Dubai Honeymoon Packages

No day is bigger than your wedding day, and our beautifully structured Dubai Honeymoon Packages allow you and your loved one to celebrate this special event in absolute style. What could be more romantic than enjoying a BBQ dinner under a star-filled sky in the serenity of the Arabian Desert while dancers perform to traditional Arabian music?

Explore awe-inspiring attractions by day, and when the sun begins to dip, treat yourself to an unforgettable candle lit dinner on a wooden dhow as it sails along peacefully on Dubai Creek. With our amazing Dubai honeymoon tour packages memories are made to last forever.

Honeymoon Packages to Dubai

7 Day Dubai Honeymoon Package

Secure your 7 Day Dubai Honeymoon Package and celebrate your love in a way you never thought possible, a trip where romance and adventure go hand in hand.
5 Day Honeymoon Trip to Dubai

5 Day Honeymoon Trip to Dubai

Celebrate your marriage with a classic 5-Day honeymoon trip to Dubai; discover Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and spend a day sailing on the fjords of Musandamon.

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Dubai Honeymoon Packages

A honeymoon is easily the most romantic trip you might ever take, and what could be more romantic than a place of stunningly beautiful architecture, ancient cultures, exotic markets and the glitter of desert stars? If your answer was that nothing could be more romantic than that, then one of the different Dubai honeymoon packages will appeal to you.

Any of the Dubai honeymoon packages will emphasize the blend of modern and ancient that so shapes this amazing destination. One of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, Dubai is home to many famous landmarks and modern marvels. It is also a destination noted for its dedication to amazing luxury, and that makes it a perfect option for one of the Dubai honeymoon packages. After all, spa treatments in five-star locations or romantic rooftop meals after days spent in classic souks or beautiful waterfront destinations are some of the most romantic and honeymoon-friendly options imaginable.

Dubai Honeymoon Tour Packages for Those Who Love the City

Dubai is the name of the emirate as well as the main city. If the two of you love the idea of Dubai honeymoon packages that emphasize the city, there is an abundance of choices. After all, Dubai is home to some of the world’s most modern architectural marvels. These include:

Burj Khalifa

Standing in the heart of “downtown”, this is the world’s tallest building and the biggest man made structure, too. It has the world’s highest mosque on its 158th floor, the world’s highest viewing platform on the 124th floor and even the world’s highest swimming pool on its 76th floor.

A few hours spent exploring this amazing structure, snapping photos from the observation area and just marveling at the 828m building is an unforgettable part of the finest Dubai honeymoon packages.

Dubai Mall

Again, Dubai has the right to claim it is currently home to another of the “world’s largest”, and that is the world’s largest mall. However, this is much more than an oversized shopping mall. It features amazing architecture and design and houses more than 1,000 shops, more than 150 eateries, and is even home to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

It sits at the base of the Burj Khalifa and is where the absolutely stunning Dubai Fountain is located, too.

Palm Jumeirah

Another architectural marvel, this collection of manmade islands takes the form of an elegant palm and matches its luxurious appearance by offering an array of premium hotels, restaurants, spas and luxurious residences.

When the entire project is completed, it will offer more than 520km of new beach front to Dubai, and already features a wonderful monorail and the famous Atlantis Hotel. This is a great place for some photos and even a visit to the theme park and dolphin experience that can be part of a visit to the island.

Burj Al Arab

Known as the world’s only seven star hotel, it is a visual delight. Designed to emulate a ship at full sail, it is one of the most frequently photographed spots in all of Dubai. However, you might also want to pay a visit as it is the fourth tallest hotel on the planet, built on another manmade island, and features an underwater restaurant and a sky view lounge. Try to pay a visit after dark, too as it makes for an amazing photo opportunity when enjoying one of the finest Dubai honeymoon packages.

Jumeirah Mosque

Easily the most beautiful landmark throughout Dubai, it is also the only mosque that welcomes non-Muslim visitors six days of the week. Made entirely of white stone and featuring twin minarets above the enormous central dome, it is a visual wonder ideal as a destination in any of the Dubai honeymoon packages. If you pay a visit around dusk, the lighting (both natural and electric) creates an unbelievably beautiful vision.

Saga World Mall

Whenever you are in the Jumeirah area during your Dubai honeymoon packages it is a good idea to pay a visit to the stunning Saga World.

Much more than a mall, it features some of the finest and most luxurious goods imaginable. It runs alongside the beautiful beach area of Jumeirah and is a beautifully designed structure. It features classic columns and carvings and is a perfect spot for some luxury shopping or even a coffee before continuing on a tour of the city.

The Walk and The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residences

If outdoor shopping, dining and sightseeing are your preferences during your visit, the finer Dubai honeymoon packages can include a visit to one of the newest and most modern destinations in the Jumeirah Beach area – The Walk and The Beach at JBR. This is the place to visit an open air cinema, head to the water park, visit the beach or enjoy premium shopping along what is known as Dubai’s urban beach area.

Dubai Marina

Another of Dubai’s claims to “the largest in the world”, the Dubai Marina is the largest manmade marina and is framed with the world’s tallest residential apartment buildings. It offers the Dubai Marina Walk, the impressive Yacht Club, and a host of upscale restaurants and shops that could make for several hours of leisurely fun and impressive sights.

