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Morocco tours come in all shapes. You can even build your tour from the ground up based on your exact dreams, wishes and wants! At, you can enjoy customized Morocco trips.

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Say the name “Morocco” and most travelers will have a unique vision of this exotic and unique country. For some it is about sandy beaches, for others it is the sand of the desert. Still more envision the souqs and markets full of strange and unusual goods, spices, and aromatic foods.

That is why booking yourself on a tour that is already laid out and waiting to take you to typical destinations, and all on a very fixed schedule, may leave you disappointed with your stay. It is precisely why private Morocco tours tend to be a much wiser decision, allowing you to create your own adventure, choose your own experiences, and all in the company of a knowledgeable expert.

The Many Options in Custom Morocco Tours

Morocco Tours

Travelers interested in tours of Morocco may already realize the amazing array of journeys possible in this country. Though looking at it on a map shows it to be a relatively small country when compared to its neighbors, it contains a diversity of landscapes and terrain, history, cities and people. Your Morocco tours can touch on all of these things!

For example, you may decide that your love of monumental architecture and Moroccan history makes a visit to the four Imperial Cities a perfect choice. Paying a visit to Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Marrakech is a wonderful way to take in the landmarks associated with the various dynasties that once ruled the land.

Whether you head to the Marinid, Alaouite or Idrisid sites of Fez, the Almohad or Saadian sites of Marrakech or the modern governmental buildings of Rabat, you can build an itinerary that guarantees you enjoy visits to some of the most impressive spots. Keep in mind that many of the Imperial buildings are also remarkable examples of Moroccan, Moorish and other architectural styles. They feature the zellige tiles, mosaics, carved doors, arches and other elements that have enchanted many.

What this means is that you should consider planning your private Morocco tours based on your ideal “themes”. For instance, architecture, history, food, shopping, art and museums, nature…these are all great topics or subjects to build a tour around. For instance, have you considered paying a visit to Morocco for a city break?

Enjoy a Morocco City Break and More!

Naturally, a tour of the Imperial sites can lead to individual tours of the cities as well. In fact, you could say that we are an ideal resource for those who are considering exploring Morocco one city at a time. We create customized Morocco city break tours that allow you to dedicate your time to one city, and its immediate environs. Whether you build day tours based on your favorite themes – shopping and dining, history or so on…you will enjoy amazing experiences.

Using such options, you can become truly familiar with the authentic culture and scenery of each city, including some of the lesser-known destinations. You can opt for Agadir tours, Merzouga tours, and Essaouria tours as well. Our Morocco tours can also integrate day tours customized to your needs. As an example, you may decide to visit Mohammedia while in Casablanca or the Palmeria while in Marrakech, and we can help you enjoy such sites.

Visiting the Larger Cities

We offer Marrakech tours that cover any destinations, including the Djemma el Fna, the famous Medina, the many palaces and mosques, including Koutoubia Mosque, Bahia Palace and the stunning Medersa Ben Youssef. Never worry about navigating your way through the city when you have a skilled driver and guide to show you the way.

Our Marrakech tours are also ideal for those who hope to do some trekking in Morocco as we can create custom Atlas Mountains day trips or even take you through them and on to Morocco desert tours.

We can guide you to Erg Chebbi and Merzouga. It is from here that many visitors head into the Sahara Desert and the massive, orange dunes that reach farther than the eye can see.

Marrakech desert tours can also be less extensive, and you may enjoy time in the Atlas Mountains, a short stay in the desert and a return trip through Taroudant, Agadir and back to Marrakech. It is entirely up to you, but those options are easily enjoyed during custom Morocco tours.

Casablanca tours are also a rich and exciting experience. As home to the largest airport in the country, as well as being the biggest city, it is a wealth of wonderful sights and experiences within the city and in the surrounding areas.

Visit the Hassan II Mosque, capable of holding roughly 100,000 worshipers and open to non-Muslims for guided visits. Enjoy its amazingly decorated surfaces and stunning décor. Stroll along the Corniche where modern Morocco is so easily encountered in the clubs and restaurants – including Rick’s Café (just like in the famous film!).

Fez tours include a dizzying array of options as well. While many arrive with the goal of heading to the tanners and making a fantastic photograph of this colorful and otherworldly scene, you can also enjoy a long list of attractions to include in your custom Morocco tours.

The Fes el Bali is the Old City and many say that it is impossible to avoid becoming lost in the winding alleys and gorgeous little squares. In fact, most people want to get lost just to put their cameras to good use capturing the enchanting and exotic scenes. Your guide can ensure you get lost, if you want, and then get you right back on the path to such timeless spots as the Ess-Seffarine Square where you can sit and enjoy the sight of coppersmiths banging out their goods, the lovely Medersa Seffarine, and the Kairaouine Library, one of the oldest in the world.

