also opens the door to options such as visits to the desert, rides in traditional abras and meals at upscale restaurants!

2. Flexibility

Never think that Dubai group tours offer no flexibility. Because they are of limited size, it does make it much easier for plans to become more flexible. Does everyone wish to spend a bit more time at a site like the Dubai museum? Would everyone be interested in a quick stop for a photo of Burj Al Arab from a scenic point in the Madinat Jumeirah? With the best Dubai group tour packages, it is far easier to make those little changes that make all of the difference.

3. Knowledge and Access

With the best group tours to Dubai, you don’t have to worry that you are going to miss certain experiences because you don’t speak the language or know your way around an area of a town or region. With a dedicated guide, your Dubai group tour gets to be sure that the most relevant sites are visited, any and all questions are answered, and interesting details you might have otherwise missed are noted.

Naturally, with the best Dubai group tours it can also mean that you get to enjoy such benefits as skipping entrance lines, having tickets or passes long before you arrive at a destination, and even gaining exclusive access to certain locations are areas. You are always going to hit all of the “high points” and take in those “must see” destinations, but those leading best Dubai group tours have a lot more insider’s knowledge that  they share with you to enhance the experience.

Of course, the more obvious and well-recognized reasons for selecting Dubai group tours over more traditional travel will include:

  • Safety – never find yourself lost, in the wrong areas or behaving in ways that might offend others and leave you open to conflict
  • Affordability – even when it is one of the luxury Dubai group tours, you still save on everything from lodging and food to passes and tickets
  • Time – while many think that Dubai group tours mean no free time, that is not just the case and most of the premium options always include free time for exploring, shopping, or simply relaxing

So, that is actually six valid reasons to consider a Dubai group tour, and now that you know just why it is such a good idea to book Dubai group tours, it is time to take a look at just what you can take in during a visit.

What You Can Do and See on the Best Dubai Group Tour Packages

It will not matter if you join one of Dubai group tours that lasts only a few days or you spend over a week exploring all that the Emirate has to offer; it will always feel like there is just too much to see and do.

Just in the city of Dubai itself you can find dozens upon dozens of destinations worthy of at least half of a day, but often more.

We are going to touch on those “must see” spots you want to see listed on the itineraries for the Dubai group tours you are considering:

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum, which is located in a 200-plus year old fort, you can enjoy a formal introduction to the history, culture and peoples of the region. Did you know that the Bani Yas tribal people settled along the banks of the Dubai Creek because of its rich marine life, valuable trade routes and abundant supply of pearls?

A visit to Dubai Creek shows you a visual history of the area and is a perfect place to spend a full day or two. Take a ride along the creek in an abra, head to the souks (this is where the famed gold and spice souks are found) on the other side, and dedicate the rest of your day to exploring the appealing Bastakiya Quarter.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is another of the must see destinations on the best Dubai group tours, it is one of the only mosques open for tours and visits to non-Muslim travelers.

A place of stunning beauty, design and architecture it is also the ideal destination for those on group tours to Dubai emphasizing education. Learn about Islam, sit in on a lecture about some aspect of the design of the building or engage in the many other programs that are part of the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (which conducts the tours).

Burj Khalifa

From one amazing building to another…the best Dubai group tours will not overlook the fact that the Jumeirah Mosque and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, reside within site of one another in Dubai. You might easily spend an entire day here, enjoying the views from the different platform and observation spaces, but also touring the sites back at the base of the building.

For example, while up in the higher floors, you are going to be able to see the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah, the Madinat Jumeirah, the Dubai Mall and the Dubai Fountain.

Each and every one of these sites is worth a visit.

