Egypt Honeymoon Packages

Egypt honeymoon packages offer newlyweds the ultimate opportunity to celebrate their nuptials in a very special way. Stare into each other’s eyes inside one of Egypt’s many ancient pyramids; embrace each other in Tutankhamen’s tomb, hold hands exploring Roman temples and enjoy romantic moments and candle lit dinners cruising the Nile in the lap of luxury. Egypt honeymoon packages will leave an indelible impression on your heart.

Note: All our Egypt tour packages can be tailor-made for the perfect honeymoon.

Egypt Honeymoon Trip

6-Day Egypt Honeymoon Trip – Cairo & Alexandria Tour

6 days of adventure; 6 days of romance, 2 cities and a Pharaonic Village marriage celebration: Say “I Love You” with a 6 Day Egypt Honeymoon Trip
Egypt Honeymoon Tour

7-Day Egypt Honeymoon Tour – Cairo & Aswan

Enjoy 7 days of romance; explore attractions in Cairo and Aswan; sail on a Felucca, and celebrate with the Nubians: A Nubian flavored Egypt honeymoon tour.
Egypt Honeymoon package

8-Day Egypt Honeymoon Itinerary – Cairo & Nile Cruise

Celebrate your marriage in the company of pharaohs; from ancient pyramids to a modern day 5-Star luxury cruise, an 8 day Egypt honeymoon you won’t forget.
Honeymoon Nile Cruise

12-Day Honeymoon Nile Cruise & Tours

Celebrate your vows and eternal love in Ancient Egypt and follow in the footsteps of pharaohs with a quality 12 Day Egypt Honeymoon Nile cruise vacation.
Honeymoon in Egypt

15-Day Honeymoon in Egypt – Cairo, Sahara Desert, & Nile River

Honeymoon in Egypt; declare your love for each other in an ancient pyramid; hold each other as you sail the Nile, and embrace under the stars in the desert.
Honeymoon package to Egypt

12-Day Luxury Honeymoon in Egypt: Cairo, Nile Cruise, Red Sea Tour

Enjoy 12 days of non-stop romance; explore ancient pyramids; sail the Nile in luxury, and swim in the Red Sea: Welcome to your honeymoon package Egypt.

Design Your Custom Egypt Honeymoon Tour Package

Explore Egypt your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

Good To Know About Egypt Honeymoon Packages

Egypt honeymoon packages are what dreams are made of

Egypt Honeymoon packages are all about days in the sparkling waters of the Red Sea; the mysterious historical sites, and nights beneath twinkling stars. This is available to anyone who decides to celebrate their nuptials in the Land of the Pharaohs.

Can a newlywed couple actually plan their honeymoon to take place among the mummies and ruins of Egypt? Actually, that is a very common choice. Egypt honeymoon packages are among the most romantic available, they can include stays at historic and lovely hotels within the Cairo and Luxor areas, or they can take place at one of the many resorts of the “Red Sea Riviera”, and in either setting the scenic beauty and friendliness of the people will make for a memorable trip.

Historic Egypt Honeymoon Tours

Egypt honeymoon tours that take in visits to the historic sites frequently include a Nile cruise departing from Luxor or Aswan. Generally they take from three to seven days to complete and can be incredibly romantic. Imagine sunsets along the ancient river waters, the pyramids or temples silhouetted against the night sky and dinner under the stars and you can begin to see why Egypt honeymoon vacations are so popular.

Of course, Nile cruise holidays are not the only way to plan a honeymoon in Egypt. There are also many excellent, and luxurious, Egypt tour packages which provide first rate accommodation in some of the historic hotels, and guided tours and lectures to and about the many sites.

Many of the older hotels were opened in the days of early Egyptian exploration, and today they are venues of opulent service and gorgeous surroundings. Many have spas and daily activities, and some also offer dinner cruises up the Nile as part of their service. Such accommodation can add so much to the value of Egypt honeymoon packages as well.

