Travel to El Gouna

Probably the best way to travel to El Gouna is by specifically including the town in your Egypt tour package. This can be done quite easily when you book your personal Egypt tour with us.

El Gouna is a tourist resort that is owned by Orascom Hotels and Development. Like many other resorts, it too is stationed on the Red Sea in Egypt. It is primarily known for its watersports, beaches and its network of canals, that allows many houses to have their own strip of beach.

Travel to El Gouna - Red Sea, Egypt

Travel to El Gouna

El Gouna is categorized into three major areas of commerce Downtown, Tamr Henna Square and the Abu Tig Marina. What is the best way to travel to El Gouna Downtown, Tamr Henna Square and the Abu Tig Marina? It largely depends where you are coming from.

American travelers will first have to fly to Europe from a major city so that they can find at a closer stop to Africa. Frankfurt, Germany and Amsterdam International are common stop airports. Once you are in Europe you only have one more stop to make. The closest airport to El Gouna is Hurghada International Airport.

If you travel to El Gouna from Europe you fly directly to Hurghada International Airport. Package vacations are sold by almost all charter travel companies.

Getting Around

Once there you can get around via ferry trip across the lagoon (these cruises run about every half hour), can walk the distance or can hail a cab.

Cab drivers have to be dealt with cautiously. They don’t like to receive a large amount of money only to be requested to give back change. In fact, they may even try to haggle you out of more money, claiming that the meter is broken or any other number of convenient excuses. This is why it’s best to research the price of cab fare in El Gouna so you can be confident of your money spending habits.

What about ferry rides? Ferry rides can be bumpy but they provide wonderful scenery, particularly for a resort community that’s already quite breathtaking.

There is also busing accommodation in El Gouna, courtesy of bus companies like El Gouna Bus Station (and stations like Sidi Gaber), which provide take offs every few hours. If you want to take in the scenery, a bus ride and a ferryboat are two vehicles that can help you relax. Buses are air conditioned and usually come with a hostess trolley service. El Gouna can be reached between the stations of Cairo to Hurghada.

Why not try walking local distances if you have a good pair of sandals or tennies? After all, El Gouna does consist of a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere of beaches, water activity, sporting and outdoor life. Make plans to visit El Gouna so you can get around safely and on time for your next Egypt vacation.


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