Egypt Shore Excursions

At Egypt Tours Plus, we have an excellent range of Egypt shore excursions, your gateway to the wonders of ancient Egypt tailored to fit your cruise schedule. Dive into history as you explore iconic sites like the Pyramids of Giza, the bustling markets of Cairo, or the majestic temples of Luxor. Our expert local guides ensure a seamless and enriching experience, blending adventure with insightful commentary. Each excursion is designed for maximum enjoyment and convenience, allowing you to immerse yourself in Egypt’s rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes.

Make your cruise unforgettable with our Egypt Shore Excursions, connecting you with the timeless allure of Egypt’s ancient marvels.


Luxor Day Tour from Safaga Port

12-Hour Luxor Day Tour from Safaga Port

Get up close to the breathtaking monuments of Thebes, Egypt’s ancient New Kingdom capital, with a classic 12-hour Luxor day tour from Safaga Port.
Ras Mohammed Snorkeling Day Trip from Sharm Marina

Ras Mohammed Snorkeling Day Trip from Sharm Marina

Experience the breathtaking beauty of some of the Red Sea’s most spectacular dive sites with our Ras Mohammed snorkeling day trip from Sharm Marina.
day tour to Cairo and Pyramids from Port Said Port

Day Tour to Cairo and Pyramids from Port Said Port

Add another layer of excitement to your cruise vacation with our professionally designed 12-hour Day Tour to Cairo and Pyramids from Port Said Port.
Day Tour to Cairo from Alexandria Port

Classic Day Tour to Cairo from Alexandria Port

Take your brief stopover in Alexandria to a whole new level with our classic day tour to Cairo from Alexandria Port, a true sightseeing extravaganza.
Cairo and Pyramids tour from Sokhna Port

Classic Cairo and Pyramids Tour from Sokhna Port

Embark on a classic professionally guided 12-hour journey through antiquity with our meticulously designed Cairo and Pyramids tour from Sokhna Port.
Alexandria City Tour from Alexandria Port

6 Hour Alexandria City Tour from Alexandria Port

Our 6 hour Alexandria city tour from Alexandria Port has been professionally designed in order to ensure that you can experience the best of Alexandria.
overnight trip to Cairo from Port Said Port

Overnight Trip to Cairo from Port Said Port

Join us on an incredible journey through time with our overnight trip to Cairo from Port Said Port; a spectacular experience you will never forget.
Overnight Trip to Cairo from Alexandria Port

Overnight Trip to Cairo from Alexandria Port

Enjoy a classic overnight trip to Cairo from Alexandria Port; a great way to make your brief stop in Alexandria, Egypt more exciting than ever.
Two Day Trip to Luxor from Safaga Port

Two Day Trip to Luxor from Safaga Port

Leave your cruise ship and join us on an epic two day trip to Luxor from Safaga Port, and visit some of the best ancient Egyptian monuments in Egypt.
St. Catherine Day Trip from Sharm Marina

10 Hour St. Catherine Day Trip from Sharm Marina

Take your short stop in Sharm El Sheikh to a whole new level with a private professionally guided 10 hour St. Catherine day trip from Sharm Marina.

Customizable and Tailor Made Excursions

At Egypt Tours Plus, our range of Egypt shore excursions are all customizable. We also appreciate the fact that different cruise ship passengers have different needs and requirements. To address this, we also offer custom shore excursions to any attraction.

With a custom shore excursion, you tell us what all you want to see and do during your excursion, and we will make it happen so that you can enjoy a truly amazing experience. Simply contact us and let us know your specific requirements.

Egypt Shore Excursions

Egypt Shore Excursions - Alexandria seen from the harbor

Whether you want to join a group tour, or whether you want to enjoy a private tour that includes your own professional guide, a driver, and a deluxe air conditioned vehicle, we can help to make your brief stay in Egypt an exceptional experience which you will remember and cherish forever.