A Seaside Honeymoon in Egypt

Of course the eastern shore of Egypt is becoming very well-known for its remarkable scuba diving and snorkeling, as well the presence of many world-class beach resorts.

This area of the country is a great place for Egypt honeymoon packages because they can provide “all inclusive” holiday options that allow a newlywed couple complete freedom from meal-planning, traveling or arranging for any kind of activities if that is desired. For example, there are hotels and resorts that are home to several restaurants, offer exclusive access to private beaches, and make a wide range of rooms, suites and even villas or bungalows available.

This means a honeymooning couple can spend time exploring the area, swimming in the pool or sea waters and dining in a gourmet restaurant, or they can opt to simply relax in comfortable and peaceful surroundings that are supported by a host of excellent services and amenities.

Egypt honeymoon packages are the ultimate choice for anyone looking for the ultimate honeymoon in Egypt.

Egypt Honeymoon Cruise Packages

Egypt Honeymoon Cruise Packages

Egypt honeymoon cruises are the best escape from the maddeningly hectic weeks leading up to your wedding and the wedding day itself. Now the only thing you want to do is to get away from it all and spend a few romantic and relaxing days together before getting back to the tedium of your daily routine.

There’s no better way to do this than to take a honeymoon trip down the Nile. A place where the grandeur of the ancient Egyptian monuments blends seamlessly with the magnificence of the magical waters of the endless Nile.

Cruise Along With Each Other

Visiting Egypt and cruising over the Nile is an experience in itself, but being able to enjoy the experience with your partner on your Egypt honeymoon with a full moon rising over the shimmering waters of the Nile will be an unforgettable experience.

Nile cruise holidays are the most popular Egypt honeymoon packages, enjoyed by countless newlyweds each year. These vacations begin in Cairo and end at Luxor. If you wish to extend your honeymoon by a few more days, you could opt for the 12-day package that extends your trip to the Red Sea. The first day and night of the 8-day trip is spent in Cairo.

Ancient Emperors

A visit to the capital of the Old Kingdom, Memphis will leave you transfixed. The major attraction in this ancient city is the open air museum, which houses some fascinating artefacts. One of these is the impressive limestone statue of Ramses II and another is the giant, single-piece, carved alabaster sphinx, which is said to weigh over 80 tons.

Egypt honeymoon packages typically also include a visit to Saqqara and behold the step pyramid. The Giza Pyramids of Cheops, Mykerinus and Chepren are situated on the Giza plateau and your tour will cover them all.

No trip to Egypt can be considered complete without a visit to the Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. From there you move to Aswan via air. This is where your real cruise begins.

Luxury Galore

In Aswan you will sail around the Aga Khan Mausoleum and Kitchener’s Island and enjoy a leisurely afternoon aboard your cruise boat and enjoy the Nubian entertainment show.

Spend a romantic night in your luxurious suite and start the next day afresh. A delicious breakfast as the Nile flows gently by and you visit the Famous Aswan Dam, the Philae temple and the Unfinished Obelisk.

From there your Egypt Honeymoon package will head for the Kom Ombo temple in Kom Ombo and also to Edfu. A costume party will keep you in high spirits and a delectable Egyptian buffet dinner will be the highlights of your evening on the boat.

It Keeps Getting Better

The next day you will visit Edfu and the Temple of Horus and you set sail for Esna. A lunch buffet, a relaxed afternoon and an afternoon tea on the deck or in your suite greets you before you head for Luxor.

The evening is resplendent with dancing, music and delicious food. That night you anchor at Luxor.

The next morning you visit the west bank area and take in the sights of the Valley of the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings.

A buffet lunch aboard the boat and the rest of the day is yours to explore.The following day will see you at the Karnak temples and the Luxor Temple. Your fascinating Egypt honeymoon package vacation will be over before you know it.

As you board your plane to leave this fascinating country, you already know in your heart that it’s only temporary and you will be back again someday. Egypt honeymoon packages will leave an indelible impression on your heart.

Last Updated on April 29, 2024