Egypt and Turkey Tours

Egypt and Turkey Tours are powered by antiquity! Explore incredible history and culture when traveling through Egypt and Turkey, visiting the highlights of Cairo and Istanbul. Experience spectacular sights, including the Great Giza Pyramids; the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel Temples, Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, and much, much more.

Find your dream tour of Egypt and Turkey now and propel yourself back in time. Lifetime memories are guaranteed!


Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Tour

21 Day Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Tour

Immerse yourself in a world of history and indescribable magnificence with a bespoke 21-day Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi tour.
Turkey, Greece, Egypt tour

19 Day Turkey, Greece, Egypt Tour

Nourish your mind, body and soul with a deluxe 19-day Turkey, Greece, Egypt tour; an affordable and totally flawless once in a lifetime travel experience.
Turkey, Egypt, Jordan Tour

18 Day Turkey, Egypt, Jordan Tour

Experience the magic and charm of three incredible destinations with our deluxe 18-day Turkey, Egypt, Jordan Tour, and do it in absolute comfort and style.
Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Tour

16 Day Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Tour

Experience the real magic of a flawless and wonderfully affordable dream location with our classic 16-Day Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Tour.
Egypt Turkey Tour Package

16 Day Egypt-Turkey Tour Package

Explore pyramids, tombs and temples; cruise the Nile in Egypt, the Bosphorus in Turkey: Discover antiquity with a 16 Day Egypt-Turkey tour package.
Cairo Istanbul Tour Package

8 Day Cairo-Istanbul Tour

Iconic pyramids; timeless tombs and temples; ancient underground cisterns and charismatic bazaars: Experience it all with an 8 Day Cairo - Istanbul Tour.

The Amazing Beauty Of Egypt And Turkey Tours

Egypt and Turkey Tours

For those enchanted by the sight of minarets and mosques or Roman ruins or pyramids, Egypt and Turkey tours can seem like a dream come true. There is so much to see in these two mysterious and magical places, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed if you try to plot out a tour on your own. After all, you may find yourself dedicating days on end to exploration of historic and scenic Istanbul, but what about Cappadocia, Izmir or trendy Bodrum?

It would be easy enough to spend a lifetime wandering the many scenic beauties of Turkey alone, and when you want to also visit someplace as immense and diverse as Egypt, it is going to take a knowledgeable expert to help you enjoy the very most from your stay. This is why the many Egypt and Turkey tours from EgyptTourPlus are a remarkable find.

Enjoy Options With Specialized Egypt And Turkey Tour Packages

What is your preference as you contemplate the different Egypt and Turkey tours? As the simplest example – do you think of it as Turkey and then Egypt touring, or the reverse? Is the emphasis on the sites of Egypt or do you hope to really lose yourself in the unforgettable locations that make Turkey such an eternally popular destination?

This is, of course, just the beginning. For instance, you may want to focus your Egypt and Turkey tours on the famous bodies of water and most celebrated cities belonging to these two countries. Days on the Nile and spent exploring Cairo followed by days on the Bosphorous spent roaming Istanbul could be the theme for your visit.

Perhaps you prefer to spend time visiting the pyramids and markets of Egypt before heading to the cisterns and bazaars of Istanbul?

This means that you need to spend a bit of time getting familiar with these two iconic locations before you choose the right tour for your wishes.

Turkey As A Travel Destination

If you have heard friends or family speaking about visits to Turkey, you may have heard that it is a place where fantastic beaches and some of the world’s finest resorts are found. And while that alone might make it a perfect spot for you to choose to visit, there is so much more to see and experience.

The best Egypt and Turkey tours will provide you with time to enjoy the sun and sand, but they will also make sure you experience the historic past of this remarkable country. There is the religious history and the many religious sites to be found throughout the country. For instance, the Blue Mosque, the Mosque of Suleiman, and the Church of Hagia Sophia are just a few of the “must see” attractions.

Then there are the ancient sites that most describe with words like “breathtaking”, “awe inspiring”, and “amazing”. These include the Basilica Cistern, the ruins of ancient Ionia, and the Temple of Apollo in Didyma (which is second in fame only to the oracle of Delphi). Of course, the Ephesus of Izmir is one of the famed “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,” and it too is found in Turkey.

Naturally, there are architectural and natural wonders in abundance throughout Turkey as well, and a list of must see attractions would include the world famous Topkapi Palace, various spots in Cappadocia (including an underground city and the famed Red Valley, Pigeon Valley, and Monks Valley), as well as impressive markets, towers, and covered bazaars.

Clearly, you want to work with a tour company that provides all of its clients with access to such a diversity of sites and experiences. And the same list of options must apply to the sites and attractions offered on any tours of Egypt, too.

Discovering Where To Book Egypt Turkey Tours

When you think of Egypt and Egypt and Turkey tours, don’t let your imagination be limited by what others say is the “typical” visit. You can find comprehensive tours that take in the best sites in Turkey and then go beyond the ordinary in Egypt, as well. Certainly, you want to visit spots like the pyramids at Giza, but what about places like the Egyptian Museum, both sides of the river in Luxor, and the Philae Temple? To see such things may require a Nile cruise or a land tour, and some of the best companies make a good list of options available.

And what about the amazing Western Desert? There are oases and natural wonders here that many never experience. And what about the Red Sea area of Egypt too? And of course, there is Abu Simbel farthest south and near Lake Nasser. This is a destination not to be missed either.

Knowledgeable Guides Are Important

One thing we haven’t mentioned, as we’ve gone on a brief, whirlwind tour of Egypt and Turkey, is that some locations require the help and knowledge of expert tour guides. For instance, as you make your way on a Nile cruise it is easy enough to miss many historic sights simply because you won’t know you are looking at them. Also, some spots may not be open to you without an authorized guide, and so any Egypt and Turkey tours need this sort of qualified and experienced team to ensure you get the most out of every day.

As already mentioned, EgyptToursPlus offers a tremendous array of Egypt and Turkey tours and packages that can allow you to visit both of these historic and magical lands during a single trip. They also have specific tours that introduce you to the many wonders of these countries individually. With flexible options you can combine tours or expand on packages with extra trips or options.

No matter what your “theme”, whether it is to see holy sites, historic sites, resort locations, markets, and more…the best Egypt and Turkey tours are those offered by firms as enthusiastic about Turkey and Egypt as first time visitors. Explore what EgyptToursPlus has available, and book your visit today.