10 Nightlife Hotspots in Downtown Cairo

Nightlife Hotspots in Cairo - Cairo at dusk

Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza at dusk

Cairo has recently made a huge comeback as the place to be in the Middle East, and the nightlife scene is taking full advantage of that fact. You can find places where other travelers like to hang out, or venture into locals’ territory and enjoy a real taste of Egyptian nights. Nearly all of our Egypt tour packages include a few days and nights in Cairo.

1. Shahrazad

There is in fact a hipster area of Cairo, believe it or not, where everything old is new again. Shahrazad is located in the heart of this area, right by Talaat Harb Street. This club offers belly dance performances, suave Arabic music, and amazing light shows. The first floor looks something like a disreputable casino, but head upstairs and you’ll find an incredibly stylish place to relax, order the local lager called Sakkara, and even join in with the performers for some shimmies. You can show up any day of the week, and the performances run till dawn.

2. The Tap

This is a reservations-required club where dancing the night away is the main focus. Live music covers everything from quiet slow dances to intense numbers that will make you break a sweat. This is a favorite among locals and travelers alike, so be sure to get your reservation in very early. When the band finally winds down and the dancing is through, there are arcade games and football tables to enjoy as you cool off. Just be sure to give your ears a chance to rest after a night at The Tap – the music can get incredibly loud.

3. Khan Al Khalili

If your idea of a great night out involves less dancing in a crowded club, and more wandering through many sites and enjoying some great food, head over to the centuries-old Khan El Khalili open air shopping market. After the sun goes down, the alleyways light up till the very wee hours.

You can find delicious desserts being sold all night long, and games of backgammon on the streets that get pretty competitive. Have a cup of hot mint tea as you wander, and get your fill of the heart and soul of Cairo’s amazing energy. If you are planning to travel to Egypt. make sure that this bazaar is on your list of must-see attractions.

4. Nile Maxim Dinner Cruise

Need something a little more relaxing for your night out in Cairo? Our Nile River cruises will have you falling in love with the water, so why not book a diner on the Nile Maxim Dinner Cruise either before or after your cruise between Luxor and Aswan? While you’ll get to sit and relax, this is by no means a boring event! Traditional dancers and whirling dervishes race through the crowds, while the music pulses through the sound system on boards. You enjoy buffet meals and a low-key night on the water, with the vibrant energy of traditional Egyptian performances making you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. At the end of the evening, you’ll see a traditional folk dance called a tanoura.

5. Zigzag

The best place in Cairo for the alternative music scene, Zigzag is an amazing and modern night club. It is always packed, so be sure to reserve your spot on the dance floor on Facebook. The venue regularly highlights the up and coming acts from South America, Africa, and other areas. Expect to hear cool electronic beats, thrilling rock blended with local flair, and to taste the best mojitos you can get in Cairo. Be sure to dress up and be prepared for an amazing night out if you love music.

6. Pub 28

Do you prefer the traditional pub atmosphere, with some good food, great drinks, and good conversation? Pub 28 is Cairo’s favorite place for some relaxing fun. You won’t hear loud hipster music or see crazy dance performances – but you’ll get the chance to just hang out and enjoy your drinks in peace. People of all ages flock to this pub, and don’t be fooled by the dimly-lit sign. It’s no dive bar. You’ll be completely comfortable inside.

7. Vent

if you happen to be in Cairo at the right time, you’ll find that the coolest underground club is Vent. Inside, you’ll find film screenings, live music, happy hours, DJ dance nights, and more. They post their schedule to Facebook, so be sure to keep an eye on what’s happening. As a lesser-known club, it’s far easier to get into than many of the more popular places.

8. Almaz

Looking for an incredibly classy night out that keeps you feeling like you’re steeped in exotic Egyptian culture? Almaz is a very chill place to hang out, listen to classic oriental music, and have some absolutely amazing food. This is a newer place offering an upscale night life experience for those who aren’t into the club scene. The food is truly amazing, and also affordable – and the drink menu is robust as well.

9. The Garden

Do you like the energetic bar scene that you might find in your average college town back home? The Garden is a great option for you. It offers indoor bar space, outdoor patios for seating, and plenty of room to mill about and meet up with friends. There is always great music and the sense that everyone is there to party.

10. Cairo Jazz Club

Last but definitely not least is the Cairo Jazz Club. The Egyptian jazz scene is thriving, and this club is where you’ll want to be to hear the latest and greatest performers out there right now. All your favorite cocktails are available, and the stage is the focus as you relax and enjoy your drink.

As you can see, there are many options for night life in Cairo, whether you want to party the night away or just relax with a great drink and fine entertainment. After your day exploring pyramids and ancient history, treat yourself to a taste of the modern energy that flows through this city.

Our epic Egypt tour packages include plenty of unforgettable sightseeing, and the attractions mentioned above can see to it that your nights in Cairo can be as enjoyable as your days in the city.

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