Egypt Easter Holidays 2020

Dreaming of Egypt Easter Holidays in 2020? At Egypt Tours Plus, it has never been easier or more affordable to spend Easter in Egypt, either on your own, or in the company of your loved ones. From 4-Day Easter Nile River cruises, to longer 8-Day Egypt Easter holiday packages that include a Nile cruise and tours in Cairo, you are bound to find a deal which is perfect for you.

Enjoy VIP service; 5-Star luxury; fine cuisine; unrivaled hospitality, and non-stop adventure from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Come and explore an ancient world this Easter, but hurry, because availability for our Egypt Easter Holiday deals is limited.

Note: All our Egypt tour packages are available during Easter 2020.


Get Creative with Your Easter Vacation in Egypt...

Get Creative with Your Vacation and Book Egypt Easter Holidays for 2020

Egypt Easter Holidays

Did you know that the best time to plan a visit to Egypt is between October and April, when the weather is the most pleasant and amenable? While the “peak” season is December and January, you will find many wonderful things to do in Egypt during the “shoulder” season in April. This also happens to coincide with millions of travelers’ Easter holidays, and if you are eager to dedicate some or all of your spring vacation to a visit, there are amazing opportunities awaiting.

Easter in Egypt: The Many Springtime Things to do in Egypt

Because the weather has not yet warmed up to summer’s nearly intolerable levels of midday heat, you can enjoy all of the most famous things to do in Egypt during your Easter vacation. Whether it is a Nile cruise you have in mind or a trips by air or train, there are many amazing choices. As we always suggest when planning a visit, begin with a list of the things to do in Egypt that are most important to you. For example:

  • Do you prefer more time on the water?
  • Perhaps you want more time spent in Cairo?
  • Would you like to take a quick air trip or a longer train ride?
  • Do you wish for a luxury trip or a more budget-oriented option?

No matter what you choose, there will be no limit to the things to do in Egypt during your stay. Let’s look at one package that offers eight days and incorporates a train journey into the fun.

8 Days in Egypt This Easter

If you want a classic experience in the country, and hope to savor many of the popular things to do in Egypt, you can enjoy an 8 Day Egypt Easter package such as this. In it, you begin by spending time in Cairo. Here you see:

  • The Giza Plateau
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • Kan El Khalili Bazaar, and more

From there, you head by train to Aswan, far south in Egypt. This is home to the famous dam and many popular attractions, such as:

  • The Aswan High Dam
  • The Unfinished Obelisk
  • Temple of Philae, and more

From there you can then sail downriver towards such sites as Esna, Kom Ombo and Edfu. And after that, you experience what is easily one of the most popular things to do in Egypt  – pay a visit to Luxor and the famous Luxor West Bank. This is home to Valley of the Kings, and this means you can experience tours of the bombs and even head to the famous Deir El Bahari, the mortuary temple of Egypt’s famed Queen Hatshepsut. Another of the top things to do in Egypt while in this area is t head to the eastern bank of the Nile to pay a visit to Karnak. This is one of the most amazing and famous destinations in all of Egypt and worth a day all on its own!

Egypt Easter Holidays – Luxury is One of the Best Things to do in Egypt

As you might realize, Egyptian tours can also be the height of luxury, and if you are booking your Easter holidays in Egypt, you may want to consider a rare opportunity for a supremely luxurious cruise. You have several, including the astonishing 8 day journey aboard the Oberoi Philae. This journey includes some of the best things to do in Egypt throughout the itinerary:

  • A full day of Cairo touring
  • Flight to Luxor and an East Bank Tour
  • Guided Tour of Valley of the Kings
  • Sailing to Edfu and Kom Ombo as well as Aswan
  • A full day of Aswan touring

There is also the Steigenberger Minerva Nile Cruise is a premiere vessel and for the 2019 Easter season it begins its tours in the gorgeous Luxor area.

Passengers embark at Luxor and enjoy professionally guided tours at all times. The journey includes:

  • Luxor West Bank tour into the Valley of the Kings
  • Sailing to Edfu for tours of the Temple of Horus
  • Kom Ombo for a visit to the famed double temple
  • Sailing to Aswan for tours of the High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, and Philae Temple

Naturally, if there are things to do in Egypt not included in one of the pre-arranged packages, you can combine a few journeys or design your own. For example, you may arrive early and spend some time visiting Alexandria before arriving in Cairo or you might opt to book a visit to Abu Simbel or even the Valley of the Kings before the organized tour begins.

What to Expect During Your Easter Holiday in Egypt

So, what does an Egypt Easter Holiday include? Generally, you can anticipate your tour incorporating the following activities and items:

  • Formal greeting at arrival and departure
  • 24/7 service
  • Transfers and guided tours
  • Domestic flights
  • Daily breakfasts and meals as specified
  • Personal guide and/or Egyptologist
  • Admissions to the museums and attractions
  • Any taxes or charges

You will be welcomed upon arrival, whether to a hotel or cruise liner and enjoy attentive service at all times. This will greatly enhance your experience, especially access to a well-trained guide who is able to answer questions and give you the sort of experience that self-guided tours always fail to deliver.

Egypt Easter Tours – Book Now!

Though it may seem as if April is far into the future, it is really just around the corner and spots in such amazing trips as EgyptEaster Tours fill up fast. Whether you are in need of a budget-friendly price or you are looking for a luxurious experience, the full array is available.

Begin by answering those questions and figuring out if you would like time in a train or the air, what you hope to see, and how long you would like to travel. You’ll find an array of wonderful Egypt Easter holiday packages ideal for your upcoming getaway.

A visit to Egypt is a fabulous experience at any time, but particularly during spring’s lovely weather. Visit Egypt Tours Plus to see their assortment of Easter holiday options and packages.