Pay a visit to the Moulay Idriss tomb, take a look at the show stopping Medersa Bou Inania, visit the kasbah and be sure to ask your guide to take you past the Al-Andalus Mosque with its unique green and white minaret, built around the 1300s.

Beyond the Cities

Along with the largest urban areas, don’t miss a chance to book Morocco tours that look at the smaller cities. Some of them are so utterly charming that you may want to spend far more time visiting them in the future. Agadir, as an example, was destroyed in an earthquake in the 1960s, and a new and very modern city now stands roughly two miles away from the original location. Some of its kasbah remains, but other than that, it is a uniquely contemporary spot well deserving of private Morocco tours services.

The same can be said of picturesque Essaouira. Affectionately called “Essa” by locals, its old city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city was constructed during the 1700s, and the walls are still so strong that you can scale them and walk the ramparts. There is an older fortification near town that gazes out to sea and yet you will want to visit it for more than its scenery.

As a seaside city that is in the very center or crossroads of several cultures, it has one of the more exotic and yet laid back atmospheres. Travel here on custom Morocco tours and you will meet Berber people, Chiadma people, Gnawa people and an eclectic collection of Europeans. It is a hotspot for authentic woodcarving and it is an unforgettable experience.

Don’t overlook cities like Chefcaouen, famous for its painted blue houses and laid back culture, Meknes for its impressive beauty, and of course, the capital of Rabat! Tangier is not to be missed either, and is often the very reason that someone books custom Morocco tours!

Far Beyond the Cities

Naturally, your Morocco tours don’t have to take in much of the different cities at all. Though these are each hubs of unique culture, history and unforgettable experiences, the natural beauty of Morocco is worthy of extensive touring too. One way that this is done is through trekking in Morocco. You can opt to do some treks in the Atlas Mountains or you can do your trekking in the desert.

Erb Chebbi tours are available, and can actually begin at several points along the 30+ kilometer stretch running roughly along the Algerian border. These gloriously golden sand dunes can stand more than 100 meters high, and are the very ideal of what many think of when they hear the word Sahara.

Naturally, tours in Morocco mean more than just going from point A to point B, and the journey can be as stunning as the destination. Morocco tours that include Erg Chebbi or Merzouga tours mean that you have to reach those destinations first, and that can be a remarkable experience.

Most will leave from Marrakech and last several days and nights. Leading out of the city, your Morocco desert tours and the Atlas Mountains can take you back the many kasbahs on the road to Ouarzazate. This must feature a stop at Ait Ben Haddou – which most people recognize from the 12+ films in which it has appeared.

Most travelers are simply stunned by the scenery, saying it was unexpected. Stepped tarraces running down the mountainsides with charming villages above, authentic Berber cottages tucked into the green fields, and endless panoramas to behold are just part of the adventure. The village of Imlil can be part of the journey, and a trek into the Toubkal National Park is an option from here as well!

After arriving in Ouarzazate, you will be out of the mountains and heading into the valley below. You can request a guided tour into Todra Gorge, which is a hotspot with trekkers and climbers, but is a simply impressive sight to behold from the river bed below. You may visit the town of Arfoud, a very modern and tourism friendly town thanks to the popularity of Erg Chebbi, or you can elect to go out to the dunes and stay in Merzouga. Dine with nomadic peoples, explore the dunes on camel or ATV, and rise before the sun to see the majesty of the desert in the changing light.

You can return to Marrakech following the reverse route or use the modern highway from Taroudant. A trip to Agadir is easily added to your itinerary from this route as well.

Morocco tours in the Erg Chebbi and Merzouga area also include tours that go from Marrakech to Fez as well. You will be able to experience the High and Middle Atlas Mountains, the Roses Valley and the Ziz Valley too. You can spend time in the Cedar forests near Azrou as well, and this is where you may be fortunate enough to spot some of the endangered Barbary Apes in addition to scores of birds and animals.

Spend some time in the mountain village of Ifrane, and pay a visit to Ait Seghrouchen kasbah before arriving back in the area around Fez.

Outside of trekking in Morocco, you can also create Morocco tours strictly around the beaches and pure relaxation. Head to Mohammedia near Casablanca to enjoy the beach, pay a visit to Safi, Tangier, Agadir, and Asilah.

Getting Started on Your Morocco Tours

As we have seen, Morocco tours can be about Morocco sightseeing, shopping, dining, or just relaxing. You can choose tours that take you strictly to coastal towns and resort areas, or you can blend active and laid back tours in Morocco. The best of Morocco tours are yours to choose from, customize, and enjoy.

When you are ready to enjoy a visit to all of the top Morocco tourist attractions and sites, visit for a superior experience of Morocco. With private guides and drivers, you can create any Morocco tour package imaginable.

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