Jordan And Egypt Tours

Unleash your inner explorer with our classic collection of Jordan and Egypt tours; vacations which have been created with passion to ensure that anyone can now enjoy all the very best sites and attractions in Jordan and Egypt in a single tour. Explore the best attractions in Jordan, from timeless fortresses to the Lost City of Petra, an ancient city carved into the rock faces of a gigantic desert gorge.

Move on to Egypt, the Cradle of Human Civilization; stand before the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx; visit the tomb of King Tutankhamen, explore ancient temples, and follow in the footsteps of Great Pharaohs with an unforgettable Nile River cruise where luxury and comfort are the order of the day.

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Jordan Egypt Tour

15 Day Jordan and Egypt Tour

Make your dreams come alive with a unique 15 Day Jordan and Egypt tour that includes unforgettable sightseeing and an all-inclusive Nile River cruise.
Holidays to Jordan and Egypt

14 Day Jordan Egypt Holiday

Lose yourself with an epic 14-day Jordan Egypt Holiday that includes a magical Nile cruise, and non-stop sightseeing in these two amazing destinations.
Jordan and Egypt Vacation Package

12 Day Jordan and Egypt Vacation

Give yourself the break you deserve with our beautifully tailored 12-Day Jordan and Egypt Vacation that includes an all-inclusive Luxor to Aswan Nile Cruise.
Jordan Egypt Travel Packages

10 Day Jordan Egypt Travel Package

Make dreams come true with an epic 10 Day Jordan Egypt travel package that includes a luxury Nile cruise, and never-ending sightseeing in Egypt and Jordan.

8 Day Amman to Cairo Tour

Enjoy a bespoke 8-day Amman to Cairo Tour; a flawless blend of non-stop fun, spectacular sightseeing, and absolute luxury; a tour that brings dreams alive.