Egypt Nile River Cruises 2023

Nile River cruises are without question the best way for visitors to explore the many ancient sites located in the Nile River Valley in Egypt. Nile Cruises are luxurious; they’re thrilling and they’re entertaining.

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Luxury Egypt Tours with Nile Cruises

Treat yourself to the epitome of luxury and extravagance with our luxury Egypt tours featuring a Nile cruise. Experience the best of ancient Egypt while sailing the Nile River, complete with five-star accommodations, gourmet dining, and unparalleled service. Unwind in style and explore the wonders of Egypt.

Dahabiya Nile Cruises

Experience the charm and intimacy of a traditional Egyptian sailboat with our Dahabiya Nile cruise itineraries. Immerse yourself in the splendor of ancient Egypt while sailing the Nile River in style and comfort on our specially designed and fully equipped Dahabiya boats.

Cairo Nile Cruises

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Egypt’s ancient wonders with our Nile cruises departing from Cairo. Explore the fascinating history and breathtaking scenery of the Nile River, while enjoying the comfort and convenience of departing from the heart of Egypt’s bustling capital city.

Cruising Down the Nile is an Ancient Tradition

Nile cruises have been immensely popular among travellers to Egypt for decades. Combining your Egypt tours with a Nile cruise is by far the best way for you to explore a large number of ancient sights in Egypt, while traveling in the lap of comfort.

For countless years, cruising the Nile was the best and virtually the only way people could visit southern Egypt to see the classical sites there, and visit the temples and tombs that are located along this stretch of the Nile River in Egypt.

As is to be expected, nowadays one can fly to cities like Aswan and Luxor, but there is still something magical about seeing old Egypt the old way – a Nile river cruise. It is also still a great way to visit Upper Egypt, and it has several advantages when compared to other modes of travel.

Why Choose Nile River Cruises in 2023?

One obvious advantage of Nile River cruises is the fact that you don’t have to keep on packing and unpacking your stuff. Move your baggage aboard, set up your quarters, and off you go. Your “hotel” travels with you while you relax in luxurious surrounding.

Another advantage of Nile cruises for tourists is the opportunity to stop and spend some time exploring various local attractions along the route; the ones that airplanes simply fly over and bypass. One can really gain a wonderful appreciation of the realities of life in rural Egypt, as well as the antiquities to be found throughout the region.

You just can’t beat sitting in the shade on the deck of your floating hotel and enjoying a tall, cool refreshment as you watch the essence of Egypt drift by. With occasional stops permitting one to disembark and mingle with the local merchants, Egypt Nile cruises are without question the most fulfilling way to go.

Types of Nile Cruise and Stays in Egypt

Nile cruises are usually either three, four or seven nights, but these can vary quite a bit. The shorter tours generally operate between Luxor and Aswan while some of the longer cruises head further north to Dendera and even Cairo, and often offer ground tours to a number of remote areas.

Thus, a fairly complete 12-day tour of Egypt might include several days around Cairo including seeing the Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum and other antiquities, and a brief flight down to Abu Simbel in the very southern part of Egypt, all structured around a 7-day cruise.

And, importantly, you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or inconvenienced in any way by virtue of your choice to travel by river. Most of the available Nile cruise ships really are nothing but floating hotels, with all the amenities and pampering one would expect from their land-based cousins. You will discover night clubs, swimming pools, hot tubs, top restaurants, and even libraries, all aboard your Egypt Nile cruise ship.

Just as with regular hotels, you get what you pay for when it comes to the cabins themselves, with everything from the most luxurious suites to basic single-bed accommodation from which to choose. It is common for there to be video movies each night, and some boats are even equipped with cameras allowing passengers to view the passing countryside on the TV in their cabins.

There is also no shortage of entertainment on board Nile cruise ships. Whatever your tastes; from disco dancing to belly dancers, to costume parties; all and more can be found on most Nile cruises. And, you will find the same amount of variety beckons when it comes to food.