  • Burj Al Arab – Yet another marvel of architecture, this offshore hotel has the look of a ship at sea. It is known around the world for its utterly stunning design and is one of the only “seven star” rated sites on the planet.
  • Dubai Marina – With a popular Marina Walk and some pretty stunning yachts in the Yacht Club nearby, this is one of the more modern sights in the city. Marvel at some of the world’s tallest apartment buildings and quickly appreciate the dedication that the city’s planners have to making Dubai one of the most modern and advanced.
  • Palm Jumeirah – Of course, almost all Dubai group tours incorporate time at this stunning, man-made island locale. If the marina impresses you, the Palm Jumeirah is going to leave you stunned. From the air, it looks just as its name implies – like an elegant palm – but even as you tour the “trunk” and branches, you still enjoy a sense of elegance and grace. A blend of luxury residences and premium shops and restaurants, it has a monorail that makes getting all around the island a delight.
  • Madinat Jumeirah – Though the entire area around the Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah and Marina districts is the most modern, there is the utter charm of the Madinat Jumeirah to take in, too. This waterfront complex is like a step back into the distant past thanks to the designers’ dedication to emulating an ancient city. Charming abra boats navigate the waterways and premium lounges, restaurants and souks await your exploration.
  • Dubai Mall – Described by millions as a shopper’s paradise, it is the biggest in the world. Full of premium shops (there are more than 1,000), more than 150 eateries, and offering options for ice skating, a full-blown aquarium and zoo, and more. It could supply your group with an entire day’s worth of fun and activity, and even serve as a destination for an evening out. If so, you need to be sure to spend time outdoors at the Dubai Fountain…
  • Dubai Fountain – With several “performances” each day, this amazingly orchestrated and choreographed fountain features fairly unbelievable shows in which jets of water and lights make for fascinating viewing. Stop by after dark and you will be enchanted by the accompaniments of lights that further enhance the overall experience.

Group Tours to Dubai can be Selected for a Number of Reasons

For example, if your goal during a visit to Dubai is to explore its noteworthy luxury shopping areas, in addition to time at the Dubai Mall, you will want to consider a visit to Saga World with its unique setting and stunning architecture.

As indicated, time at the gold and spice souks is incomparable and essential, too. In fact, a group may want to go there even if no one is all that interested in shopping. Why? It is remarkable to explore and you may feel that you have entered another world where delicious foods and gorgeous wares meet the eye at every turn.

There are more than 300 vendors in the Gold Souk alone, and as you might learn, roughly 20% of all of the world’s gold makes its way through this market. Yet, those who do not wish to purchase gold, silver or jewelry can instead enter the exotic and aromatic Spice Souk. Looking for a particular spice or flavor? If so, it is easily found here.

If you would like to experience a European style shopping attraction, the all new City Walk is a good choice. Taking its cues from quaint European towns, it features charming walks lined with cafes and restaurants but all set within the appealing Jumeirah Beach Residence district with its beach and many daily activities. Listen to DJs, hit the water park or just enjoy the amazing views!

Away From the Crowds

Maybe your Dubai group tour is also supposed to be about the more natural scenery that is Dubai? If so, there is nothing like a trip into the desert. Dubai has several amazing options, and one you will want to consider is the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

A first of its kind in the entire United Arab Emirates, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is a classic reserve that encompasses more than 85 square miles of lands within the Arabian Desert. Unfortunately, you cannot tour on your own, but you can ask the provider of a group tour if a visit to this area is an option.

Alternatively, you might inquire about options for safaris or desert treks. Areas such as Khasab in Oman are ideal destinations for those eager to get out of the town and into the wild spaces of Dubai and the UAE. With options for the use of four-wheel drive vehicles and even some outdoor dining and overnight camping, it could make for an unforgettable experience. Head to the Musandam Peninsula and spend time at the beach!

Of course, because Dubai is a place ready to welcome groups of travelers, you will find an abundance of destinations ideal for groups. Spots like Ski Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure and Wild Wadi Waterpark are activity and theme parks that would be a great way for any group to spend a fun-filled day or night in Dubai.

There is almost too much for a group to see and do in Dubai, but it is a wonderful idea to make plans to travel together and experience one of the most progressive, advanced and fascinating places in the modern world.

Dubai Group Tours are without question the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get as much value for their money as possible.