Morocco And Spain Tours

Our classic Morocco and Spain Tours have been meticulously crafted to ensure that you can experience the best that these two incredible destinations have to offer, and our tours can be tailored and customized to suit your own personal tastes and requirements. Enjoy the sun-kissed beaches; the laid back lifestyle, and the many wonderful attractions to be found in Spain, and then allow us to introduce you to the magic of Morocco and its fascinating imperial cities.

Spain and Morocco are two incredibly popular destinations, and our specialist guides, coupled with our unsurpassed experience and expertise, guarantee that you will have a tour of Spain and Morocco that will live with you forever.


Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt Tour

22 Days: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt Tour [Small Group Tour]

Enjoying an unbelievingly affordable Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt Tour; a 22-day journey of discovery through the heart of 4 incredible destinations.
Spain, Morocco and Egypt Tours

21 Day Spain, Morocco and Egypt Tour

Explore the top attractions in Spain and Morocco, and then fly to Egypt for an unforgettable 5-Star Nile cruise that will see you visiting Egypt’s famous tombs and temples before finishing with a visit to the magnificent Giza Pyramids.
spain morocco portugal tour

15 Day Small Group Tours of Spain, Portugal and Morocco

Make your dreams come true right now with a flawless 15 Day Small Group Tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco; two weeks of your life you will cherish forever.

14 Day Small Group Tour of Spain and Morocco

Nourish your inner explorer with an incredible 14Day Small Group Tour of Spain and Morocco; an affordable travel adventure you will never forget.

12 Day Spain and Morocco Vacation Package [Small Group Tour]

Enjoy a dream holiday with an affordable high quality 12 day Spain and Morocco vacation package; a travel experience that really does bring dreams to life.

Things to Do on Your Morocco and Spain Tours

Morocco And Spain Tours

Wouldn’t you like to have a nice vacation that’s a bit different from what you are accustomed to? Even though heading to California or Florida, or even France might be the usual vacation fare for many people, you might want to experience something different.

Morocco and Spain tours can be a fantastic way to experience a new and exotic location that has rich history and stunning sights.

Morocco and Spain tours can be a fantastic way to experience two beautiful countries, and it could be the ideal way for you to spend your next vacation.

Why Should You Choose a Tour of Morocco and Spain?

Rather than trying to plan all of the various stops and destinations on your trip on your own, you will find that it is often easier to choose Morocco and Spain tours that have already been planned for you. It removes some of the confusion of figuring out where you should go and stay, and they can provide you with a wealth of interesting things to enjoy.

If you are choosing to use a tour, make sure you know exactly what the tour includes in terms of destinations in those countries. This will allow you to plan the various activities and sights that you want to see based on what the Morocco and Spain tours offer.

One of the other benefits of choosing a tour is that you can generally get much better deals than if you were to try to book everything on your own. You can save money, and you can reduce your frustration at trying to plan the perfect vacation.

Plenty to Enjoy in Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country located in Northern Africa just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. From the landscapes to the food to the historical sites, the country is full of wonderful experiences that are waiting for travelers like you to discover them. In Morocco, you will find the Sahara Desert, the majestic Atlas Mountains, Casablanca, and so much more.

Whether you visit this country a dozen times or more, you will never be at a loss for things to see and do, whether you are looking for relaxation or adventure on your Morocco and Spain tour.

Let’s examine a few of the things you might want to do when you are in Morocco, and then we will head north to Spain.

Check out the Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is one of the most impressive areas of the natural world with vast expanses of sand and dunes that you have probably seen in countless movies. When you visit Morocco, you can spend some time on a tour out into the desert to experience it for yourself. It makes for some great photo opportunities. You can find tours that go into the desert with 4x4s, as well as camels for those who would prefer a traditional way of traveling across the sands.

If you decide that you want to head out to the desert, make sure you have a great guide, and that you bring along plenty of water.

Visit Casablanca

When most people hear the name Casablanca, they think about the 1942 film starring Humphry Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. However, Casablanca is a real place, and you may get a chance to visit it when you choose the right Morocco and Spain tour. The city has some beautiful and impressive architecture including the Hassan II Mosque, the Square of Mohammed V, Mahkama du Pacha, and Synagogue Beth-El. You might want to check out the Portuguese City of Mazagan, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Of course, if you are going to be heading to Casablanca, you should certainly make sure you stop in and see Rick’s Café!

Visit Rabat

Another city that you should visit if possible with your Morocco and Spain tour is Rabat. It is not far from Casablanca, and it features some wonderful sights including Hassan Tower, the mausoleum of Mohammed V, and the Kasbah. The city is located right on the water, as well. Ruins of the Chellah are just outside of the city, and those who have an interest in history will certainly want to visit the area.

These ruins were granted World Heritage status in 2012.

Head to a Market

When you are in this country on your Morocco and Spain tour, you will find many markets and souks in each of the cities. You should certainly take the time to experience one of these markets up close and see what interesting items and treasures, such as a carpet, might be for sale. You might find something that you love, and even be able to barter to get a great price on the item.

