What to Pack for Egypt (Simple Packing List)

Our simple ‘what to pack for Egypt’ trip list covers everything you need, from clothes and accessories tosuncare and electronics.

What to Pack for Egypt (w: Simple Packing List)

Packing the right belongings is essential when travelling, especially when you are visiting a new country with a different climate, culture, and morals. But don’t let that put you off. Egypt is a bucket-list-worthy destination with awe-inspiring sites and attractions. With the right Egypt packing list, you can enjoy all of Egypt in total comfort.

The What to Pack for Egypt List

Egypt is hot and bustling with activity. Carrying around a huge bag or struggling with too many clothes is going to make you tired and sweaty – and you might end up losing something important. So, the trick to packing for your first Egypt trip is to stick to the basics and avoid overpacking.

Besides, finding replacements is relatively easy in Cairo and other large cities in Egypt. You can find deodorant, sun lotion, phone chargers, water bottles, and more – so, don’t panic if you don’t have space in your luggage for all these items.

The real essentials are packing the right clothes, money, and travel documents, and booking the Egypt itinerary you’ve been dreaming of.

The Simple Egypt Packing List

To avoid overpacking, here is our simple Egypt packing list. With your smartphone (make sure you have the right data roaming plan) and power adaptor, you can skip packing the heavy cameras and paper guidebooks… unless you want to take those too!

  • Light cotton or linen clothes
    • Loose long pants or maxi skirts
    • Shorts (ideally knee-length)
    • Airy long-sleeve shirts and tops
    • Short-sleeve tops and t-shirts
    • Lightweight jacket
    • Swimsuit or swim trunks
    • Beach cover-ups
    • Socks and underwear
    • Scarf or head covering
  • Breathable walking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • After-sun skincare
  • Toiletries
    • Deodorant
    • Soap bar
    • Hairbrush
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Mini travel bottles of liquids
  • Insulated water bottle with built-in filter
  • Power adaptors
  • Reusable day bag
  • Mini first aid kit with bug spray
  • Essential medications
  • Photocopies of travel documents

What to Wear in Egypt

When packing your clothes for Egypt, there are two very important considerations: Egypt is hot and often conservative.

Covering your skin when entering religious buildings and sites is essential, and maintaining modesty, in general, can help you feel more comfortable traveling around the country.

Besides, did you know that covering your skin will help you stay cooler!?

Women’s Clothes

Choose light and airy clothes made from cotton and linen. Avoid polyester and other synthetic fibers that won’t let your skin breathe.

You can absolutely wear shorts and vest-style tops in Egypt; however, you’ll be battling sunburn and mosquitos at every corner, and you may feel uncomfortable with the attention you receive in crowded places. Covering up your skin with light, breezy long-sleeve shirts (a linen shirt is a fashion must-have) and choosing palazzo or wide-leg pants is an incredibly classy look for Egypt and will protect you from the sun.

For visiting beautiful religious sites and in some rural areas, you will be required to cover your hair and wear a long-sleeved top. So, pack a light cotton scarf and blouse that you can fold up small in the bottom of your daily bag. Then you can wear what you like, and still cover up when required!

Is There a Dress Code for Women in Egypt?

Egypt is a religious country where modesty is valued. As a tourist, especially in the modern and urban areas of Egypt, no one expects you to dress like the locals. You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Just keep in mind that the summer clothes you wear at home may be a bad way to protect your skin from the Egyptian sun, and you may draw some unwanted attention if you are revealing quite a lot!

If you want to fit in and feel comfortable, a general rule is to make sure your arms are covered at least over the elbows, and your legs are covered past the knees. It is also more acceptable to wear loose-fitting clothes rather than skin-tight or fitted clothes.

The only places where dress codes are enforced:

  • Religious sites (mostly mosques)
  • Some private establishments (bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.)
  • Private resorts (though these are typically tourist-oriented dress codes).

Men’s Clothes

For men, dress codes are more relaxed… but you’d be a fool to not take sun protection seriously. Pack cotton and linen shorts or airy pants, as well as cotton t-shirts.

Although men do not need to cover their heads when entering religious sites, packing a scarf may still be a good idea. You can soak a scarf in cold water and place this over your head to keep cool and protect from the sun, for example.

