17 Day Egypt, Morocco, Kenya Tour

Egypt Morocco Kenya Tour

Set your mind free with a 17-Day Egypt, Morocco, Kenya Tour that comes complete with an all-inclusive 5-Star Nile cruise. Enjoy the wonders of Ancient Egypt; the charm of Morocco, and the unspoiled wilderness of Kenya where an abundance of wildlife still roams across the African plains. When you want to experience antiquity you head to Egypt; when you want to experience culture you head to Morocco, and when you want to experience wildlife you head to Kenya. Now you can do all three in a single vacation which is truly flawless in every way.

With non-stop sightseeing; luxurious accommodation; expert English speaking guides, and clean and modern transport every step of the way, you can be sure that our Egypt, Morocco and Kenya tour package is the sort of travel experience holiday dreams are made of.

Egypt and Kenya Tours

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