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Looking for truly breathtaking Dubai tour packages? Whether you are searching for a short 3-day break in Dubai, or whether you want a truly immersive experience in the glittering city of opulence and record-breaking extremes, our carefully structured tour packages of Dubai never fail to impress and delight.

Enjoy luxury accommodation; world-class cuisine, and unrivaled hospitality as we take you to some of the very best sites and attractions that make Dubai the city that it is. Visit some of the world’s most futuristic engineering achievements; explore some of the Middle East’s best historical attractions, and surrender to the serenity and beauty of the Arabian Desert with a flawless holiday in Dubai.

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Dubai Multi-Country Tours

Egypt and Dubai Tours

Egypt And Dubai Tours

Embark on a unique journey of discovery; explore two ancient countries; visit two fascinating continents, gain a million memories – Egypt and Dubai Tours
Dubai Oman Tours

Dubai Oman Tours

Discover the best of Dubai and the best of Oman with one of our flawless Dubai Oman Tours; tours which laden with VIP treatment and non-stop adventure.

Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai Private Tours

Dubai Private Tours

Buckle up and enjoy an awe-inspiring journey of a lifetime with unforgettable Dubai Private Tours; fascinating tours in Dubai and, Abu Dhabi and beyond.
Dubai Group Tours

Dubai Group Tours

Enjoy the splendor one of the world’s most appealing destinations while traveling in the company of like-minded people with our range of Dubai Group Tours.
Dubai Honeymoon Packages

Dubai Honeymoon Packages

Celebrate your wedding with one of our luxurious Dubai Honeymoon Packages; tour packages that offer newlyweds a seamless blend of adventure and romance.

Dubai And India Tours

Dubai and India Tour Package

10 Day Dubai and India Tour

Make your dreams come alive with a high velocity 10-Day Dubai and India tour where unforgettable sights and experiences await you around every turn.

Dubai Custom Tours

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The Many Delights of Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai Tour Packages

Millions of travelers have a flawed view of the phrase “tour package”. They believe it is a fixed and limited way to experience any destination or locale, but with our breathtaking Dubai tour packages, your experience is anything but basic, limited or dull. While the option for luxurious accommodations, amazing foods and the hospitality that Dubai is famous for providing are great reasons to consider Dubai tour packages, there is much more to know about this amazing opportunity.

As the simplest illustration of this, consider that you can choose from Dubai private tours, Dubai group tours, Dubai New Year packages and even romantic Dubai tour packages for honeymooners. You can elect for fully customized Dubai tour packages, and even tours that take in neighboring countries such as beautiful Oman or glorious Egypt!

Clearly, it makes sense to explore the many options and delights that await those who enjoy Dubai tour packages, but you might also want to know just what you can expect during a visit. Millions of people are familiar with Dubai, in general, but may not know the specific sites, destinations or activities possible during a visit.

Whether you have just a few days or a few weeks, there is so much to see, do and experience, so let’s take some time to consider what you might do when enjoying any of the Dubai tour packages available.

Combining Old and New

Dubai is both the largest city in the UAE as well as the name of the Emirate of Dubai. The UAE has seven states or Emirates, and Dubai is one of the most familiar throughout the modern world. It is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa but also where you can find traditional souks tucked into the gorgeous Bastakiya Quarter, the historic district of the city of Dubai.

Most of the best Dubai tour packages make a point of exploring both ends of the spectrum, ensuring you get to know Dubai for its rich history and its amazing modernity.

What might the “must see” areas of most Dubai tour packages include? Let’s take a look at the many delights to be savored in the finest Dubai tour packages:

Burj Khalifa

If we were to take a view of your must see destinations, it would have to start from the “top down” and nowhere is that easier than at the top of the Burj Khalifa. At more than 800 meters high, it is one of the most iconic sights in the city. You can visit the observation deck on the 124th floor or go to the Top Sky Lounge all of the way on the 148th floor. Dine in style or savor the astonishing views in all directions.

Of course, the Burj Khalifa is not the only place with amazing rooftop views. There are also wonderful spots like the Dubai Marina at night, which is both romantic and scenic. Pier 7 is the place to enjoy the rooftop views and there is even a stylish lounge where meals can be enjoyed on the seventh floor. Other appealing locations from which to enjoy sea or city views include The Treehouse in Business Bay, the Al Sarab rooftop terrace at the Bab Al Shams in Al Qudra, or the terrace of the Japanese restaurant known as Tomo in the Wafi City area can all be part of your experiences during.

Another element of a visit to the Burj Khalifa complex is a stop at the breathtaking Dubai Fountain. Right at the base of the building, it offers one of the most impressive “dancing water” shows in the world. With music and lights, it is worth trips during the day time shows as well as the evening performances.

The Dubai Mall

Naturally, if you pay a visit to Burj Khalifa and the fountain, you are just steps from the world-famous shopper’s paradise known as the Dubai Mall. With more than one thousand shops, over 150 dining spots and even a theme park, waterfall, ice rink and the amazing Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, you might easily spend an entire day here.

The Palm Jumeriah

One of the most iconic modern sights in Dubai is the famous Palm Jumeriah, the man-made island designed in the elegant lines of a palm. As one of the world’s largest man-made islands, it is a place of upscale residences but also a must-see location for its restaurants, shops and hotels. Enjoy the use of the monorail that leads you from one place to another, and be sure you take in this stunning destination.

