The Lost Chambers Aquarium – Discover a Lost World

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is unlike any other aquarium on the planet. Make no mistake; Dubai is also home to the Dubai Aquarium, another world-class aquarium which every visitor to Dubai should also try to see, but The Lost Chambers Aquarium at the Atlantis Hotel is well and truly in a league of its own. The aquarium is part of Dubai’s world-famous Atlantis Hotel which is located on Palm Jumeirah, the world’s largest man-made Island. Visit this incredible venue and so many other with one of our bespoke Egypt and Dubai tours.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Altantis The Palm hotel in Dubai

The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Altantis The Palm hotel in Dubai.

As with the Atlantis Hotel, The Lost Chamber Aquarium is also themed around the lost city of Atlantis, and the developers have done everything humanly possible in order to provide visitors with an experience that will never be forgotten. With a series of underwater tunnels; more than 65,000 fish and other marine animals, and an incredibly impressive list of available activities, The Lost Chambers Aquarium is without question one of the very Dubai Tourist Attractions.

With 10 magnificent chambers and several underwater tunnels, a visit to this aquarium is akin to embarking on an underwater journey. In short, no amount of words can even begin to describe this incredible venue. Continue reading to find out more.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium – A Brief Overview

Lost Chambers Aquarium inside Atlantis Hotel on Palm Jumeirah

Remnants of an ancient city in The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

As has been mentioned earlier, The Lost Chambers Aquarium is located at the luxury Atlantis Hotel on Palm Jumeirah. All aspects of the hotel, including its aquarium and its amazing water park, have been designed and themed on the mythical Lost City of Atlantis. Those who were responsible for designing the Lost Chambers Aquarium have done an incredible job in creating an underwater landscape that genuinely does look like the remnants of an ancient city. Strolling through the glass tunnels from one chamber to the next is without question an experience not soon forgotten.

Nearly all of our Egypt and Dubai packages include a visit to Palm Jumeirah, but they generally don’t include a visit to the aquarium. We can however add it to any one of our tour itineraries if requested.

Fish Tales Tour

The most popular activity at the Lost Chambers Aquarium is simply strolling through the maze of tunnels, exploring an ancient civilization that vanished beneath the ocean thousands of years ago. However, there are a number of optional activities as well. These do cost extra, but they will make your visit even more magical than it already is.

The Fish Tales Tour, for example, is a great opportunity for people who would like a somewhat more in-depth experience. If you book one of these tours, you get your own personal guide, who will accompany you on a comprehensive tour of the aquarium while sharing tons of information with you about the more than 65,000 fish and other marine animals that call the aquarium home.

A Fish Tales Tour also includes a visit to the Fish Kitchen where food for all the animals is prepared each day. You will also visit the Fish Hospital where you will see how sick or injured animals are treated, and then you will be taken to see the aquarium’s breeding program. Lastly, you will also be taken to see another of aquarium’s attractions, the Ambassador Lagoon.

Diving at the Lost Chambers Aquarium

One of the great things about the Lost Chambers Aquarium is the fact that it is actually possible for you to get in the water. Regardless of what anyone tells you, no open water SCUBA diving site in the world can compete with a dive in the Lost Chambers Aquarium. At the time of this post being written, there were 5 different dive opportunities available for those who want to get in the water. These include a Predator Dive in the Ambassador Lagoon which allows you to feed rays and as many as 14 different species of shark.

For visitors who have never done any SCUBA diving before, the Atlantis Dive Discovery tour is ideal because there is no need for you to be a certified diver. You spend a little bit of time learning the basics, and then you get to go in the water with your instructor who will give you an underwater tour of the ruins of Atlantis.

There is also an Atlantis Aquatrek package which requires no training or experience whatsoever. For this experience, you simply don a special headset and you stroll around on the ocean floor completely surrounded by vibrantly colored marine life. Other diving opportunities include the Atlantis Dive Explorer and the Ultimate Snorkel.

Good to Know

The Atlantis Hotel is also home to the Aquaventure Water Park which is often said to be the best water park in the entire Middle East. Many people who visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium also visit the Aquaventure Water Park. However, if you are traveling as a family with children, visiting both of these places can end up costing a fair amount of money.

For some visitors, it may be cheaper and more cost effective to book into the Atlantis Hotel because guests staying at the hotel can visit and enjoy both attractions free of charge.

Visiting the Aquarium with Egypt Tours Plus

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is quite simply beyond words, so we would have no option but to recommend this incredible venue. However, we typically do not include it in our Dubai tours or our epic Egypt and Dubai Tours unless requested to do so.

If you are going to be booking a tour through us and you would like to visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium, simply let us know, and we will find a way to include it in your preferred tour itinerary.


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Last Updated on July 17, 2020