Wheelchair Accessible Vacation Packages

At Egypt Tours Plus, our wheelchair accessible vacation packages to Egypt make it possible for everyone to visit the Land of the Pharaohs. This includes those people who are confined to, or heavily reliant on the use of wheelchairs due to mobility issues.

The ancient Egyptian civilization remains one of the most fascinating and most intriguing ancient civilizations, and at Egypt Tours Plus we are committed to making it possible for everyone, including wheelchair users, to experience the wonders of ancient Egypt in absolute comfort and style with our epic wheelchair accessible vacation packages.


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10-Day Egypt Wheelchair Accessible Trip

Enjoy Egypt in style with a superior and flawless 10-day Egypt wheelchair accessible trip that is guaranteed to leave you with lifelong memories.
Egypt Tours for Disabled

8-Day Egypt Tours for Disabled Travelers

Experience a dream vacation in the Land of the Pharaohs with one of our meticulously designed and adapted 8-day Egypt tours for disabled travelers.

Why Choose Our Wheelchair Accessible Vacation Packages to Egypt

wheelchair accessible vacation packages

With approximately a quarter of a million high quality Egypt tour packages already sold, we believe that nobody is better equipped than we are to provide absolutely flawless vacations in Egypt for individuals with mobility challenges. People with mobility issues can book their Egypt vacations through us with complete piece of mind, knowing that all accommodation, transportation, and attractions have been meticulously vetted by our travel specialists to ensure that they meet the accessibility requirements of individuals with mobility challenges.

We acknowledge and respect the fact that most disabled travelers want to enjoy as much independence is they possibly can during their visit to Egypt. To this end we only ever book individuals with mobility challenges into hotels and on to Nile cruise ships that we know are 100% wheelchair friendly. We also have our own fleet of specially equipped vehicles to meet the accessibility requirements of disabled travelers and to provide comfortable air-conditioned transportation throughout their stay.

From the moment you arrive at Cairo International Airport to the moment you board your flight out of Egypt, you can be sure that even the smallest of details will have been taken care of to ensure that you can enjoy a truly unforgettable vacation.

The Very Best Wheelchair Accessible Excursions

When you book wheelchair accessible vacations to Egypt through us you can look forward to enjoying absolutely fantastic excursions to some of Egypt’s most cherished archaeological sites. As we have already mentioned, all archaeological sites featured in our wheelchair tours have been carefully vetted to ensure that they are accessible for people in wheelchairs.

We do everything we possibly can to make it possible for disabled travelers to visit all the historical sites they want to visit. We also make it very clear which activities and sites are not wheelchair friendly so that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises when you arrive in the country.

Wheelchair Friendly Attractions

The Pyramids in Egypt by wheelchair

The famous Giza Pyramids are considered wheelchair friendly, although actually entering the pyramids is not really possible for people in wheelchairs. Don’t let this put you off from visiting though, because there really isn’t much to see inside any of the three pyramids other than empty passageways, empty chambers, plenty of stairs.

Egyptian museums are another example. Some Egyptian museums are wheelchair friendly while others are not. If you are a disabled traveler and you wish to visit one or more of Egypt’s museums, we would recommend that you visit the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in downtown Cairo or the new Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza.

At the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo only the ground floor level is wheelchair accessible. At the new Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza, all areas in the museum are wheelchair accessible.

While not all Egyptian antiquities are accessible to wheelchair users, there are many that are. Ancient monuments such as the magnificent rock-cut Abu Simbel Temples, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple and Hatshepsut Temple are just a few examples of ancient monuments in Egypt that are wheelchair accessible.

Rest assured, even people with mobility issues can have a fantastically enjoyable experience in Egypt with professionally designed wheelchair accessible vacation packages.

Wheelchair Friendly Nile River Cruises

Nile cruise by wheelchair

It is often said that there is no better way to experience ancient Egyptian history than by way of a Nile River cruise between Luxor and Aswan in Upper Egypt. The good news is that disabled travelers can also enjoy the magic of a Nile River cruise. However, it is important to look for wheelchair accessible vacation packages that include a cruise on a wheelchair friendly Nile cruise ship.

For the most amazing experience ever, be sure to look for Egypt Nile Cruise tours that feature wheelchair friendly “five star” Nile cruise ships. This will allow you to visit some of Egypt’s finest ancient monuments, including places like Luxor Temple, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and some of Egypt’s other majestic temples.

Knowledgeable Guides and Free Helpers

All of our travel packages include the services of professional tour guides who will tell you all about the rich history of the various ancient artifacts you get to see during your trip. For our disabled clients, we also provide free helpers during excursions to the historical sites that are featured in our wheelchair accessible tour itineraries.

Free Professional Consultation Services

When planning a trip to Egypt with us you are compelled to choose one of our prepackaged wheelchair accessible vacation packages. Our free consultation services make it possible for our clients to enjoy fully customized wheelchair accessible vacation packages and sightseeing tours that are based entirely on their own unique individual needs and requirements.

With our free consultation services, it is also possible for disabled travelers to create their own wheelchair accessible vacation packages from scratch. This allows you to see only those attractions that matter the most to you. Simply tell us what attractions and which activities you are most interested in, and our team of travel specialists will do everything possible to turn your dream vacation into a reality.

