Egypt Christmas Holidays: The Best Tours and Nile Cruises 2021

Egypt Christmas holidays, Nile River cruises and amazing tour packages provide you with a wealth of different options for planning your end of the year getaway, depending upon your particular tastes and interests. Christmas in Egypt means endlessly sunny weather, easier access to some of the most popular sites of ancient history, and days and nights of 5-star accommodations. Enjoy next Christmas in the Land of the Egyptians.

All Egypt Christmas Holidays, Tours and Nile Cruises are Small Group Tours.

Note: Our private guided Egypt tour packages are of course also available during Christmas and New Year 2020.

Egypt Christmas Tours 2021

Egypt Christmas Vacation

10 Day Egypt Christmas Vacation, Nile Cruise & Red Sea

Make this Christmas more magical and more memorable than ever with a classic 10-Day Egypt Christmas vacation including a 5-Star Nile River cruise.
Egypt New Year Tour

8 Day Egypt New Year Tour w/ Nile Cruise

Say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new year is absolute style with our classic 8 Day Egypt New Year Tour. Explore Cairo and the River Nile.
Christmas in Egypt

8-Day Egypt Christmas Holiday w/ Nile Cruise

Experience Christmas in Egypt with an affordable and unforgettable Egypt Christmas Holiday Package; enjoy the ancient wonders of Cairo, a Nile River cruise and more.
Egypt Tour in December

8 Day Egypt Tour in December w/ Nile Cruise

Enjoy an epic 8-Day Egypt tour in December, along with a Nile River cruise; an unforgettable adventure to make this festive season more magical than ever.
Egypt Christmas Tours

8 Day Egypt Christmas Tour and Nile Cruise [Small Group Tour]

Spend this festive season exploring the Ancient World with our exclusive 8-Day Egypt Christmas Tour package and explore the best of Cairo and the River Nile.
Egypt and Jordan Holidays

7-Day Egypt and Jordan Holiday over Xmas [Small Group Tour]

Reserve your very own slice of paradise with our budget friendly 7-Day Egypt and Jordan Holiday package. Come explore the highlights of both Egypt and Jordan.
Egypt December Package

7 Day Egypt December Package w/ Nile Cruise

Bring your Festive Season dreams to life with a high quality Egypt December package; the best of Cairo and a Nile River cruise in the lap of luxury.

Egypt Christmas Nile Cruises 2021

Nile Cruise at Christmas

5 Day MS Mayfair Nile Cruise at Christmas

5-day Luxor-Aswan cruise
Prices starting at $1339
Runs: December 23rd &30th
Egypt New Year Holidays

5 Day Egypt New Year Holidays: Royal Lotus Cruise

5-day Luxor-Aswan cruise
Prices starting at $1099
Runs: December 24th & 31st
Movenpick Sun Ray Nile Cruise - New Year 2020

5 Day Movenpick Sun Ray Nile Cruise: New Year 2020

5-day Luxor-Aswan cruise
Prices starting at $1335
Runs: December 31st
Christmas and New Year Nile Cruises

5 Day Christmas and New Year Nile Cruises: Movenpick Cruises

5-day Luxor-Aswan cruise
Prices starting at $1099
Runs: December 24th, 28th & 31st
Christmas and New Year in Egypt

4 Day Christmas and New Year in Egypt Nile Cruises: Movenpick MS Sun Ray Cruise

4-day Aswan-Luxor cruise
Prices starting at $899
Runs: December 23rd & 30th
New Year Nile Cruise

4 Day MS Mayfair or MS Esplanade New Year Nile Cruise

4-day Aswan-Luxor cruise
Prices starting at $999
Runs: December 25th & January 1st
New Year in Egypt 2020

4-Day New Year in Egypt Nile Cruise Aboard MS Salacia

4-day Aswan-Luxor cruise
Prices starting at $825
Runs: December 25th & January 1st
Nile Cruise in December

4 Day Nile Cruise in December

4-day Aswan-Luxor cruise
Prices starting at $825
Runs: December 28th
Christmas in Egypt 2019

Christmas in Egypt: 5 Day Mövenpick Nile Cruises

5-day Luxor-Aswan cruise
Prices starting at $1275
Runs: December 21st & 28th

Egypt Christmas Holidays

These days, more and more people are breaking away from their traditional Christmas routine by going on a vacation instead. If you are considering doing the same thing, keep in mind that Egypt is one of the most highly recommended destinations where you can enjoy not only plenty of sunshine, but also a meaningful and memorable experience.

If the idea of relaxing on a pristine beach during your holiday sounds appealing to you, then there is no better option than Sharm el Sheikh, the popular Red Sea beach resort. Here, you can relax on the glistening white sands and enjoy temperatures that are several degrees warmer than what you would expect back home at Christmas time; all the while soaking up additional hours of sunlight.

For that extra special touch, why not add an incredible Nile River cruise to your holiday itinerary and discover just how magical all inclusive Egypt Christmas holidays can be?

Egypt Christmas Holidays All Inclusive

While there are plenty of opportunities to relax on the beach and catch up on some swimming, or even for taking a all inclusive Christmas Nile cruise, you will find that our carefully structured Egypt Christmas holidays also provide you with ample chances to celebrate Christmas as well in a truly meaningful experience.

Alternatively, if you can’t find the ideal Christmas package holiday, then you can design your personal tour of Egypt for the Christmas season by exploring our flexible Egypt tour package options.

You can be sure that our experienced tour consultants will help you to make this an Egypt Christmas holiday you will never forget.

