Egypt and Kenya Tours

Set your soul free with our unforgettable Egypt and Kenya Tours; packages which have been created by people who are as passionate about travel as you are. Join us on a timeless journey of discovery through Egypt as we visit and explore some of the world’s most treasured ancient monuments, and then board a flight to Nairobi.

Marvel at the unspoiled natural beauty of Kenya’s best national parks; witness the call of the wild from dawn to dusk; marvel at the sight of elephants bathing lakes; listen to the mighty roar of lions, the call of leopards, and so much more. Enjoy VIP treatment, non-stop adventure, and absolute luxury from beginning to end with a vacation you will never forget.

Egypt and Kenya Tour

14 Day Egypt and Kenya Tour with Nile Cruise

Visit the ancient monuments of Egypt; enjoy a luxury Nile cruise, and marvel at the world’s most exotic wildlife with our 14 day Egypt and Kenya Tours.
Best of Egypt and Kenya

10 Day Best of Egypt and Kenya Tour

Secure your place in Paradise with our classic 10 Day Best of Egypt and Kenya Tour; a seamless blend of two magical worlds where time can be forgotten.