Kite Beach Dubai – Fun, Adventure, and Blissful Relaxation

With so many Dubai attractions to choose from, why would anyone want to visit Kite Beach? Well, to begin with, Kite Beach is so much more than just a beach. The beach is located just off Jumeirah Road, in close proximity to the now world-famous Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It is also in close proximity to Palm Jumeirah, the world’s largest man-made island. Enjoy a truly fantastic day out on Kite Beach with one of our private Dubai and Egypt vacation packages.

Kite beach in Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A stretch of the beach designated for the kite surfers. The beach-goers are a colorful mix of different nationalities.

Kite beach in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. A stretch of the beach is designated kite surfers.

Kite Beach itself is a half-kilometer stretch of absolutely pristine white sand. It really is a beautiful stretch of beach, and one which the locals can well and truly be proud of.

Many visitors to Dubai want to see as many Dubai tourist attractions as they possibly can during their stay in the city, but sometimes it is nice to be able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life in Dubai, and Kite Beach is the ideal place for those people who want to enjoy some quality leisure time.

Kite Beach – A Perfect Name

Kite Beach Dubai

Kite Beach with the iconic Burj Al Arab (left).

Kite Beach is an enormously popular among kite surfers, hence the name, Kite Beach. The weather and sea conditions are absolutely ideal for kite surfing, particularly in the afternoons when the wind typically starts pick up.

There are days when the sky appears to be full of brightly colored kites dipping and swooping in all directions. In spite of this, the beach is also perfectly safe for people who just want to soak up the sun or play around in the surf because the kite surfers all tend to be further out from the shore.

Fun Activities for Everyone

Kite beach in Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Fun, adventure, and blissful relaxation at Kite Beach in Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

While Kite Beach may have got its name as a result of kite surfing, it is not only kite surfers who can have a great time at the beach. There are many other fun activities that people can partake in, including things like kayaking, beach volleyball, soap football, beach tennis and more.

Racquets, kayaks, kite surfing gear, and other equipment can be rented at the beach, and if you have never tried kite surfing but you are eager to try, you can even hire a coach to help you get started. The same thing applies to kayaking, in that you can hire an instructor to accompany you if you would rather not paddle out on your own.

For families with kids who might be too young for kite surfing or kayaking, there is also a special enclosed area with trampolines and a variety of other activities to keep kids amused and entertained if the start to get board on the beach.

Remember, all of our Egypt and Dubai tours can be amended to include a day out on this fun-filled beach away from hustle and bustle of the city center.

Only in Dubai

Where else in the world can you relax on the beach with high speed WiFi connectivity? Yes, that’s correct, no matter where about you are on Kite Beach, you will be able to access the internet, and the convenience does not end there either. Everyone knows that smartphone batteries tend to run dry relatively quickly, but at Kite Beach this is nothing to be concerned about because there are plenty of charging stations located along the beach.

A Foodies Paradise

Everyone works up an appetite when they are on the beach enjoying themselves, and thankfully there are more than enough cafes and restaurants which are only a stone throw away. You will also see many food trucks in the area, and their offerings are very reasonably priced. If you head to Kite Beach during your stay in Dubai, you really do need to visit a few of the food trucks to sample some of the foods and snacks on offer.

One local restaurant called “Salt” is incredibly popular, both among locals and tourists alike. The restaurant has a really good menu, it provides a truly wonderful setting, and delicious food, and to make it even better, the prices are also very reasonable. Let us just say that if you have not visited Salt, then you also haven’t really visited Kite Beach.

Useful Tips and Information

To begin with, don’t be tempted into throwing any litter down on the beach or leaving litter behind when you leave. The authorities take the cleanliness and pristine condition of Kite Beach very seriously, and littering on the beach can, and probably will result in you getting a hefty fine.

It is also worth keep in mind that the beach itself is only open from sunrise to sunset, and at Egypt Tours Plus, we would recommend that you try visiting the beach on days other than Fridays and Saturdays. On these a seaside crafts and gifts market gets set up, and it attracts hoards of people, thereby making an already busy beach even busier

Visiting Kite Beach with Egypt Tours Plus

If you are contemplating booking  one of our classic Egypt and Dubai Tours, please be aware of the fact that Kite Beach is not likely to be featured in the itineraries.

However, all of our tour packages can be customized to meet you exact needs and requirements, so if you would like Kite Beach to be added to your preferred itinerary, you can simply let us know.

Alternatively, you can look for a tour itinerary which includes one or two free days, and then visit Kite Beach on one of those days when there are no other tours or excursions scheduled. Whatever you holidays requirements are, we are always standing by ready to help.

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