At Egypt Tours Plus, we offer Egypt shore excursions from all of the Egyptian ports where cruise ships dock. These are:

  • Alexandria Port
  • Safaga Port
  • Sokhna Port
  • Port Said Port
  • Sharm Marina

Alexandria Port

Alexandria Port, located on Egypt’s northern coast, is one of the largest Egyptian ports. In fact, roughly 60% of the country’s imports and exports pass the this port. The port also has a huge cruise terminal, complete with an entertainment zone, shops, restaurants and more.

The port can accommodate 4 cruise ships at any given time. This has helped it to become a very popular choice among cruise companies whose vessels are scheduled to dock in Egypt. Most cruise liners tend to arrive in the port early in the morning, and then depart again in the evening, although some cruises also include an overnight stay.

Safaga Port

Safaga Port is located roughly half a mile to the south of Safaga town which is a small resort town on the Red Sea coast, not far from Hurghada. The port is quite small, and cruise ships often have to dock at a commercial port further to the south.

The tourism industry is still very small, so most Egypt shore excursions will include a visit to either Cairo or Luxor. These excursions can be in the form of day trips or overnight trips. Luxor excursions tend to be the most popular since Luxor is only a three hour drive away from Safaga.

Ain Sokhna Port

Sokhna Port is located on the coast of the Gulf of Suez near the modern day city of Suez. Its location has resulted in it becoming a major gateway port for Egypt. Sokhna Port is primarilly a cargo handling port, but numerous cruise liners do dock here as well.

One of the main benefits for people who have booked a cruise scheduled to stop at Sokhna Port is the fact that Cairo is located only 140 km to the west of Sokhna Port. This is perfect for people who want to visit the iconic pyramids of Giza during their brief stopover in Egypt.

Port Said Port

Port Said functions primarily as a harbor for Egyptian exports, but it also has three berths and three auxiliary berths for cruise liners. It is also a major fueling station for ships passing through the Suez Canal.

While Port Said is a relatively popular tourist destination during the summer months, it lacks the sort of historical sites that one can find in and around Cairo which is only a two and a half hour drive away. For this reason, nearly all Port Said shore excursions focus almost entirely on Cairo attractions such as the legendary Pyramids of Giza and the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

Sharm Marina

Sharm Marina, also known as the Port of Sharm El Sheikh, is a very small port located close to the immensely popular coastal resort of Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm Marina was redeveloped to accommodate private yachts and sailboats. A cruise terminal was also added for arriving cruise ships. Despite this redevelopment the port is only able to accommodate a very limited number of ships.

Due to the distance separating Sharm from Cairo and Luxor the choice of Egypt shore excursions from Sharm Marina is somewhat limited. The most popular and most common excursions will include a visit to St Catherine’s Monastery or to the beautiful Ras Mohammed National Park.

Why Book Egypt Shore Excursions

Booking Egypt shore excursions can add another layer of excitement to your cruise vacation. Rather than remaining on board your cruise ship you can take full advantage of your brief stay in the country by visiting some of Egypt’s ancient wonders.

Attractions such as the Giza Pyramids, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Hatshepsut Temple and the breathtaking Abu Simbel temples are all within reach with properly designed and planned excusions from most Egyptian ports.

Many cruises also offer onshore excursions at the various places where they dock. However these typically involve large groups of passengers and they are also usually pricey. By booking private Egypt shore excursions, you can enjoy a far more personalized experience, shared only with your family or friends.

Most reputable tour operators will also offer group tours for those people who prefer traveling as part of a group. Group tours typically cost less than private tours so this may be something you want to take into consideration when looking for a suitable shore excursion. Whether you choose a group tour or whether you choose a private tour, professionally planned Egypt shore excursions can be totally unforgettable experiences that will make your cruise more memorable than ever.

Top Rated Attractions to Look Out for

Egypt is famous for its legendary history, and it is perfectly understandable that most people who visit the country want to see as many ancient monuments as they possibly can. Unfortunately if you are only going to be in the country for 1 or 2 days, it simply is impossible to visit numerous captivating wonders.