A light jacket may be nice for the evenings. You may also want to pack slightly more formal wear if you plan to dine in the hotel/resort restaurant.

Summer vs Winter Clothes to Pack for Egypt

Average temperatures in Egypt are hot, hot, hot. Most visitors come between October and April, with November and March being a good choice if you want to avoid the peak season (December and January).

The time of year that you visit Egypt will not drastically change your packing list. As we explored in our Best Time to Visit Egypt Guide, inland Egypt where you’ll find Cairo and many archaeological sites is incredibly hot all year round.

If you are visiting the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts during winter (November to February) you can pack an additional jacket or cover-up for the evenings. But otherwise, our packing list is unchanging: stick to light and breezy cotton clothes that can be layered.

What Shoes to Wear in Egypt

The best shoes to wear in Egypt are tennis or sports shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking over different terrains, so your shoes must be comfortable, breathable, and protective. Avoid hiking and mountain shoes: even if they are comfortable, your feet will get too hot.

While you can wear sandals or flip-flops at the hotel, your feet will get dirty and sandy if you wear them for walking around. Wear cotton socks for extra breathability. Make sure you have some band-aids in your bag too!

Sun Protection

Although these items are either bulky, fragile, or heavy, they are essential for your ‘what to pack for Egypt list’.

Sunhat and Sunglasses

Choose a sunhat with a wide brim – preferably a floppy one so you can fold it up and carry it easily. A baseball cap is good for keeping the sun out of your eyes, but it won’t protect the back of your neck. As for sunglasses, the best pairs are rated UV 400 which provides total protection against UVA and UVB rays.

You can take an umbrella or parasol to create shade, but these are typically bulky and annoying to carry around all day. Wearing a hat will keep your hands free to take lots of pictures anyway!

Sun Lotion and After-Sun

Wearing sun protection is essential. Even if your body is covered, a correct amount of sun lotion on your face, neck, and hands is a must. You can buy sun lotion at the airport or once you are in Egypt, but if you want to make sure you get a specific lotion, it’s best to pack in advance. Always look for lotions with a high sun protection factor (SPF). SPF30 should suffice for most people, but if you burn easily then opt for SPF50.

The heat in Egypt is not at all humid – it’s desert dry everywhere but the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts! So, even if you don’t get burnt, your skin may still feel dry and tight. It can be relieving to apply a soothing after-sun care product at the end of each day. Choose one with aloe vera for an extra cooling effect.

Packing a Daily Bag for Sightseeing in Egypt

Once you are in Egypt, here’s what you need to pack in your bag each day as you explore:

  • Scarf or head cover, for visiting religious sites.
  • Sun lotion, to top up throughout the day or after swimming.
  • Water bottle – preferably insulated so it stays cold for longer.
  • Wallet with money.
  • Photocopies of your travel documents.
  • Extra space for souvenirs!

Use a backpack or other bag that has a hidden or zip-up compartment. Place your wallet and photocopied documents (travel visa, credit cards, ID, etc.) here – like with every major city in every country around the world, pickpocketing is always possible.

Unless you want to take photographs with a specialist camera, you’ll likely use your phone to record your adventures. So, another good thing to pack is a rechargeable power bank.

How Much Money Should I Pack for Egypt?

You can get by with $20 per person, per day – many establishments will prefer to transact in US dollars. That will cover basic food and transportation, plus a few trinkets. If you want to splurge on other luxuries, bring more.

If you’ve already got your itinerary sorted with Egypt Tours Plus, all your transportation is already paid for. Just bring enough money for tips (usually 5% to 10%), entrance fees, and all the souvenirs you see!

What Electronics to Pack for Egypt

Your smartphone should be capable of doing almost anything, including setting an alarm (many hotels won’t have an alarm clock) and helping you navigate. Remember to bring your phone charger and an adapter when you pack for Egypt.

Egypt uses rounded two-prong plugs with a 220-volt power supply. So, as well as an adapter for the plug socket, you might need a power converter. Check what power supply your home country uses and whether your devices will be compatible for charging in Egypt.

We also recommend printing off a map, the details of your hotel, important phone numbers, and the location of your country’s embassy to have on paper. Even if your phone dies in an emergency, you’ll be able to navigate safely.

