Egypt Visa Requirements

As with every other country in the world, all non-Egyptian citizens entering the country are required to have a valid passport and a visa. If booking one of our private guided Egypt tours we take care of everything. If you are planning to visit the Land of the Pharaohs independently, then it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with Egypt visa requirements.

Egypt Visa Requirements


Egypt Visa Requirements for Tourists

The overwhelming majority of tourists will enter Egypt through one of the county’s international airports, and the citizens of many countries are able to obtain a tourist visa on arrival. These tourist visas allow a visitor to stay in the country for up to three months, and there are no restrictions when used for visiting the popular Red Sea resort areas of Taba and Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Even though the citizens of many countries can get a visa on arrival, it is however recommended that anyone planning a trip to Egypt should determine what the Egypt visa requirements are with regards to their nationality. Keep in mind that citizens of several countries are required to obtain a visa from an Egyptian consulate or embassy prior to arriving in Egypt. If you are from one of these countries and you arrive without a visa, you will not be allowed to enter.

At the time of writing, Egypt visa requirements are as follows:

United States of America: All US citizens can get a visa on arrival.

Canada: Canadian citizens planning to visit Egypt must now apply for a visa at the Egyptian embassy or consulate in Canada before traveling, as on-arrival visas are no longer available. With a pre-arranged visa, Canadians can enjoy their visit to Egypt without any issues.

South America: All South American nationals can obtain a visa on arrival.

Australia and New Zealand: All citizens can get a visa on arrival.

Europe: Citizens of all Western European countries can get a visa on arrival. Visitors from most other European countries must obtain a visa before arrival in the country.

Asia: Citizens of North Korea, South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Maldives, Nepal and Brunei can obtain a visa on arrival. Citizens of other Asian countries need to apply for a visa prior to arrival.

Africa: The citizens of all African countries other than Libya must obtain a visa prior to arrival in Egypt.

Egypt Visa Requirements for Citizens of Arab Countries

Citizens of the following Arab countries are exempt from visa requirements: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Yemen, Geboti, Syria, Oman, Qatar, and Libya.

Citizens of the following Arab countries must obtain a visa for Egypt prior to arrival in the country: Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Somalia, Sudan and Mauritania

Can Tourist Apply for a Visa Online?

Yes, but only the citizens of certain countries are able to apply for an Egypt visa online. In more recent times, Egypt introduced the Egypt e-Visa. This is without question Egypt’s most convenient visa option. To apply for a Egypt visa online, you simply sign up on the official Egypt E-VISA Portal, fill out your application form, and then pay for your visa with a credit card or debit card.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email notification. You then sign into your E-VISA account and then you download and print your e-Visa. When you arrive in Egypt, you just present your printed evisa to an immigration officer when you proceed through passport control.

Documents Required for an eVISA

Most people who are eligible for an Egypt e-Visa will only need to submit a copy of their passport and a recent passport-type photo. However, for certain nationalities, there may be additional requirements in terms of which documents are necessary. For example, some nationalities may have to show proof of onward travel.

The nice thing about applying for your Egypt tourist visa online is the fact that the process is very user friendly. All steps and requirement are laid very clearly.

Documents Required for a Visa on Arrival

Most people who are eligible for an Egypt e-Visa but who have chosen to get visa on arrival instead when they arrive in Egypt, will typically only have to present their passports and the relevant visa fee. Again, the citizens of some countries may be required to show additional documentation. For example, proof of onward travel, hotel reservations, and in some cases, a copy of your tour itinerary may also be required.

Citizens Not Eligible for an eVisa or Visa on Arrival

If you are from a country whose citizens are required to apply for a visa at a consulate or embassy before you travel to Egypt, we believe that your best and easiest option would be to use the services of a reputable visa agent. Naturally, it would be best to work with a visa agent that has experience with obtain Egypt visas for specific to your nationality. For example, if you are from China and you are going to be traveling on a Chinese passport, look for a visa agent that has experience with getting Egypt visas for Chinese citizens.

The amount of documentation required for a visa can vary considerably from one nationality to the next. A good visa agent will know exactly what Egypt’s requirements are regarding visas for people of your nationality. This can make the application process a lot easier and a lot less stressful. A good visa agent will not submit your application until they have all the documentation required. Agents can also collect a visa on behalf the applicant which means that you won’t even need to visit a consulate or embassy in person.

Entry Visas

In addition to “tourist” visas, there are two other types of visa: an “Entry visa” and a “Transit visa”. An entry visa is for travelers who are non-Egyptian citizens, and who are visiting Egypt for a purpose other than tourism. For example, a business professional; a student, or a person studying the ancient ruins would require an entry visa.

Additionally, those staying in the country longer than three months will need to complete a relatively straightforward residence procedure while in Egypt. Those with residency permits are allowed to leave the Egypt and return as often as they wish without any requirement for additional paperwork, providing their residency permits are still valid.

Entry visas can be obtained from the Entry Visa Department at the country’s Travel Documents, Immigration and Nationality Administration. An “entry visa” can also be applied for at any Egyptian diplomatic or consular missions belonging to Egypt in other countries.

Transit Visas

Transit visas are required for those passing through the country, but with no intention of staying. For example, if you are flying to a country other than Egypt but your flight involves landing in Egypt for a connecting flight to your final destination, then you will require a transit visa.

Visa Exempt Travel in Egypt

There is one area in Egypt that is exempt from Egyptian visa requirements, and that is the popular tourist area of which is home to places like Taba and Sharm el Sheikh. In other words, the citizens of most countries can travel to and in the region of Egypt without any need for a visa.

Visitors who enter Egypt at the border airport are exempt from visa requirements and they allowed to spend up to fourteen days on the Aqaba coast. However, if you intend to participate in the snorkeling and scuba diving which is incredibly popular along the coastline in this area, you will be required to get a visa for Egypt.

Be aware that coast guard patrols are frequent and they are allowed to stop any boat in the area to check that all foreign passengers are in possession of a visa. If you don’t intend going out on a boat, whether it be for diving or snorkeling, or whether it be to visit some nearby islands, then the 14 day visa exempt rule applies.

If at some point during your visa exempt period you decide you want to go out on a boat, you you decide that you want to visit other places in Egypt, your best option would be to and speak to an immigration officer at Sharm El Sheikh airport.

If you are from a country whose citizens are eligible for a visa on arrival, then you will most like be able to get your visa for Egypt at the airport. If you are from a country whose citizens are required to obtain visa from an Egyptian consulate or Embassy, you will have no option but to leave Egypt before your Visa Exempt stamp expires. For this reason, we personally believe it is always best to obtain a visa for Egypt so that you are free to explore the entire country should you decide to.

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