8 Day Egypt Tours

Get maximum value for your money with amazing 8 Day Egypt Tours. With an 8 Egypt itinerary you will see the best attractions in Cairo, including the Giza Pyramids; the Sphinx; the Egyptian museum, and a collection of historical religious sites. Enjoy a 5-Star Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan; explore ancient tombs and temples; conquer the formidable Sahara Desert, or go diving in the Red Sea.

Some 8 day Egypt tour packages also include visits to neighboring countries where tourists can witness the exceptional natural beauty of Jordan and Morocco, the magic of Turkey, or the unimaginable opulence of Dubai, the City of Gold.


Egypt New Year Tour

8 Day Egypt New Year Tour w/ Nile Cruise

Say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new year is absolute style with our classic 8 Day Egypt New Year Tour. Explore Cairo and the River Nile.
Christmas in Egypt

8-Day Egypt Christmas Holiday w/ Nile Cruise

Experience Christmas in Egypt with an affordable and unforgettable Egypt Christmas Holiday Package; enjoy the ancient wonders of Cairo, a Nile River cruise and more.
Egypt Tour in December

8 Day Egypt Tour in December w/ Nile Cruise

Enjoy an epic 8-Day Egypt tour in December, along with a Nile River cruise; an unforgettable adventure to make this festive season more magical than ever.
Egypt Christmas Tours

8 Day Egypt Christmas Tour and Nile Cruise [Small Group Tour]

Spend this festive season exploring the Ancient World with our exclusive 8-Day Egypt Christmas Tour package and explore the best of Cairo and the River Nile.
Siwa Oasis Tours

8 Day Cairo and Siwa Oasis Tour

Discover a unique side of Egypt with an 8-Day Siwa Oasis Tour package that includes tombs, temples and more which so many tourists never get to see.
5 Star Luxury Nile Cruise

Easter Holiday in Egypt [8 Days] Cairo & Luxury Nile Cruise

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime with our Easter 5 Star Luxury Nile Cruise in Egypt. An historical tour of Cairo, and an unforgettable Nile cruise. Truly wow!
Egypt Easter Tours

8-Day Egypt Easter Tours – Cairo and Nile Cruise (by Air)

Our Egypt Easter Tour will introduce you to some of the most famous and most cherished sites in and around Cairo, and then fly to Luxor to board a 5-Star Nile cruise.
Egypt Pyramids Tour and Nile Cruises

8 Day Pyramids and Nile Cruise Holidays [Small Group Tour]

Enjoy a magical vacation in one of the most fascinating destinations on Earth with our spectacularly affordable 8-day Pyramids and Nile Cruise Holiday.
Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo Tours

8 Day Dubai and Cairo Tour

From extreme luxury and opulence in Dubai, to the ancient history of Egypt, your 8 day Dubai to Cairo tour package promises to be a sensory overload.
Cairo, Abu Simbel and Nile Cruises

8 Day Cairo to Abu Simbel Tour w/ Nile Cruise

Enjoy non-stop sightseeing in unrivaled elegance and style with our high caliber 8 Cairo to Abu Simbel Tour with Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor.
Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel Tour

8 Day Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel Tour

Visit all the top attractions in a single tour. Eight days, four destinations; your passport to an unforgettable journey of discovery.
Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria Tour

8 Day Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria Tour

Discover and explore Egypt's lesser known ancient wonders with an affordable and expertly crafted 8 Day Tour of Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria.
8 Day Egypt Holiday Tour - Cairo and Nile River Cruise

8 Day Egypt Holiday Tour – Cairo and Nile Cruise [By Train]

Welcome to 8 days of discovery and 8,000 years of history; explore sites half as old as time and cruise the Nile in style – An 8 Day Egypt Holiday Tour.

8 Day Luxury Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise [Oberoi Philae]

Don’t settle for second best; discover the real magic of Egypt and the Nile River with our all-inclusive luxury 8-Day Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise.
Cairo Istanbul Tour Package

8 Day Cairo-Istanbul Tour

Iconic pyramids; timeless tombs and temples; ancient underground cisterns and charismatic bazaars: Experience it all with an 8 Day Cairo - Istanbul Tour.

Amazing 8 Day Egypt Tours

8 Day Egypt Tours - Hieroglyph writings of ancient Egyptians

Hieroglyphics on wall in Karnak Temple, Luxor.

No matter what your budget is, and no matter where your interests lie, our wide selection of 8 day Egypt tour itineraries have got you covered. Our Egypt guided tours are all about making dreams come true, with a great deal of emphasis on luxury and absolute comfort. And, if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, simply discuss your requirements with one of our tour representatives, and they will do everything they can in order to ensure that you have the sort of vacation you have been dreaming about.

For people who are traveling on a tight budget, our budget 8 day Egypt itinerary tours make it possible for anyone to enjoy Egypt’s incredibly fascinating past. Enjoy unforgettable tours in Cairo, and then head off and discover other parts of this amazing country. Visit fascinating monuments in Luxor, then head to Hurghada for some time on the Red Sea coast, or enjoy a Nile cruise, and sail to Aswan on board a luxurious river cruiser.

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Have You Just Got Married? Spend 8 Days in Egypt

8 Day Egypt Itinerary

Karnak Temple in Luxor with its majestic avenue of Ram-headed sphinxes.

Egypt is a wonderful and very popular honeymoon destination, and our 8-Day Egypt Honeymoon Package is guaranteed to make this very special time in your life even more special than it already is. After exploring the wonders of Cairo, including the Giza Pyramids, transfer to Luxor for even more sightseeing, along with an amazing 5-Star Nile Cruise to Aswan, stopping at Kom Ombo and Edfu along the way. Go sightseeing in Aswan, and then fly back to Cairo in time for your onward journey.

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8 Day Egypt Itinerary – Going Beyond Egypt

8 Day Egypt Itinerary Tour

A visit to the Giza Pyramids is included in all 8 day Egypt tours – even our Middle East multi country tours.

Our selection of 8-Day Egypt tours also include tours which feature more that Egypt alone. For example, we offer an amazing 8-day Dubai, Abu Dhabi Cairo tour package, and also an 8-day Cairo to Istanbul tour.

These Middle East tours allow you to experience two fascinating cities in a single short vacation. Enjoy the very best ancient attractions in Cairo after experiencing the mind-blowing opulence of Dubai, the futuristic City of Gold. Alternatively, spend the first days of your tour exploring Cairo, and then transfer to Istanbul where your journey of discovery will continue.

What is Included in our 8 Day Egypt Tour Packages?

8 Day Egypt Itinerary Tour Package

The impressive first pylon of Luxor Temple.

All our 8-Day Egypt Tours include great accommodation. Hotel stays are typically half-board, while our Nile cruises are based on full board. All tours also include all domestic travel, but they do not include international flights from Cairo to Istanbul or from Dubai to Cairo.

For a complete breakdown of what is included, and what is not included, please check the relevant 8 day Egypt tour itinerary, or simply talk to one of our friendly tour representatives who will be more than happy to clarify any concerns you might have.