Dubai Canal

Not the same as the ancient and appealing Dubai Creek (which is easily one of the best “must see” sights during the best Dubai honeymoon packages), the canal is the city’s newest waterway and extends from the Creek and into Business Bay as it makes its way to the Arabian Gulf.

It is a fantastic place for walking and exploring as it features more than 80k square meters of public waterfront space. There is a waterfall, running track, cycling path, luxury hotels and some of the world’s finest, five star restaurants are also found here.

Etihad Museum

Simply beautiful in its elegant design, it is a place to learn all about the modern United Arab Emirates and Dubai’s history dating from the late 1960s and into the mid-1970s. It is a perfect spot to delve into the heritage and culture of Dubai, and especially if you also intend to visit the Dubai Museum in the Dubai Creek area.

Dubai Opera

Noted as an authentic architectural masterpiece, the new Dubai Opera is the foundation stone of the city’s emerging Opera District. Tucked into the heart of the city and close to Business Bay and the Canal, it takes its form from the romantic Dhow ships and offers an array of performance spaces. The best Dubai honeymoon packages might incorporate a night at this amazing theater space.

And what if you like the urban area but also want your Dubai honeymoon packages to include some historical sites? What about the iconic and exotic experiences that Dubai is known for? Well, any luxury Dubai honeymoon packages will certainly make time for a few of the destinations below.

Honeymoon Packages in Dubai for Those Who Love the History, Culture and Magic of Dubai

While a visit to “old Dubai” (as opposed to the many modern wonders mentioned above) will definitely include the Jumeirah Mosque, it should also incorporate time around the Dubai Creek.

Dubai Creek

This is where the geography of Dubai becomes clearer as it is this entirely natural inlet from the Arabian Gulf that splits Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai, the oldest areas of the city, and the newer regions fan out from there.

The creek is a major player in the history of the emirate as it was an ancient trade route and is today still a major area of transportation. You can take modern water taxis to explore it, but the best Dubai honeymoon packages will steer travelers to the more appealing wooden abra boats or more traditional dhows. These can help you see the more modern architecture with its impressive skyline full of sky scrapers.

You might even take a trip along the Creek to such destinations as Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary or Safa Park. You can also make a point of heading to the Dubai Museum…

Dubai Museum

Located in the historic Al Fahidi Fort that dates to the 1700s, it takes you on a journey through the history of the region. Whether you are interested in the people, wildlife, architecture, art or other issues relating to Dubai, it is likely that you will find answers here.

The Souks

It is also in this area that you can enjoy what might easily rate as one of the most enchanting, romantic and memorable experiences available in the finer Dubai honeymoon packages – a trip to the souks. The city is home to the Spice, Gold and Textile souks, and though they are ideal spots for shopping, they are also fantastic for photos and generally experiencing the wonders of the souk.

Al Fahidi

While in the old city or Bur Dubai area, it is a very good idea to spend some time in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. This is one of the oldest in the city and it will let those who yearn for the old world view of a desert city get their fill. Winding alleyways, markets, cafes and stunning architecture dominate this lovely area.

You can inquire about options for tours or guided visits to cultural areas, and even pay a visit to the SMCCU or the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.

Madinat Jumeirah

If you want a bit of both old and new, the stunning resort area of Madinat Jumeirah will be of interest to many. It is a newly built destination with all of the hallmarks of an old world setting.

Waterways with abra boats can transport you to the luxury shops, the theater, the traditional souk and the luxurious restaurants that fill this Jumeirah Beach Road destination.

And what about those who are eager to have a bit of adventure as part of their Dubai honeymoon packages? Don’t worry; there are many unique options to enjoy.

Dubai Honeymoon Places for Those Who Love Adventure

If your idea of a perfect Dubai honeymoon package includes theme parks, desert journeys and more, there are many ways you can enjoy such activities. Dubai is home to the IMG World’s of Adventure, Ski Dubai, and several theme and water parks.

However, you might also inquire about Dubai honeymoon packages with options for safaris into the mountain areas, deserts and beaches that surround Dubai. For example, you might be able to head to the beaches of Khasab for some overnight camping and wake to a romantic beach front breakfast. You could also savor an unforgettable cruise aboard an iconic dhow and then do some snorkeling.

There really are no limits if you choose the right tour provider.

The Dubai Miracle Garden might also be a wonderful destination outside of the city, and it offers such romantic settings as a butterfly garden and the world’s largest floral arrangement! Remember too that Dubai also features its Desert Conservation Reserve, which is open only through guided tours but which could make for a remarkable part of any honeymoon or visit to Dubai.

As you can see, there is truly something for everyone who pays a visit to Dubai. Whether you have booked an entire honeymoon in this wonderful region or just a few days, you can easily arrange for a fantastic experience. Working with guided tours ensures you don’t miss a thing, and that you don’t waste a moment trying to navigate a large city or unfamiliar area.

If you want to focus on fun, romance and adventure, make sure you plan your Dubai honeymoon with the help of knowledgeable tour experts. They can even help you find amazing restaurants, perfect photo opportunities, and all of those once in a lifetime activities that will let you look back on your Dubai honeymoon package with nothing but happiness and joy.