Our travel specialists know exactly which attractions are wheelchair accessible and which ones are not, and they will advise you accordingly, thereby making it easy to plan a truly amazing trip.

Egypt Travel Tips for Disabled Travelers

Anyone who is planning to visit Egypt can benefit from a few useful travel tips, including people who are reliant on wheelchairs. Below, are a few basic tips that can help to ensure you get to enjoy a truly perfect trip in the Land of the Pharaohs:

1. Wheelchair Accessibility

Not all hotels in Egypt are wheelchair friendly, and this applies even to many upmarket five star hotels. If you are reliant on the use of a wheelchair it is crucial that you determine whether or not a hotel is wheelchair accessible before you make any reservations. The same applies to Nile River cruise ships. You will want to find a cruise ship that provides easy wheelchair access. This is one of the reasons why we recommend booking wheelchair accessible vacation packages through a reputable travel agency.

2. Wheelchair Friendly Transportation

As a disabled traveler, one needs to be aware of the fact that nearly all forms of public transport in Egypt, including taxies, are not wheelchair friendly. This can make getting around very challenging for people in wheelchairs. The best way to overcome this problem is to book wheelchair accessible vacation packages that include wheelchair accessible transportation.

3. Be Prepared for the Weather

During certain months of the year the heat in Egypt can be absolutely scorching which can make sightseeing excursions quite uncomfortable, and even more so for people who are confined to a wheelchair. Our advice would be to avoid visiting Egypt during the hottest months of the year which are June, July and August. Ideally, wheelchair users should try to visit during the cooler months, from October to the end of April.

4. Not All Attractions are Wheelchair Friendly

Travelers with disabilities can visit many of Egypt’s most iconic landmarks but there are also several which are not wheelchair friendly. To this end, it is important that you do some research before traveling so that you don’t arrive in the country only to discover that you won’t be able to visit some of the attractions you were really hoping to see. This is another reason why you should consider booking wheelchair accessible vacation packages through a reputable Egypt tour operator.

Booking your Wheelchair Accessible Vacation

Booking wheelchair accessible vacation packages really couldn’t be any easier than it is. You can simply browse our website for a suitable tour package or you can contact us in order to create a customized or tailor-made wheelchair accessible Egypt travel package. At Egypt Tours Plus, We offer a comprehensive list of services in order to ensure that your trip to Egypt is as flawless as it possibly can be, from start to finish.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there wheelchair-accessible tours and activities in Egypt?

Yes, there are many wheelchair accessible vacation packages to Egypt that are suitable for disabled people who are reliant on wheelchairs. You can find wheelchair accessible tours available on our own website or you can contact us to create a fully customized travel package or day trip which is tailored to meet your own individual needs and requirements.

Are wheelchair-accessible accommodations readily available in Egypt?

Many of the modern hotels which are located in cities like Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Sharm El Sheikh are wheelchair accessible. We do however recommend that disabled travelers seek clarification regarding wheelchair accessibility before making any hotel reservations.

How accessible are historical sites in Egypt for wheelchair users?

Several, but not all historical sites in Egypt are wheelchair accessible, but there are also many that are not wheelchair friendly. Some sites may also be only partially accessible to wheelchair users. For example, the Valley of Kings is largely wheelchair accessible but many of the tombs in the valley or not wheelchair accessible, meaning that wheelchair users are not able to enter many of the tombs which are open to visitors.

Are Nile cruise ships wheelchair accessible?

Many Nile cruise ships are not wheelchair friendly, so it is important for disabled people to seek clarification regarding this prior to booking their cruise. Once again we recommend that you work with a reputable tour operator. In doing so you will know that the cruise ship you are booked onto will have been vetted in order to ensure that it is in fact wheelchair friendly.

What challenges might wheelchair users face when visiting Egypt?

Getting around in the larger cities like Cairo can be extremely challenging for wheelchair users. Besides the traffic and the dismal driving habits of many Egyptians, there is also virtually no wheelchair accessibility on public transport. With this in mind we strongly recommend that disabled travelers book wheelchair accessible vacation packages that include wheelchair friendly transportation.

Is Egypt a safe country for disabled Travelers?

Yes, Egypt is typically a very safe country for tourists, including disabled tourists who are reliant on wheelchairs. It is even safer if you book your tour/s through a reputable tour operator that provides high quality services, since this means that you will typically have a private tour guide and/or a helper with you during your sightseeing tours.

Is Cairo Airport wheelchair friendly?

Yes, all three of the main terminals at Cairo Airport are wheelchair friendly. However it is worth noting that the different gates are quite a distance from each other so it’s important to arrive at the airport with adequate time to spare when it comes to departures.

Committed to Making Egypt Accessible for Everyone

At Egypt Tours Plus we are committed to making accessible travel to Egypt possible for everyone to enjoy a truly unforgettable experience, including people with mobility challenges.

Whether you are looking for a short wheelchair accessible Cairo tour, or whether you are looking for a far more immersive experience that includes a magical Nile River cruise, we can help. Our range of distinguished services really do make it possible for everyone to enjoy the captivating wonders of Egypt, including people who are reliant on wheelchairs.

Don’t allow mobility challenges to get in your way. Contact us now to begin planning a once in a lifetime dream trip to Egypt, or to book one of our pre-packaged wheelchair accessible vacations to Egypt today.

Last Updated on May 1, 2024