The souks and markets can be quite busy, and when you first start exploring them, it can feel overwhelming. However, you will soon be able to navigate your way through the crowds and to the stalls to experience a real Moroccan market. It is a fun and interesting cultural experience that you won’t find at home.

Visit Fes

When you visit Fes, you can explore some wonderful and interesting traditional areas of the city including Old Medina, and the tanneries. You might also want to spend some time visiting the Royal Palace, at least from the outside. The palace is not open to the public, but it is still an impressive site that you will want to photograph. In fact, the King of Morocco will stay in this palace when he visits.

One of the things to keep in mind when photographing the palace, though, is not to take photos of the guards.

Experience the Coast of Morocco

While there are certainly plenty of interesting places that you can visit toward the central part of the country on your vacation, you might want to head to the coast, as well. You can find some lovely beaches. If you are going to Casablanca, which is on the coast, you will find some beaches where you can spend some time enjoying the sun and the water.

Other beaches to consider include the Tangier Town Beach, and Agadir, which is located in the southwestern part of Morocco on the Atlantic coast.

Explore Marrakech

This city is one of the most famous in Morocco, and in fact, it is one of the most famous in the world. Marrakech is located in the southern part of the country and there are many things to see, do, and enjoy while you are in the city with your Morocco and Spain tour. Some of the places you might want to visit include Bahia Palace, the Saadian Tombs, and the Museum of Marrakech.

Experience What Spain Has to Offer

During your Morocco and Spain tour, you will be able to experience many of the wonderful elements Spain has to offer. This is a large country, and you need to be aware of where your tour is going and how much time you have to experience the various locations. Because there are so many wonderful places to visit, we will touch on a few of the most popular options.

What Can You Do in Madrid?

If the Morocco and Spain tour will be taking you to Madrid, you will never be at a loss for things to see and do. You might want to spend some time visiting Plaza de Cibeles, exploring Retiro Park, Plaza Mayor, and, of course, the Gateway to the Sun. All of these are areas that you can check out for free. Other places to visit in the city include the Royal Palace of Madrid, and El Rastro Market.

Check out the architecture throughout the city, and take in as many art museums as you can. After all, Spain is the home of Picasso and Dali. The best art museums in the city include the Prado Museum, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Enjoy Time in Seville

If your tour stops in Seville, there are plenty of places worthy of your time and attention. The city has a long and interesting history. You may want to visit Real Alcazar Palace, which was built in the seventh century for the Spanish royal family. It is a beautiful location, and it is still used today on occasion for the Spanish monarchy.

Some of the other places to consider visiting include the Seville Cathedral, or one of the stunning parks, such as Parque de Maria Luisa. You might want to take a river cruise, watch a traditional flamenco show, and enjoy some of the shopping and dining destinations in Seville.

Things to See in Barcelona

Another of the famous cities you might visit on your tour is Barcelona. Some of the places to visit in this historic city include Montjuic Castle, Parc de Joan Miro, the Picasso Museum, and Montjuic Mountain. Of course, there are plenty of places to enjoy shopping and dining in Barcelona, as well.

Do Not Overlook Toledo

While many people make it a point to visit Madrid and Seville, they might not remember to spend time in Toledo, and that’s a shame. It should certainly be a place to visit on your Morocco and Spain tours.

Toledo was the capital of Spain up until the 16th century. It features beautiful, old architecture and medieval streets. The city has been inhabited by Muslims, Jews, and Christians, and there is a melding of architecture and history here that is very interesting.

In addition to walking around the historic areas, you should consider visiting the Casa y Museo de El Greco, which is an art museum, along with the Alcazar, a historic site. The cathedrals, the Roman aqueduct, Plaza Mayor, and the Toledo Cathedral are just some of the places to visit. There are plenty of museums, holy sites, and places to shop and dine.

Visit the Alhambra Moorish Fortress

Located in the Granada hills, this fortress is regarded as a wonderful example of Moorish architecture. This fortress has been used by the Muslim rulers of the area, but there was also a Renaissance palace built into the fortress by Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor. Today, this is a World Heritage Site, and a location you will surely want to see if your Morocco and Spain tour makes it possible.

All the Great Food

One of the other things you are certainly going to want to do when you are in Spain, and Morocco for that matter, is enjoy all of the wonderful food that you can find.

Check out some of the tapas bars across span. In fact, go from one bar to another trying out new items as you go. Depending on when you are visiting, you might find a tour that will allow you to ski along the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

So Much to See on Morocco and Spain Tours

As you might have figured out by now, there are countless things that you can see and do on your Morocco and Spain tours. In fact, there are so many areas to explore and enjoy, you might find that you need to spend a couple of your vacations in these countries so you can experience as much as possible.

The tour package tends to be economical, it saves time, and it is very convenient. It can take care of the planning for the airfare, hotel, tickets to sites and events, and more. A good tour is also going to be organized well so you do not have to worry that you might miss something that you want to see. You get to relax and have fun, which is just what you are supposed to do when you are on vacation.

Because there is simply so much that you can do on Morocco and Spain tours, it is important that you take the time to understand exactly where you will be going and what you will be doing during your vacation. With all of the Morocco and Spain tour options, you should not have any trouble when it comes to finding one that will work well for your needs.