Traveling to Egypt as a Woman – Enjoy Your Dream Trip

Traveling to Egypt as a Woman

When you are traveling to Egypt as a woman, you can enjoy the magic of Egypt just as much as anyone else can, but if you really want to have the best possible experience, then there are a few things which should be kept in mind, and particularly when it comes to solo female travel in Egypt.

Just as with all destinations, women, and especially those traveling on their own, are more vulnerable, and a little bit of knowledge and common sense can go a long way in helping to ensure that you return home with nothing but fond memories.

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Egyptian Culture – What it Means for Those Who are Traveling to Egypt as a Woman

When traveling to Egypt as a woman, it would only be in your own best interests to try and familiarize yourself with Egyptian culture and etiquette before you embark on your travels. As you are probably already aware of, Egypt is a Muslim-majority country, which in turn means that many Egyptians are a lot more conservative than people from much of Europe and USA when it comes to things such as dress code.

Many Egyptians still believe that women should keep their arms and legs covered when they are in public. However, most Egyptians who are working and living in the big cities don’t really concern themselves with the way in which tourists dress, but within limits. Of course, male travels don’t really have anything to worry about, but if you are traveling to Egypt as a woman then it is also a good idea to dress modestly.

If you wear skimpy and/or revealing clothing, it is highly unlikely that anyone will say anything to you or insult you, but you will almost certainly get a few looks of disapproval. While all Red Sea resorts are very liberal, the further you venture away from the cities, the more conservative the people are. If you want to play it safe and avoid upsetting anyone, you might want to consider long trousers or a long dress when alone.

If you really must or really want to wear a skirt, it should ideally reach to just below your knees. Short pants, although worn by many female travelers, are probably best avoided when away from touristic areas, and especially if it makes you feel uneasy when people stare at you.

Last but not least, it is very important that you keep your hair covered with a scarf or a head cloth any time you enter an Islamic place of worship.

Choosing Accommodation during Solo Female Travel in Egypt

When traveling to Egypt as a woman, and especially if you are considering solo female travel in Egypt, then it would wise to give some thought to the sort of accommodation you intend making use of. Of course, backpackers who are going to be traveling on a very tight budget might have no other choice but to make use of cheap hotels and/or budget hotels. However, if you are able to afford it, then we would highly recommend looking for somewhat better accommodation, preferably at least a 3 or 4 star hotel.

Hostels and other types of budget accommodation typically don’t have any form of security, which naturally carries a certain amount of risk when you are traveling to Egypt as a woman, and obviously the risk becomes greater in the case of solo female travel in Egypt. This is not in any way meant to imply that traveling to Egypt as a woman is dangerous, but the reality of the matter is that a woman traveling on her own is somewhat more likely to be robbed, molested or assaulted than a man who is traveling alone.

If your intention is to book a package tour, then this is all the more reason why you should only ever book Egypt tour packages from an experienced and well-established Egypt tour operator that has a long and proven track record. Tour operators at this level take the personal safety and wellbeing of their clients extremely seriously, and will therefore only work with selected 4 and 5 star hotels that have round the clock security.

Help from Local Females is Always On Hand

Although you hardly ever read about it, there is one very endearing phenomena in Egypt which involves the willingness of local females to offer assistance to female travelers. When traveling to Egypt as a woman, don’t be at all surprised if you are approached by Egyptian women offering you assistance if you appear to be lost, or even frustrated about something.

Even in the markets and bazaars where some vendors can be particularly pushy and persistent, other female vendors are often quick to intervene if they feel you are being harassed by a male vendor. By extension, if you ever get lost or you need help with something, you can safely approach virtually any woman you see and they will almost always do their best to help. This can be extremely helpful and very reassuring, particularly during solo female travel in Egypt.

Solo Female Travel in Egypt and Public Transportation

We have already spoken about the willingness of local women to offer help and assistance to female tourists in places like bazaars and markets, but this trait can also be seen when using public transport. If you’re traveling to Egypt as a woman and you use public transport, such as the street cars in Alexandria or the Metro in Cairo, you will immediately notice that the first two cars are reserved for women only.

While women are welcome to sit wherever they choose on public transport, many female tourists, and especially those who have embarked on solo female travel in Egypt, tend to prefer sitting in one of the women-only cars if and when they choose to use public transport (this is recommended). Rarely is this due to safety concerns, but instead, they just find it more entertaining because local women will often approach them and strike up a conversation, or at least try and have a conversation.

In local small buses try find a seat next to other women as the heat can get quite oppressive and made even worse på by the closely packed body to body contact.

The Benefits of Traveling with a Professional Guide

While many young people travel to Egypt independently as backpackers, many others choose to have a tour guide to show them around, which partly explains why Egypt tour packages and Nile cruises are so popular. Providing you book your tour through an experienced and reputable Egypt tour operator, your chosen tour package should include the services of a professional tour guide or tour guides.

When you book tour packages through Egypt Tours Plus, for example, our experienced Expert tour guides accompany you on all tours and excursions. Even when booking a Nile River cruise through us, one of our Expert tour guides sail with the vessel and will then accompany you to all the various sites you visit during the course of your cruise.

The advantages of having an expert English-speaking guide by your side throughout your tour are many.

For example, they are invaluable in helping you to cope with any language barriers, given that many Egyptians are unable to speak English. Another very obvious reason is because having a professional Expert tour guide with you makes any trip to Egypt so much more rewarding.

Last but not least, if you are traveling to Egypt as a woman, and especially when it comes to solo female travel in Egypt, having one of our guides with you during all your tours and excursions is akin to having your own person bodyguard, albeit an unarmed bodyguard.

You are far less likely to be harassed or pestered by vendors while strolling around in markets or bazaars, or while you are visiting places such as the Giza Pyramids. You are also less likely to be overcharged by vendors when you are in the company of one of our tour guides. We employ both male and female tour guides, so if you are traveling to Egypt as a woman and you think you would feel more comfortable with a female tour guide, then this can easily be arranged. 

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Whether you are traveling to Egypt as a woman with one or more female friends, or whether you are contemplating solo female travel in Egypt, Egypt Tours Plus can make your travel dreams come alive. From unforgettable and exciting sightseeing tours and Nile cruise vacations, to once in a lifetime Sahara Desert adventures and lazy days in the sun on the Red Sea coast, you will be in good hands every step of the way.

With Egypt Tours Plus, you can enjoy traveling to Egypt as a woman without having to worry about anything because we will have your back covered, from the moment you arrive in the country, to the time when we have bid you farewell at the airport when you leave. Unless you request otherwise, you will never be left on your own in markets or bazaars, or at any time during tours and excursions.

When you book Egypt tours through us, or even one of our multi-destination packages, such as one of our Egypt and Jordan Tours or one of our Egypt and Morocco Tours, you are booking more than just a tour; you are booking a flawless travel experience from an Egypt tour operator that has been bringing travel dreams to life for decades already.

With such a vast amount of experience behind us, we believe that no other tour operator is better equipped than we are to offer a travel experience which is affordable; safe, and truly unforgettable, even if you are traveling to Egypt as a woman, and our commitment towards the safety and wellbeing applies across the board, including solo female travel in Egypt.

We take pride in the quality and variety of our available tour packages, but we also realize that every traveler has their own unique needs and requirements, and for this reason we also offer Custom Egypt Tours; tours which can be tweaked or customized to fit your needs perfectly. If you have any questions or concerns about solo female travel in Egypt, or about traveling to Egypt as a woman in general, please feel more than welcome to contact us, and one of our friendly travel experts will be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns in an honest and accurate manner.

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