Spectacular Sightseeing in Cairo and Beyond

As you no doubt already know, there is so much history and culture to explore during your stay in Egypt, Land of the Pharaohs. Depending on which package tour you choose, your visit to Egypt might include visits to many incredibly popular attractions, such as the Valley of the Kings; the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx; the Egyptian Museum; Khan al-Khalili Bazaar; Temple of Karnak, and so many more.

These sites are found in and around cities such as Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria, where you will find a delightful blend of both the old as well as the new.

Egypt Christmas Holidays

There is also plenty of sightseeing opportunities to be had in the Sahara Desert. Again, most of the ancient tombs, temples and monuments are found in or closes the various oases, while out in the open desert natural wonders are plentiful.

After your sightseeing extravaganza, head to the Red Sea coast and enjoy world famous snorkeling and SCUBA diving opportunities, or opt for a luxury Nile cruise instead and explore the ancient treasures of the Nile River Valley.

Click here to discover Egypt’s best vacation spots and attractions

Egypt Christmas Holidays Your Way

For a truly unique and memorable gift to yourself as well as the whole family, consider customizing your all inclusive Christmas holiday in Egypt. There are many “standard” Egypt tour packages available today that will give you a hint of all there is to enjoy in Egypt and the surrounding region, but if you truly want to travel on your own terms, and see this beautiful land the way “YOU” want to see it, then let us help you to create the ultimate Christmas vacation.

At Egypt Tours Plus we recognize that every person is unique and has different interests and tastes. That is why we personally work with each and every guest to help them tailor a tour that will not only meet their expectations, but also exceed their expectations. After all, your vacation and tour through Egypt should not be based on what someone else finds enjoyable or interesting.

Egypt – Diverse and Vibrant

The sights and attractions, as well as the experiences of Egypt are diverse, vibrant and rich. Perhaps you are interested in immersing yourself in the spirituality of the region during this holy time of the year? Or, maybe you are enthralled by the idea of wandering through the markets, soaking up the culture and seeing the ancient wonders of Egypt first-hand?

It could be that you are looking to relax on the beach, do some SCUBA diving or snorkeling, and completely unwind during this Christmas holiday. Whatever it is that interests you, our expert travel advisors will gladly work with you to design a customized tour that will ensure this Christmas is one you will never forget.

Egypt Tour Packages

The options for an Egypt Christmas holidays are truly limitless. You decide where you want to travel, what you want to do, and how long you wish your adventure to last. Immerse yourself in the history and the ancient wonders with a visit to the Great Pyramids of Giza or include a trip to Jordan, Israel, Turkey or Dubai.

Visit the Dead Sea, explore ancient rock carved cities frozen in time, or tour numerous early Christian holy sites, including sites mentioned in both the Old and the New Testaments. Regardless of which sights you choose, the many attractions in Egypt and the surrounding area will be sure to make a last impression.

Explore Egypt and Beyond

Reserve Your Christmas Holiday in Egypt Today

There is truly no better gift this holiday season than memories that will last a lifetime, and that is precisely what you will be able to take home with you when you book Egypt Christmas holidays All Inclusive.

Contact us today and we will immediately begin working with you to plan a tour of Egypt this holiday season that will provide you with memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Customize your tour to suit personal tastes and discover for yourself the enjoyment a tailored, private Egypt tour package can bring.

Egypt Christmas Holidays – Lifetime Memories Guaranteed

  • Does Egypt celebrate Christmas?

    Yes. Although the majority of Egypt's population is Muslim, from 10% to 15% are Coptic Christians. Christmas is a public holiday in the country and Christians celebrate praying, eating and gathering with the family. You can learn more about it and how you can enjoy the Christmas holidays in Egypt here.

  • How does Egypt celebrate Christmas?

    Coptic Christians start the celebrations 43 days prior, having a special vegan diet. On Christmas Eve, they go to church for a special liturgy service. After that, they meet up with family and friends. Next day, they have a big family gathering for eating many delicious dishes and celebrate together.

  • When does Egypt celebrate Christmas?

    Christmas in Egypt is celebrated on January 7th.  It is a moment for praying and then gathering at home with family to eat dishes with meat, poultry, and eggs. Fatta is one of the most popular dishes; it is made with rice, boiled lamb meat or beef, bread, topped with vinegar and garlic dressing.

  • Why does Egypt celebrate Christmas on January 7th?

    Egypt’s Christmas is on the 7th January because the Christians there follow the Orthodox Church, making of them Coptic Christians, as the majority of Christians in West countries. Although both Catholics and Coptic are Christians, they have particularities and differences; the date is just one of them.  Why don’t you enjoy the date for having a Christmas vacation?

  • Did ancient Egypt celebrate Christmas?

    No. Christmas celebration would come after Christianity started in Egypt, which must had been brought by Saint Mark. But only from the time of the bishop Demetrius (189 AD - 222 AD) we would hear more substantial sources for Christianity. Coptic Christians would still suffer a lot of persecution before the religion became a state religion under Constantinople.

  • Is Egypt hot on Christmas time?

    Christmas in Egypt is in January, and this is Winter time, which means it is not hot. Actually, January usually is the coldest month in the country, but it is still bearable, around 18 °C. So, if you are visiting Egypt for your Christmas Holidays, remember of packing comfy and warm clothes.

  • What is Egypt like at Christmas?

    Although a very important holiday, there is not a lot of decoration in the streets and not a big fuss around it, and Christians celebrate the date between themselves. Yet, for the last years it is clear that Christmas has been becoming more commercial and major stores and supermarkets are selling Christmas trees, decoration and food.

  • Is Egypt safe on Christmas time?

    Yes. Egypt is considered safe at any time of the year, and if some area is not, authorities will be the first to inform. Regarding Christmas, it is a moment to celebrate and gather with the family, a moment of love and joy. Religion plays a big role in Egyptian society and there is a big respect towards it from people.