8 Best Egypt Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

Egypt Travel Tips - The Great Sphinx, Giza Plateau

The Great Sphinx, Giza Plateau in Cairo

8 Essential Egypt Travel Trips

Would you like to travel to Egypt this year? Are you interested in visiting the Giza pyramids, the Valley of Kings, and all of the other fantastic locations that this country can offer? It is one of the most popular places to visit in the world because of the history and mythology that have come out of the country, along with the fascinating cultures of the Egyptian and the Nubian people.

However, before you pack your bags, you will want to keep the following Egypt travel tips in mind. Rest assured, these few tips will help to make traveling through Egypt a bit easier and also more enjoyable.

1. Get Your Travel Arrangements in Order

Regardless of whether you are only going to be travelling to Egypt, or whether you will be travelling to other countries as well, one of the best tips anyone can give you would be that you get all your travel documentation prepared well in advance. To begin with, you will need a valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.

Next, you need to familiarize yourself with the visa requirements in Egypt and any of the other countries you intend travelling to. For the citizens of numerous countries, obtaining a tourist visa for Egypt is very easy and straightforward.  Many people can apply online for their Egypt visa online before they travel or they can simply get a visa on arrival at the airport in Cairo.

For some nationalities, obtaining an Egyptian tourist visa is somewhat more complicated. For example, people from certain countries may have to apply for a visa at an Egyptian embassy or consular office prior to travelling to Egypt. They may also be required to submit a number of documents such as proof of onward travel, travel insurance, hotel reservations and a copy of their planned tour itinerary.

There are a lot of resources out there where you can find all the information you need regard visa requirements in relation you nationality. As has been mentioned already, getting your documentation prepared well in advance of your trip is one of the best tips anyone can give about visiting Egypt.

2. Book Egypt Tours With Guides that Speak your Language

Here is another one of the top Egypt travel tips to keep in mind. While you might not need to book Egypt tour packages with guides, you will find that it can be one of the best moves that you make. When you work with reputable local guides in the areas you will be visiting, you can be sure you get to see everything you want to see, and you will be doing so safely and legally.

Having a professional guide with you when you visit ancient Egyptian monuments in places like Cairo and Luxor will make your trip to Egypt so much more rewarding. Of course, it is important that you use professional travel guides supplied or recommended by a reputable travel agent. Professional travel guides will be able to explain all about the fascinating history behind the different ancient sites you visit.

Besides making your trip more rewarding and more interesting, professional guides also make the logistics of your trip so much easier. At Egypt Tours Plus, all of our Egypt tour packages include the services of experienced English-speaking Egyptologist guides. We also have guides who are fluent in other languages as well because we really believe that professional travel guides can make a world of difference when visiting a country like Egypt; a country that has such a long and fascinating history.

In short, if you want your trip to Egypt to be the ultimate Egyptian adventure, be sure that you book a tour that includes the services of professional guides. This is especially important if you book a tour that includes visiting ancient sites such as the Giza Pyramids in Cairo, the Valley of Kings in Luxor and etc.

3. Consider Getting Travel Insurance

Whenever you are traveling, whether it is to Egypt or elsewhere, you should consider the benefits of getting adequate travel insurance. Because Egypt is seen as being such a safe travel destination, many travelers feel that travel insurance isn’t really important or even necessary. The fact is that having adequate cover can provide you with additional peace of mind.

Some travelers also feel that travel insurance is unnecessary because they already have health insurance that covers them when traveling. While this might be the case, such insurance policies rarely provide cover for other things that could go wrong during your trip. For example, your chosen airline company could lose your luggage. Flights could be delayed or even cancelled altogether which could result in you having to extend your hotel stay.

Having adequate travel insurance may not be able to eliminate the inconvenience caused by things like flight delays or flight cancelations, but it can certainly save you from a lot of unnecessary stress should something go wrong during your trip to Egypt.

4. Ask for Prices and Be Willing to Haggle When Shopping

When you are out and shopping, whether you are in Cairo, Luxor, or elsewhere in Egypt, there will be plenty things you may want to buy. It is important to remember that haggling is a part of the Egyptian way of life. No matter where about in Egypt you are, and no matter what it is that you want to buy, always ask about prices and then haggle for a better price.

The person you are dealing with won’t really expect you to pay the first price they give you. Instead, you are expected to haggle for a better price and one which you are both happy with. Some visitors feel uncomfortable or even intimidated by this when they travel to Egypt for the first time. However, there really is no need for you to feel this way. To the contrary, haggling can be a whole lot of fun, and especially if you know a few common Egyptian phrases.

Unfortunately, many tourists pay far more than they need to for goods. Not all vendors are out to rob tourists, but many will gladly take as much as you are willing to pay. This is another reason to have a guide with you. When you have a guide with you, vendors are less likely to try and rob you, and if they do try, your guide will alert you and advise you accordingly. This is just another one of the benefits of having a guide with you.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothing and Shoes

When you travel to Egypt, you are likely going to be doing a fair amount of walking around in museums, during tours, and through the streets. For this reason, you want to make sure that you have some comfortable shoes packed for your trip. The same is true of the clothing that you pack for your trip. Egypt is a warm and sunny country, so you should try to dress for the weather as much as possible.

However, keep in mind the sensitive culture and the dress codes when you are packing your outfits. These Egypt travel tips will help to ensure that you are more comfortable during your stay. The dress codes for females in the country will be different from those that men are supposed to follow. Women should make sure that their knees and shoulders are covered when visiting mosques. Female travelers should also pack in a scarf to cover to cover their heads when visiting any religious sites in the country.

Both men and women should remove their shoes before entering a mosque. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to be more aware of the cultural norms. Males should wear long pants or jeans in the evenings, or when they are invited to events, or when they are invited into someone’s home. 

6. Keep Hydrated

It gets hot in Egypt, so it is essential to make sure that you are always well-hydrated and that you have plenty of water to carry along with you when you travel around in the country. However, you do not want to drink the water from the faucets or fountains. Instead, you should buy bottled water. Bottled water plentiful and affordable, and it will ensure that you do not get sick during your trip from drinking untreated water. If you happen to book one of our tour packages, you will be provided with free bottled water during your various tours and excursions.

7. Try the Local Food

There are many fantastic types of cuisine that you can find in Egypt, and you should be willing to let your taste buds explore just like you explore the pyramids and ruins. However, when you want to eat, it is always a good idea to eat where there are lots of locals are eating. This is true regardless of whether you want to try foods being offered at food stalls or whether you want to eat at a restaurant.

If you do not see many locals, then it probably won’t be worth your time, or it will be very expensive. After all, there has to be a reason why you don’t see lots of locals eating at a particular restuarant or buying food from a particular vender. However, if you see the locals lining up, these eateries will be your best option for great food and good prices. Keeping this tip in mind will help to ensure that you are eat well during your trip to Egypt.

8. Do Your Research about Travel to Egypt

There is a lot to learn abouttravel to Egypt and all of the places that you want to visit. Take your time to learn more about each of the locations you want to travel to while you are in Egypt so that you have an idea of how to get around and what to expect. The more research you do, the more fun and the more rewarding your trip will be.

These are just some of the important Egypt travel tips that you will want to keep in mind. Always take the time to research the places you intend visiting and be sure your phones are fully charged. Of course, it will also help if you know how to speak at least a little of the language. When you prepare properly for your trip, you can be sure to experience the Egypt vacation of your dreams.

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