15 Day Egypt Tours

Egypt tour packages, and particularly 15 day Egypt tours allow you to experience the very best sites and attractions of an ancient world.

Unleash yourself in a world of antiquity; Explore ancient pyramids, tombs and temples; enjoy an incredibly luxurious Nile cruise, of conquer the mighty Sahara desert in cool air conditioned 4×4 comfort, or even on a camel. Explore the extravagance of Dubai, the mystique of Turkey; the natural beauty of Morocco, of venture through the ancient Rose Red City of Petra in Jordan.


Jordan Egypt Tour

15 Day Jordan and Egypt Tour

Make your dreams come alive with a unique 15 Day Jordan and Egypt tour that includes unforgettable sightseeing and an all-inclusive Nile River cruise.

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Breathtaking 15 Day Egypt Tours

15 Day Egypt Tours - Pyramid at Sunset

Our 15 Day Egypt Tours are all about offering our clients variety, and exceptional value for money. With 15 days to work with, we are able to offer tours which really are second to none. Whether you want to spend all 15 days in Egypt, or whether you would like to visit other destinations as well, you should have no trouble finding an Egypt private tour that is perfect for you. And, if you don’t find the perfect tour, just tell us what you want, and we will customize a tour especially for you.

Single Destination Tours

Popular “single destination” 15 Day Egypt tours include our 15 Day Cairo, Dahabiya Nile Cruise and Sharm El Sheikh tour; our 15 Day Cairo, Sahara Desert and Nile Cruise Honeymoon tour, our 15 Day Luxury Nile Cruise, and our 15 Day Luxury Egypt Tour.

All these single-destination tours follow a nice and relaxed pace, while at the same time ensuring that you get to visit and explore an almost endless number of Egypt’s ancient attractions, including many which one typically wouldn’t see with shorter tours. Each of these tours also has their own unique flavor. The honeymoon tour, for example, is all about romance, while the Cairo, Sahara, and Nile cruise tour is more about adventure.

Multi-Destination Tours

Some of our 15 Day Egypt Tours feature two destinations, such as Egypt and Jordan, Egypt and Dubai, or Egypt and Morocco. Others feature three separate destinations, such as Egypt, Jordan, and Dubai. As is to be expected, when you book a tour with two or three different destinations, it means you spend less time to visiting places in Egypt, but in exchange for that sacrifice, you are afforded an opportunity to visiting fascinating historical attractions beyond Egypt, such as the indescribable Rose Red City of Petra in Jordan, or the Cappadocia region in Turkey where you can visit timeless churches that were carved out of the mountains many centuries ago.

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The Magic of a Nile River Cruise

All of our 15 Day Egypt tours, including our multi-destination tours; include a Nile River cruise, either from Luxor to Aswan or from Aswan to Luxor. It is during these cruises that visitors will get to see the many ancient attractions which have helped to make Egypt such a sought-after destination.

The longer your cruise is, the more sites you will visit, but even the shortest cruises will see you visiting the most famous and most popular attractions such as Philae Temple in Aswan, and Valley of the Kings; Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple; Karnak Temple in Luxor. Virtually all Nile cruises also stop at Kom Ombo and at Edfu for some sightseeing, but the length of your cruise will dictate whether you overnight at these two places.

All the cruise ships which feature in our tours are for the most part like 5-Star hotels on water. Dine on fine cuisine; relax and sleep in a luxurious cabin or suite, and enjoy all the many other 5-Star amenities.

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NOTE: Tour prices do not include international airfare or the cost of entry visas for the different countries featured in any of our 15 Day Egypt tours. To find out more about what is and what is not included in out tours, it is best to read through the itineraries of your preferred tours. If you still have any questions or concerns, one of our tour representatives will be more than happy to assist you in any way they can.