Dubai Miracle Garden – Welcome to the Largest Flower Garden in the World

Dubai Miracle Garden is the sort of place which is well and truly beyond words. Given that it is called Miracle Garden, and the fact that it is located in Dubai, one would almost expect to see a really amazing garden. However, the word amazing does not even begin to describe this horticultural marvel. It does not matter how many botanical gardens you have visited in the past, the Miracle Garden in Dubai is going to leave you speechless. Visit this site and so many more with one of our flawless Dubai and Egypt vacation packages.

Flower swans in Dubai Miracle Garden

Flower swans in Dubai Miracle Garden.

The Garden is located in the Dubailand district of Dubai. It officially opened after completion of the first phase in 2013 on Valentine’s Day. Originally covering an area of 72,000 square meters, Dubai Miracle Garden has grown to be the biggest natural flower garden in the world, and home to more than 100 million flowers. The site also has various amenities, including a double story car park, ablution blocks, cafes and restaurants, and even a spectacular butterfly park.

NOTE: If you intend booking one of our Dubai and Egypt vacation packages and you would like to visit Dubai Miracle Garden, it should be noted that the garden is only open from October to April every year.

Dubai Miracle Garden – A Brief Overview

Dubai Miracle Garden was commissioned as a result of an agreement between Dubai Properties Group and Dubailand. The project was then carried out and completed by Akar Landscaping and Agriculture Company at a cost of around $11 million (AED 40 million).

Dubai Miracle Garden was completed in two phases, although the garden actually opened after completion of the first phase in 2013. The first phase took just two months to complete with the help of around 400 workers. Phase two of the project began four months later in June, and was completed in October of the same year.

During phase two, the area which was completed in phase one was extended, resulting in a 70% increase in size. Among other things, phase two also included the building of an 850,000 sq. ft. multi-story car park, a mosque, and some retail stores. The creation of a beautiful floral clock and an amazing butterfly garden also occurred during the second phase of the project. Phase two also saw the total area of Dubai Miracle Garden increase to around 2 million sq. ft.

While many people may not consider Dubai Miracle Garden to be one of the best attractions in Dubai, anyone who loves flowers or gardening would certainly disagree.

Other Interesting Facts

As is to be expected, and particularly in a hot country like Dubai, keeping more than 100 million flowers happy requires a considerable amount of water. In fact, Dubai Miracle Garden swallows up just over 757,000 liters (200,000+ US Gallons) of water every day. Virtually all of Dubai’s water starts out as sea water that comes from the Gulf. The salt is then removed at state-of-the-art desalination plants.

Although the cost of desalination has come down a lot over the years, it is still costly. As a result, potable drinking water is precious and not something you want to be sacrificing in huge amounts just to maintain a garden. Dubai has no sewer system, but instead, it has a large fleet of trucks which drive around collecting wastewater. This water is then cleaned and processed, after which it is used for watering Dubai’s green areas and grass verges, and of course, the millions of plants at Dubai Miracle Garden.

In addition to the site’s butterfly park, Dubai Miracle Garden also opened the Dubai Butterfly Garden in 2015. Not only was this the first such garden in the region, but it is also the world’s largest indoor butterfly garden. It is home to as estimated 15,000 butterflies, representing 26 different species.

Other attractions at the garden include a number of exotic, brightly colored peacocks, and a fully functional floral clock. The face of the clock, including the numbering, consists of garden plants which are commonly referred to as carpet bedding. Of course, these have to be routinely trimmed in order to facilitate the movement of the clock hands. Visitors can also marvel at the world’s largest flower arrangement which is in the form of a life-sized A380 Airbus. Dubai Miracle Garden also has the world’s tallest structured topiary which measures 18.06 meters in height (59 ft. 3 in.)

Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden with Egypt Tours Plus

If you have been browsing through our tour packages, including our epic Egypt and Dubai tours, you may well be wondering why you have not seen any mention of the Dubai Miracle Garden. The short answer is that the Miracle Garden in Dubai is more of a niche-type attraction. Keen gardeners and garden enthusiasts will instantly fall in love with this site, but not everyone wants to sacrifice a day of their holiday to admire flowers. Additionally, the Dubai Miracle Garden is only open for a few months each year, which effectively puts it out of reach for many of our clients.

The good news is that all our tour packages are 100% customizable, and they can be tailored to meet your own exact needs. If you have found a tour itinerary that you like, but you would like us to add a visit to the Dubai Miracle Garden, we will gladly do so if you are going to be in Dubai at a time when the garden is open.

Dubai Miracle Garden is a fantastic place to visit when it is open. It is one of the most colorful and most beautiful of all Dubai Tourist Attractions. After all, there must be a good reason why more than 55,000 people visit Dubai Miracle Garden every week during the months that it is open.

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