How Do I Travel To Dahab?

It is part of the Red Sea Riviera so travel to Dahab is astonishingly convenient given its secluded feel. If you’re planning to include Dahab in your Egypt vacation package but rather travel independently, we will show you how to get there in style.

Travel to Dahab

Dahab, Egypt

Are you wondering how to travel to and from Dahab? Dahab is a town in Egypt just north of Sharm el-Sheikh and near the southern tip of Sinai. That means that like those other communities, Dahab is a tourist-friendly vacation resort.

Dahab was once fairly isolated but only recently has been made into a commercial resort attraction among other things because of its great marine life.

The North and South Side of Dahab

There are two sides to Dahab. The north is the former Bedouin village of Assalah on a fairly small beach. This side is more of the original Dahab, a laid back coastal region, cheap, and full of backpackers. The south side is more of the modern Dahab, which holds all of the hotels, banks and other pricey amenities one would expect from a resort town.

Getting to Dahab

How can you travel to Dahab? The best way to get to Dahab is by way of the Taba International Airport, or one of the other nearby airports in the vicinity.

There is no Dahab Airport, as this is a fairly small coastal community. Thus, Americans would travel to Europe, stop off at Frankfurt Germany, the most common airport for Middle East and African transfers, and then land in the vicinity.


However, locals may not want to take a plane just to get to a nearby area they could just as soon drive. Therefore, buses connect Dahab with cities like Sharm el-Sheikh, and Cairo, and even Suez on a daily basis.

Furthermore, from Dahab you can also connect to Eilat, the resort town oddity, and the Israeli border at Taba. These cities are only a two-hour drive away, whether you go by taxi or bus. Folks are fairly easy going here so you can either book bus tickets with a hotel or hostel stay or just turn up at the last minute and beg for a hand-out. (With all your money in hand, of course)


Tourists say that if you must take a taxi, then do just that and avoid “jeep transportation” since these are usually overzealous locales that are planning to overcharge you to the max.

You can’t even trust some bus drivers in these parts, since they will often demand more money to take you to the border from the station. Whenever things get too silly, just start walking – it’ll be a good exercise and at a comfortable pace.


Last but not least, you can rent bicycles as this is a great area to trek along and enjoy yourself. Travel to Dahab and enjoy both the “softer side” and the beachside the kids first fell in love with.

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