Buffets are very popular of course, but you will also find more formal, sit-down restaurants as well, and don’t forget, all meals are included in the price of your Nile River cruise, so you can eat whatever you want and as much as you want without ever having to worry about the bill.

One thing though, you will want to bring along (or purchase onboard) bottled water to drink. The ships claim to have the most modern of water filtration systems, which is great for showering, but we personally advise our customers against drinking tap water during their cruise down the Nile.

When to Go on a Nile River Cruise 2023?

The best time for all Nile cruises, or any Egypt tour package for that matter, is basically between October and mid April, when the weather is nice and cool, and all the Nile’s locks are open. Still, Nile cruises are available year-round.

Similar to land-based hotels, there is a wide range of pricing from which to choose. These are based on the quality of the boats and their accommodation options. Decent boats can range in price between about $100.00 USD to almost $400.00 USD per night, with seasonal increases of between 25% to 50% during Christmas and Easter.

More Than “Just” the Nile River

Most people who think of Egypt think of antiquities, but Egypt offers much more.

Certainly it is a prime location to see our great heritage from the ancient world, including Pyramids and wonderful tombs and temples, but it is also part of the Holy Land, and spiritual Egypt tours to Christian and other religious monuments are popular. Egypt also offers a great deal for nature lovers in the form of desert treks; fantastic scuba diving; golf; fishing, and even bird watching vacations…

Relax by the Red Sea; explore the Sinai coast, marvel at the antiquities of Cairo, or enjoy a leisurely float down the river on a luxurious cruise boat. Come and see the many wonders of Egypt.

Our Nile cruise holidays are private and fully customizable, meaning you can have your 2022 Nile cruise your way when you travel to this magical kingdom with Egypt Tours Plus.

Can you cruise the Nile River?

Yes, Nile River cruises between the cities of Aswan and Luxor are one of Egypt’s biggest attractions. There are also a limited number of cruises between Cairo and Aswan/Luxor.

In-depth: Can you cruise the Nile River?

Is a Nile cruise worth it?

There is no better way to experience the magic of Ancient Egypt than by way of a Nile River cruise. With full board and lodging and guided daily excursions, Nile cruises are excellent value for money.

Learn more: Is a Nile cruise worth it?

Are Nile River cruises safe?

Nile River cruises are very safe, both on board the vessels that ferry passengers up and down the Nile, and at all the tourist attractions that you visit with a guide during your cruise.

In-depth: Are Nile cruises safe?

What to expect on a Nile cruise?

Expect a truly unforgettable experience with ample time for relaxing, and sightseeing tours which are beyond words. Accommodation and meals also tend to be excellent on most cruise ships.

In-depth: What to expect on a Nile cruise?

When is the best time to go to Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is from October to April (winter) when the weather is cool and mild. December and January are the most popular months so advance booking is recommended.

In-depth: When is the best time of year to visit Egypt?

What is the most luxurious Nile cruise?

Oberoi Philae and Oberoi Zahra are luxurious river cruisers but children below the age of 7 are not allowed. For a more child friendly option, try the Movenpick Royal Lily or the MS Salacia.

In-depth: What is the most luxurious Nile cruise?

What to pack for a Nile River cruise?

The season dictates what clothes one should pack for a Nile cruise. Besides your clothing, you should also consider packing in things like sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and etc.

In-depth: What to pack for a Nile cruise?

What to wear on a Nile cruise in Egypt?

There is typically no formal dress code on a Nile cruise. Shorts, t-shirts and swimwear are fine during the day, but for dinner in the evening it is sort of expected of you to dress somewhat smarter.

In-depth: What to wear on a Nile cruise?

How much does a Nile cruise cost?

The cost of a Nile River cruise in Egypt can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. It really depends on the cruise duration and what level of luxury you want to enjoy.

In-depth: How much is a Nile river cruise?

How much to tip on a Nile cruise?

It’s not mandatory to tip any crew members on a Nile River cruise, but it is pretty much expected, and greatly appreciated if you do. In this post, we will address all the questions you might have about tipping during your cruise on the River Nile.

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