Egypt And Dubai Tours

Egypt And Dubai Tours provide travelers with a flawless travel experience that combines intriguing Egyptian history and the modern day wonders of Dubai. Explore the ancient sites of Egypt; cruise the Nile River; conquer the Sahara Desert or SCUBA dive the Red Sea, and then marvel at glittering skyscrapers and unimaginable opulence in Dubai, the fascinating City of Gold.

Find your dream trip below and embark on a unique journey of spectacular discovery!


India Egypt and Dubai Tours

17 Day India, Egypt and Dubai Tour

Discover the priceless gems of 3 fascinating destinations with our epic 17-Day India Egypt and Dubai tour, a tour during which the magic never ends.
Egypt, Dubai and Abu Dhabi Tours

14 Day Egypt, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi Tour

Experience the ancient and modern highlights of the Middle East with a bespoke 14 Egypt, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi Tour. Explore Egypt and UAE!
Dubai Abu Dhabi Egypt Tour Packages

14 Day Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt Tour Package

Visit the best sites of glittering Dubai; tour the best sites of Abu Dhabi, and then take to the skies to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt - 14 Day Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Egypt tour package.
Egypt - Dubai Package Tours

12 Day Amazing Egypt - Dubai Package Tour

Visit two countries, each with distinctively different cultures and backgrounds. A 12 day Egypt Dubai package tour is the ultimate adventure experience.
Dubai and Egypt Nile Cruise

12 Day Dubai And Egypt Nile Cruise Package

Witness the achievements of futuristic Dubai and explore the ancient treasures of the Nile River Valley with this 12 Day Dubai and Egypt Nile cruise package.
Middle East Holiday Packages

12 Day Middle East Holiday Package

Enjoy 4 wonderful destinations with our 12-Day-long Middle East Holiday Package, starting in Dubai and ending in Jordan; a journey you will never forget.
Egypt Dubai Tours

11 Day Egypt - Dubai Tour

The 11 Day Egypt-Dubai Tour is a breathtaking trip covering the highlights in Egypt, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Private guided sightseeing tours including a wondrous Nile River cruise.
Dubai and India Tour Package

10 Day Dubai and India Tour

Make your dreams come alive with a high velocity 10-Day Dubai and India tour where unforgettable sights and experiences await you around every turn.
Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo Tours

8 Day Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo Tour

From extreme luxury and opulence in Dubai, to the ancient history of Egypt, your 8 day Dubai to Cairo holiday package promises to be a sensory overload.
Dubai and Cairo Highlights Tours

8 Day Dubai and Cairo Highlights Tour

Treat yourself to a premium Dubai and Cairo Highlights Tour that will take you on a journey through two of the world’s most contrasting destinations. Simply breathtaking.
Best of Cairo and Dubai Tours

7 Day Best of Cairo and Dubai Tour

Explore the past, present and future with our incredibly rewarding 7 Day Best of Cairo and Dubai Tour. Come face to face with Cairo’s most cherished historical attractions as well as the modern wonders of Dubai.

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Tips For Selecting The Best Egypt And Dubai Tours

Egypt and Dubai Tours

If you are familiar with modern travel you already know that you can easily find companies offering tours and packages to almost anywhere in the world. This is good news for those who want to explore their dream destinations, but there are a few things to know before you go. For example, a lot of people return home from trips they have planned for many years (or even over a lifetime) disappointed because their tour was not as fulfilling or comprehensive as they had hoped.

When you are exploring your options for Egypt and Dubai tours it is of the utmost importance to choose only the best tour provider because there is just so much to see and experience in both locations. Additionally, you will need to have authentic guides in many spots, and only the finest tour providers are able to guarantee such services.

Remember that Egypt and Dubai tours make a lot of sense for travelers because the two countries are close to one another on the map, but they are not all that similar in other ways.

Get The Most Out Of Dubai-Egypt Tour Packages

As a prime example of that, just consider how often people talk about the glittering city of Dubai and its many modern wonders of architecture and entertainment. Compare that to the descriptions of Egypt and its more subtle cities and sites. Ancient and mysterious are two words more often used to explain Egypt, and so booking Egypt and Dubai tours means booking with a tour provider that understands the differences and offers tours that let you really experience both worlds.

At EgyptToursPlus, you will find an array of tours and packages that can provide you with the richest experiences of both fascinating destinations. You can begin in Dubai with its sparkling nightlife, stunning skyline and architecture, world-class shopping, and enjoyable sightseeing, and then head to Cairo to set out on a land or Nile tour of the most important sites in Egypt.

Of course, you can also elect to enjoy one of the different water oriented Egypt and Dubai tours as well. After all, Egypt is known for its “Red Sea Riviera” region, as well as Nile cruises, and Dubai is equally as popular for its diving and cruising options.

The point here is to choose a tour provider that understands these two distinctive locations and can provide its clients with an experience that really allows them to get the most out of every day spent in each location.

Naturally, if you are working with a tour provider, such as EgyptToursPlus, you may be able to expand beyond the basic Egypt and Dubai tours and do a much broader exploration of this entire region. With Jordan and Morocco so close by, as well as spots like Turkey, you may be able to spend weeks discovering precisely why so many choose to visit this historic and diverse area of the world each year.

Getting Started Selecting The Ideal Egypt And Dubai Tour

To help you get started selecting the ideal Egypt and Dubai tours for your wishes, let’s take a moment to familiarize you with Dubai. Known as a luxury destination and a modern marvel, it is an opulent city that is a lot more welcoming than many believe. You do not have to be wealthy as a king to enjoy a visit here, and the hospitality of the people is only one part of the pleasure of even a brief stay.

If you hope to get the most out of your Egypt and Dubai tours be sure you see the following top attractions: Burj Al Arab (the amazing 7-star luxury hotel), Palm Jumeirah, which is a manmade residential location created to look like a palm tree, the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), the many amazing souks or markets, the stunning Dubai fountain (it is a musical fountain), Jumeirah Beach, the area known as Al Bastakiya, and the excellent Al Fahidi Fort.

Yes, that is a lot to see and do, but it proves that you’ll need an experienced and knowledgeable guide to ensure you see the very best of this amazing city. The Al Bastakiya, as a prime example, is considered an old and endangered part of the city that is viewed by many as ripe for development but treasured by others for its old-fashioned charm. A less informed tour company may skip such a spot, but it is something that will let you really see and feel Dubai.

As for Egypt, it is impossible to even begin to list the many places and scenes that you should see while visiting this ancient, historic, mysterious and utterly charming country. However, there are Egypt and Dubai tours that can provide you with an opportunity to do a lot more than just skim the surface.

The Theme Approach To Finding The Perfect Travel Package

For instance, you may find that selecting tours with a clear theme will work the best. A Dubai and Cairo tour, for example, does not offer such an overly expansive agenda that you miss out on the best attractions. And as mentioned earlier, there are tours that provide you with a Nile cruise as your way of seeing some of Egypt’s best attractions and relaxing after time spent in the urban setting of Dubai.

No matter how you decide to enjoy Egypt and Dubai tours, just remember to pick a tour provider offering packages that let you really experience your destinations. EgyptToursPlus is a firm that has a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm about Egypt and Dubai. Offering a nice range of tours and packages, visitors will be able to encounter some of the best sites and in a way that lets them go home feeling that they did have that dream trip or tour.

Though many see the Middle East as if it were one single setting, the best tour providers understand the great diversity of this region and offer their guests amazing Egypt and Dubai tours packages that let them explore such distinct settings as modern and glittering Dubai as well as ancient and historic Egypt.