A bit north of the Palm Jumeriah, and back on the main land is another destination you’ll want to explore during a visit to Dubai. The Madinat Jumeirah is a destination which has successfully merged both the old and new. It was designed to emulate an ancient city but actually houses an array of premium restaurants, a souk, theater, spa and premium hotels. You can explore it on foot, but even more exciting is a chance to navigate this wonderful destination on board a lovely wooden abra.

Burj Al Arab

More of a sight than a destination proper, this iconic structure has become famous around the globe for its supremely elegant design, emulating a sailing vessel with its main sail at full, it is a great spot to take a tour, enjoy the views and spend one to two hours while in the Jumeirah Beach area. If you have time, you might want to arrange for a visit to Saga World, a modern mall with architecture that might be said to match or rival that of the Burj Al Arab!

Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach

If you want the more modern waterfront experience, then it is a good idea to make sure that your options in Dubai tour packages include some time in the Dubai Marina. Known as the first entirely man-made marina in the world, the Dubai Marina has some of the tallest residential buildings in the world and an impressive yacht club. A visit here is also a good opportunity to spend time at The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, or JBR. This area boasts The Beach, which is actually a fantastic retail area along the short and allows you to spend time exploring four plazas with a huge array of shopping, dining and beach going opportunities.

Though not in the same neighborhood, Dubai’s Kite Beach is famous for its amazing water sports opportunities but also a great place to spend a day enjoying the cafes and eateries, the different parks and the amazing views, including one of the best of the famous Burj Al Arab building. It is located in the Umm Suqeim area of Dubai.

Jumeirah Mosque

If there could be said to be one destination that any and all Dubai tour packages should include, it would be the stunning Jumeirah Mosque. Its beauty and scale alone make it worth a visit, but it is also one of the only mosques that welcomes non-Muslim visitors. A tour will introduce you to the amazing décor and design, colors and artistry that make up this most famous of Dubai’s landmarks. Guided tours and many talks cover an array of subjects, and you might learn about the architecture, Islam, and so much more.

Dubai Creek

Among one of the most unforgettable options in most of the top Dubai tour packages is a visit to the Dubai Creek area. This is the opposite of the modern glitz and glamour of the area and is where the more mysterious, exotic and historic Dubai is found. This is the historic settlement area of the Bani Yas peoples who were the original settlers within the region. The creek is actually a saltwater estuary and it is why those early inhabitants chose it – they were able to fish and even do pearl diving; building the original economy and trade. Today, you can make your way along some of the original waterways but also experience such wonderful things as classic souks where you can purchase everything from spices and stunning textiles to raw gold.

The best Dubai tour packages will likely include at least a day spent exploring the many unique locations tucked into this fascinating district. Consider a few hours at the Dubai Museum or ensure you set out for a sail aboard a traditional abra. In fact, the museum is a must. Housed in a 225 year old fort, it features an abundance of fascinating displays and wonderful views.

Of course, there is more than just the Dubai Creek area for authentic heritage experiences during your visit. Some of the best Dubai tour packages might also give you a chance to visit the impressive Al Fahidi Historial Site in the Bur Dubai area. This is one of the original neighborhoods of the city of Dubai, and is best experienced on foot. It offers you that rare chance to explore beautiful and narrow alleyways, historic stone buildings and even arrange for guided tours at the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding. Here too, you can savor the delights of an abra ride and head into the souks found in the Dubai Creek district.

Beyond Dubai City

Naturally, you want your options in Dubai tour packages to take you beyond the more modern and urban regions of Dubai. That means you’ll want to be sure you can enjoy some time spent in the desert, and many are surprised to discover that you can reach the deserts in as little as 30 minutes from the downtown districts of Dubai!

There are formal desert safaris that offer you a classic camel riding visit into the glorious golden sands. However, don’t overlook the fun and excitement of off-road vehicles or 4×4 (quad) biking adventures, too. Many of the very best Dubai tour packages will make a real event out of your time in the desert and might include meals or spa visits.

Some of the best Dubai tour packages can help you to arrange for a formal visit to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This is the first of its kind in the entire United Arab Emirates and features more than 80 square miles of protected lands within the actual Arabian Desert. This is not a location where visitors can arrive or tour freely, so be sure to ask about a visit being incorporated into your Dubai tour packages.

Other Points to Consider

During a visit to Dubai, there are almost too many things to see, do and enjoy. This can make it very difficult to pick and choose, and is one reason to work with a formal tour provider. If you are interested in a alternative spots unique to Dubai, a seasoned tour provide is a great resource. However, there are a few additional spots we would recommend as part of a tour, including:

  • Etihad Museum – The most modern museum in the entire UAE, it is found in the Jumeirah district and emphasizes the period between the late 1960 and mid-1970s, when the UAE was really establishing itself and developing.
  • Dubai Opera – In a newer area of Dubai, and adjacent to Business Bay, it is a full-blown opera house in the city’s official “Opera District”. As a form of innovative architecture, it is truly inspired and it is a wonderful spot for a night out.
  • Ski Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure and Wild Wadi Waterpark are activity and theme parks in the area that would be a great way to give children and adults a bit of fun during a stay.

Tour packages in Dubai are as laid-back and casual or as active and exciting as you want. They can introduce you to the culture and history of the area or be all about sights, shopping, dining and luxury. It is really up to you to decide where your Dubai adventure takes you, but with the best Dubai tour packages, your visit is sure to be an unforgettable and enjoyable one.