The History Buff’s Guide to a 4-Day Cairo Tour

Of our many Egypt tour packages, one of the most perfectly tailored options for history buffs is the 4-day tour of Cairo. Because this tour involves packing a lot of sightseeing into a short amount of time, you’ll cover all the major historical spots and ancient wonders in and around the city. The trip focuses on the must-see locations that no one who loves the history of Egypt, or the world, will want to miss.

Here’s what a history buff can expect to see and explore on a tour like this one.

Touring the Pyramids

Cairo Tour

The Great Pyramids of Giza.

On the second day of this Cairo tour package, you will be accompanied by a guide to the Giza Plateau. It’s here that you’ll see the amazing structures built so long ago that have fascinated history lovers for generations. The Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Valley Temple are all a part of this day. You’ll also get to visit the very first pyramid ever built, Djoser’s Step Pyramid.

The pyramids of Giza are part of the original seven wonders of the world, and as such, they are celebrities in the world of historians. They were built entirely with manpower alone, with teams of workers carving the blocks, transporting them, lifting them into place, and setting them perfectly into shape. It’s an amazing feat that tells the stories of perhaps millions of workers, not to mention the pharaohs that oversaw the construction of these monuments.

Meet the Child King

Treasure Room of Tutankhamen

Treasure Room of Tutankhamen in the Egyptian Museum.

On day three of this Cairo tour, you get a chance to visit the Treasure Room of Tutankhamen in the Egyptian Museum. Thousands of historic artifacts are kept in this museum, so any history lover will be right at home. You can purchase tickets to head into the Mummy’s Room, where Tutankhamen’s mummified remains are available to view. Tutankhamen is well known not for his time as a ruler, but due to the fact that his tomb was discovered nearly perfectly intact by archaeologists in the 1920s.

The discovery of the tomb of King Tut revealed many things that we know now about how the ancient Egyptians cared for their dead royalty. If you love stories of Egyptian burial traditions, you have this king to thank for much of the knowledge we have today.

Visit the Religious Heart of Cairo

Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali and Saladin Citadel of Cairo

Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali and Saladin Citadel of Cairo.

No trip to Cairo would be complete for a history buff without seeing some of the most well-known religious locations. On day three, you’ll move on from the Museum to the Saladin Citadel, where the Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque awaits.

You’ll also see the Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo. Located overhead at an ancient Babylonian fortress, this church can only be reached by climbing 29 stairs that lead over the tower used by Romans. Although the tower is mostly underground now due to rising land surface, the Hanging Church is still an impressive sight. If you love Roman history, Coptic Cairo is an important place to visit.

This is “Old Cairo”, the part of the city that was Cairo when the Romans ruled their empire. You’ll get to see the city the way Caesar might have.

Shop in Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Street in Khan El Khalili bazaar

Street in Khan El Khalili bazaar.

Finally, there’s nothing better for a history buff than to do something that people have been doing for centuries. Engage in some traditional Egyptian haggling in the Khan El Khalili Bazaar at the end of day three. This market has been in operation since the 1300s, making it an incredibly old and storied place to stand.

As you weave among the vendors and shoppers, haggle down prices for goods, and enjoy tasty street food, you’ll be living just like many millions of people before you did in that exact spot for centuries. That’s a cool rush for any history buff.

Finding Your Own Historical Hotspots

On day four of the package, you’ll leave Cairo behind and head back home. But what if you’re able to stay in Egypt a bit longer on your own, or arrive early? There are many other places where you can explore history all around the country.

One absolute must if you can visit is Luxor.

Luxor West Bank

Aerial view over the West Bank of Luxor with its pharaonic tombs and mortuary temples.

With the City of the Living on the east side of the Nile, and the City of the Dead on the west side, Luxor is a city divided by progress and history in the most visual way possible. On Luxor East Bank, you’ll find spacious museums displaying artifacts from Egypt’s past. But it’s the west side that a history lover would truly be interested in. Here, on Luxor West Bank, the Valley of Kings and Queens is an amazing opportunity to time travel. You’ll see the tombs of many great figures in Egypt’s past, including the luxuriously complex tomb of Queen Hatshepsut. Luxor is a very cool option for the history buff in Egypt. This also where many Nile River cruises depart from.

Another excellent place to step back in time in Egypt is Aswan.

Elephantine Island and Aswan city in the back

Elephantine Island and Aswan city in the back.

In Aswan, instead of seeing artifacts and ancient structures, you’ll see a life where time seems to have frozen. On the banks of the river Nile, buffalo wade into the water, followed by the playful children of the farmers tending crops just a few yards away. This area really showcases how the Nile has been a life-giving resource for Egyptians since the beginning of time. And while you’re in the area, it’s always a good idea to visit Elephantine Island, where many museums and the Temple of Khnum, the ancient Egyptian god of creation, are found.

Four Days for a History Buff

Just four days could never be enough to explore every ancient wonder of Cairo, or the rest of Egypt. But, when you travel to Egypt with Egypt Tours Plus, you can see a huge array of the most famous sites in Cairo during your stay.

From the pyramids and the Sphinx to museums, the famous bazaar, and more, this tour offers you a great way to indulge your love of history even if you don’t have a long vacation planned. Book one of our amazing Egypt tour packages today and get ready for a trip you will never forget.

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