Egypt Luxury Vacations – Explore Ancient Egypt In Style

With our bespoke Egypt Luxury Vacations, you can cruise the Nile, explore historical sites with expert guides, or simply relax in an opulent resort. Egypt Tours Plus offers quality Egypt vacation packages covering every region of Egypt.


Why Choose Egypt Luxury Vacations?

The name Egypt usually brings to mind visions of pyramids, golden treasures, ancient kings and queens and beautiful boats sailing up the famous Nile River. Of course the days of the pharaohs are long-gone, but their luxurious lifestyles and fascinating culture draw millions of visitors to Egypt.

Many plan Egypt luxury vacations that take in the best of the historical sights and offer accommodation in some of the most historic or luxurious hotels as well.

Egypt was overrun by European and western historians, archaeologists and treasure hunters, throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Many of them brought their own customs and lifestyles along with them.

Today, that opulence is still seen in the many older and more luxurious hotels that remain, including the Mena House Hotel in Cairo. Planning Egypt luxury vacations can mean accommodations in some of these historic hotels, a cruise in a dahabiya boat, guided Egypt tours of sites not usually open to tourists, and personalized service of a kind not generally available.

Usually, historic Egypt luxury vacations will include cultural and historical experts who take their guests through the famous markets as well as the museums and historic sites, and provide insight and knowledge about their subjects.

Luxury Vacations Looking Beyond The Pharaohs

Egypt Luxury Vacations - Beach with palms and hammock, Red Sea

Beach with palms and hammock. Red Sea, Egypt.

Of course, it is not just the pharaohs that are of interest to visitors however, Egypt also has a region referred to as the “Red Sea Riviera” which is a long stretch of its eastern coast. This too is a region of luxury, but of the modern kind, and has a history of only twenty to thirty years.

After Egypt’s historic peace treaty with Israel, and that nation’s withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula, there was a “boom” in visitation to the new resorts that popped up all along the coast.

Today, visitors plan Egypt vacations to the all-inclusive resorts that offer spa treatments, gourmet food, entertainment, and instruction in diving or snorkeling in the famous waters of the Red Sea. In fact, this is the primary reason that the resorts were developed at all, and many Egypt luxury vacations include certification and guided dives to some of the most beautiful underwater sites in the world.

Of course the history stretched along the Nile River, and the luxury along the Red Sea coast are not the only reasons that people plan Egypt luxury vacations, and today a popular choice for many visitors are the guided tours into Egypt’s Sahara Desert areas. Guests will take guided Egypt tours packages of the many oases, and amazing natural sights and see a view of Egypt not often enjoyed by traditional tours of the country.

Looking For A Luxury Vacation in Egypt?

All our Egypt tour packages and Nile River cruises are 100% flexible and can be upgraded based on your exact dreams and wishes.