Most Egypt shore excursions are essentially day tours and/or overnight trips to Cairo or Luxor. When you only have such a limited amount of time at your disposal, you need to make the most of your time by finding an excursion that features two or three attractions which you have been longing to see. Below are a few tourist sites which we recommend:


  • The Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx – These are Egypt’s most iconic landmarks and it is fair to say that nearly every visitor to Egypt wants to visit these colossal structures. Fortunately, you will find that this site features in the vast majority of our popular shore excursions to Cairo. You will even have the opportunity to enjoy an optional camel ride at the site.
  • The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities – Also known as the Egyptian Museum, this is another one of Cairo’s most popular tourist attractions. With more than 120,000 artifacts on display, one can learn a tremendous amount about Egypt’s rich history in the space of 2 to 3 hours.
  • Khan el Khalili Bazaar – Some shore excursions to Cairo  will also include a visit to the centuries old Khan el Khalili Bazaar if time permits. If you are able to visit this vast marketplace then we certainly recommend that you do.


  • Karnak Temple – This is the biggest and one of the most impressive ancient temple complexes ever discovered in Egypt.
  • Luxor Temple – Often described as being one of the most majestic temples in Egypt, this is definitely a site which you should be on the lookout for when shopping for a shore excursion.
  • Hatshepsut Temple – Located on the west bank of the Nile River, this breathtaking terraced temple was constructed for Queen Hatshepsut, the only true Egyptian female to rule over Egypt.
  • Valley of the Kings – An ancient royal burial ground where a total of 62 tombs have been discovered and excavated, including the tomb of King Tutankhamun.
  • Colossi of Memnon – these are giant statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III once stood at the entrance of his mortuary temple which no longer exists.

The Egypt shore excursions to Luxor which are available on our website typically include a visit to all of the above mentioned sites. They also include admission to three of the tombs in the Valley of Kings.


  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Also known as the New Alexandria Library, this ultra modern complex was built to replace the world famous old Alexandria library which was largely destroyed by a fire.
  • Qaitbay Citadel – Built on the same location where Alexandria’s ancient lighthouse once stood, the citadel was built to serve as a protective fortress against Invaders. This imposing citadel is now one of the top tourist attractions in Alexandria.
  • Pompey’s Pillar – This giant stone column was once a part of a large Roman Temple complex but today only the column remains. It is Alexandra’s only ancient monument that is still standing on its original location.
  • Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa – this multi-level subterranean burial ground remained hidden for centuries until a donkey accidentally fell into the central entry shaft.

Sharm el Sheikh

  • St. Catherine’s Monastery – Located roughly 220 km from Sharm Marina, this Greek Orthodox monastery is the world’s  oldest surviving Christian monastery and definitely worth a visit.
  • Ras Mohammed National Park – If you are a snorkeling or scuba diving enthusiast, or simply a nature lover, then this is certainly one place you should consider visiting during your brief stay at Sharm Marina.

Why Book Your Shore Excursions Through Us?

When you book a shore excursion through us, you are booking your excursion through an Egypt tour operator that has been specializing in Egypt tours and excursions for the past 70 years. With so much experience and expertise behind us, our clients can look forward to excellent customer service from beginning to end. While we offer competitive prices, we never compromise on quality.

How it Works

Booking one of our Egypt shore excursions is incredibly easy. Simply browse our selection of popular shore excursions, then complete and submit the form for your preferred tour so that we can finalize your reservation. If you don’t see any excursions that you like all you need to do is contact us and one of our travel specialists will work with you to create the perfect custom shore excursion.


Shore excursions from various Egypt ports are a great opportunity for cruise ship passengers to visit some of Egypt’s famous landmarks in the limited time they have. So, if you have booked or you intend booking a cruise that will be docking in Egypt, a well-planned day trip or overnight trip really can be a fantastic experience that will make your short stay in Egypt so much more rewarding.

To add an additional layer of excitement to your upcoming cruise vacation, visit us now to find the perfect excursion or to book a custom Egypt shore excursion today.

Last Updated on May 22, 2024