How to Pack Medicine, Cigarettes and Alcohol for Travelling to Egypt

When you pack for Egypt, remember to bring any important medicines that you need to take. While you can find pharmacies across Egypt, not all medicines are available, and many will have different brand names.

There is no problem bringing most prescription, over the counter, and non-prescription drugs into Egypt for personal use. You may also want to bring Imodium, charcoal supplements, and anti-nausea medication if you usually fall foul of traveler’s tummy.

As for cigarettes and alcohol, both are available to purchase in Egypt, but you’ll find that the range available is limited. Egyptian cigarettes are much harsher than European and American brands. Likewise, Egypt has a lot of amazing wine and beer to try, but not much hard liquor.

So, for a specific brand of cigarette that you like, or hard liquors, it’s best to bring them with you or purchase them at the airport. You can bring up to 1 liter of alcoholic beverages and 200 cigarettes into the country in your Egypt travel bag.

What to NOT Pack for Egypt

You don’t want to be dragging around a heavy bag of unnecessary belongings. So, here are some things that we recommend you leave at home when you pack a bag for Egypt:

  • Winter coats and heavy jackets (you only need a lightweight, foldable jacket).
  • White clothes that will quickly show any dust, sand, and dirt.
  • Jewelry and valuables that you’d be devastated if you lost.
  • Full-size liquids – use the travel-size bottles for toiletries.
  • Strong perfumes and fragrances, as they may attract mosquitos.
  • Makeup products that will melt off quickly in the heat.

Prohibited Items to NOT Pack for Egypt (Avoid!)

When you travel to Egypt, make sure you don’t have any of these items in your bag. They are prohibited and will be removed at customs.

  • Narcotics and illegal drugs.
  • Firearms, ammunition, and general weapons.
  • Bird products (including meat and eggs, frozen, live, and stuffed birds).
  • Informational materials that are indecent (pornography) or incite hate.
  • Cotton fiber (cotton clothes are fine!).
  • Items that could be used for spying (e.g. a drone for taking photos).

Consult the travel advice by your country’s government for more info plus a specific and detailed list of the drugs that are banned.

Or ask us.

Now You Know What to Pack for Egypt

One last note in our guide to what to pack for Egypt: check the travel luggage restrictions at the airport in your country! Make sure that everything you bring can be taken to Egypt and back again, without worry.

Next, choose your itinerary and follow our Egypt packing list to pack enough clothes and other essentials for your entire stay. We can’t wait to welcome you!


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Egypt Packing List FAQs

Others often ask about:

Do I Need to Bring Toilet Paper?

You don’t need to bring toilet paper from your home country – hotels are typically well-stocked. Take some hotel toilet paper (or a pack of tissues) on excursions, as many public toilets do not always have toilet paper. You may also need some spare change to pay to use some public toilets.

Do I Need Bug Spray in Egypt?

There are mosquitos in Egypt, mostly at dawn and dusk, so you can pack bug spray if you like to use it. You should also avoid wearing strong fragrances and re-wearing sweaty clothes, as this can also attract insects.

Can I Wear Flip-Flops in Egypt?

You can wear flip-flops in the hotel or at a resort, however, closed-toe shoes are best for walking around and sightseeing. Tennis shoes will be breathable but protect your feet from the sun, sand, and dirt.

Can I Wear Jewelry in Egypt?

You can wear jewelry in Egypt – many locals do – but we don’t recommend taking anything valuable that could be lost or stolen.

Can I Take Paracetamol to Egypt?

Yes, you can take paracetamol and ibuprofen to Egypt for personal use. Don’t take more than you need. You can also purchase these basic medicines in stores across Egypt.

Can I Wear a Bikini in Egypt?

Bikinis are best left for tourist resorts on the coasts of Egypt, where revealing this much skin is a little more acceptable. A standard swimsuit should suffice for almost everywhere else. If in doubt, look at what other people wear on the beach or around the pool first!

Enjoy Your Vacation in Egypt Your Way!

Now that you know what to pack for Egypt, are you ready to experience its wonders? Start crafting and booking your dream Egyptian adventure with us today!


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