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Travel to Egypt – Good to Know Before You Go

Whether you are traveling to Egypt from USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, India or Singapore… We have a specific guide covering the most important points you need to be aware of before traveling to Egypt.

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Private Egypt Tours – When Sharing Simply Isn’t Good Enough

Private Guided Egypt Tours - Since 1955

The Great Sphinx in Giza is a must-see site on private guided Egypt tours.

Private tours of Egypt are undeniably the best bet for those who are really looking to get out and do their own thing while they are in the country. This is particularly true if you book your private guided tours of Egypt through us since your tour will include your own personal tour guide who is very experienced and licensed as well as personal driver and car.

Imagine a “personalized” tour of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, delivered by a qualified Egyptologist tour guide who carefully answers questions and takes the time to explain Egypt’s long and colorful past.

Imagine sitting down with a group of close friends and family to a traditional Middle Eastern meal in the world famous Khan El Khalili Bazaar, along with your tour guide who is able to recommend the best dishes; act as translator, and share some fascinating knowledge at the same time.

Finally, picture yourself and your dearest friends mounting the top steps of one of Giza’s great pyramids to enjoy the splendid scenery spread out around you, or imagine stepping into the ancient tomb of Egypt’s most famous pharaoh, King Tutankhamen.

Is such a complete trip in Egypt even possible? Absolutely; the enormous and centuries old popularity of Egypt as a tourist destination has created a large number of private Egypt tour opportunities to suit all types of travelers.

Such Egypt guided tour packages can range from budget tours to luxury trips to Egypt all inclusive and with us you have the unique opportunity to customize any of our Egypt vacation tours to fit your exact wishes, needs and wants.

Private guided tours of Egypt – What would an exiting exciting adventure look like for you?

Egypt Tours 2019 / 2020 – You Choose The Attractions!

Travelers looking for Egypt vacation packages can choose which famous, or even not so famous, attractions they would like to visit; what level of accommodations they prefer, and even what kind of transportation they would like.

Most guided Egypt tours will focus on historical sites or locations such as the Giza pyramids; the Valley of Kings; Abu Simbel Temples and etc. However, there are other areas of the country where a private tour may also be of benefit.

For example, the Sinai Peninsula and Red Sea areas are incredibly popular with beach goers and deep sea divers, and many SCUBA divers book private trips in Egypt to take them to the truly remarkable underwater locations along Egypt’s coast.

The Benefits Of Private Travel Packages

The benefit of a private guided Egypt tour over a group vacation to Egypt is – beside the fact that the price is almost the same – the level of service provided. A good quality private tour essentially provides visitors with a bespoke VIP experience. They receive the undivided attention and assistance of their allocated guide or guides throughout their stay in the country. This can really make for a remarkable experience at many levels.

For example, a private Egypt tour guide will accompany guests through visits to the marketplaces, helping them to negotiate prices on their purchases (which is something most vendors enjoy doing with their customers); they can give details that guide books don’t, and they can prevent you from experience problems that might arise due to language barriers. Above all, a good personal guide will make certain that each member of a private tour of Egypt is happy and comfortable.

Private Guided Tours Are Not Expensive

Private guided Egypt tours does not necessarily mean a luxury tour however. Generally, many people travel to Egypt to explore the fascinating relics of the country’s remarkable history, and guided tours of Egypt are one of the best ways to get the most out of your stay in the Land of the Pharaohs.

At Egypt Tours Plus, all our package trips are private and flexible, which means that all Egypt tours can be alternated to fit your exact needs. Alternatively, we offer custom tours which you can create yourself, simply by contacting us and telling us exactly what your interests are.

Travel to the Cradle of Human Civilization with us, and explore Egypt your way with our flexible private guided Egypt tours.