Rabat Attractions – Your Guide to Morocco’s Capital City

Rabat attractions await travelers around every corner in this magical Moroccan city. The modern capital city of Morocco, Rabat is home to many contemporary attractions as well as a large number of historic sites and impressive scenery. Enjoy the best that Rabat has to offer with one of our fully customizable Egypt and Morocco Tours.

Rabat Attractions - Ruins of the ancient necropolis of Kellah (Chellah) in the city of Rabat, Morocco

Described as more laid-back than Casablanca just south along the coast, it is home to the country’s most important museum, as well as a long list of other popular Morocco tourist attractions. It is also one of the prettiest cities and it has been named a top destination by several organizations.

Though many visitors head to the Old City, the other Rabat attractions are easily reached on foot and are an important part of the city’s culture.

Places to visit in Rabat - Royal guard in front of Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohammed V. Mausoleum contains tombs of late King Hassan II and Prince Abdallah. November 25, 2014 in Rabat, Morocco


Discover the Finest Rabat Attractions

Fort of Kasbah of the Udayas and Bou Regreg river. This Kasbah is a small fortified complex and a symbol of the Almohad arquitecture, added to the UNESCO World Heritage. Rabat, Morocco. NoAmong the top places to visit in Rabat is the Kasbah. The Oudaias Kasbah is an 11th-century fortress and contains the entire district.

Travelers prone to taking a lot of photographs may find themselves stuck here seeking to capture the charm and beauty of this neighborhood. Some of the residential areas have been built in an Andalusian style, and neighborhoods of blue and white houses lining narrow streets and curving lanes are a delight to explore and enjoy.

The kasbah is also where the oldest mosque in the city is found inside of the fortress walls. The Kasbah Mosque dates to around 1150 and is a popular spot for visitors.

The Hassan Tower illuminated at night. Rabat, MoroccoHowever, if more monumental architecture is of interest, the next most popular Rabat attraction is the Hassan Tower complex.

Although it is not finished, it is an impressive and grand site. It was abandoned around 1150 at the death of Yacoub al-Mansour, the leader of the Almohads. The only element of the mosque that was completed is the large tower that stands at 45 meters and is covered with beautiful carvings and designs.

The Mausoleum of Mohamed V

Rabat Tourist Attractions - Interior of the King's Mausoleum, where have been buried Mohammed V, Hassan II and Moulay Abdallah

The Mausoleum of Mohamed V, which is one of the most impressive imaginable. It is built on a historic spot, where the king returned from Madagascar following the independence of Morocco. The interior is considered a premium example of traditional design in the Moroccan style, and the zellige tiles and stunning marble work is a must see among Rabat attractions.

Rabat Museums for Everyone

Places to visit - Old town of Rabat, Morocco

History fans in search of ideal Rabat attractions will want to pay a visit to the Rabat Archaeology Museum. Considered the best in the country, it contains displays and artifacts from the prehistoric era through modern times. The Roman and Hellenistic displays are one of the most popular Rabat attractions because of their reputation around the world, but the museum itself deserves to rate highly on any list of attractions in Rabat.

Another museum that appears on many lists of top Rabat attractions is the Oudaias Museum. It is housed in the Oudaias Kasbah and surrounded by the stunningly beautiful Andalusian Gardens, designed during the 1900s but retaining a more classic look and appeal.

The museum has an impressive display of Moroccan interiors and also many beautifully illustrated Qur’ans as well as a large array of musical instruments, pottery, and more.

The Old City (Medina)

Attractions in Rabat - The historical Medina of city of Rabat, Morocco

Of course, among Rabat attractions is the Medina. The Old City is often described as rambling and having heavy influences from the Andalusian style. Dating to the 1600s, this area is very similar in appearance to many parts of Spain from the same era. It has many souks that offer some of the best shopping in the city. Of particular appeal to most visitors are the Rue Souka and the street named Souk esSebbat.

Within the medina is also the old Mellah or Jewish Quarter, and here there is a popular flea market that is commonly noted as one of the most appealing and interesting Rabat tourist attractions. There is also the Koubba Mosque in this district, as well as the Grand Mosque. The Merinid Fountain is near the Great Mosque, and many travelers make a point of visiting this stunning example of tile and mosaic work.

The New City is also a good choice for visitors and is where you will find the Archaeological Museum as well as the unique Postal Museum where the country’s different stamps are all on display alongside such historic curiosities as telegraph machines and telephones!

Within this area, you can also reach the Royal Palace, with its expansive grounds and garden. While the complex is closed to the public as the current king actually resides in this stunning structure, you can take photos from the Sunna Mosque grounds and get a good glimpse of this beautiful site.

In addition to many other popular Rabat attractions within the city proper, many travelers want to pay a visit to Sale across the river. Of specific interest to many is the Old City, which is usually described as one of the most picturesque medinas in the country. Within the city is the Mausoleum of Sidi Ben Ashir, which is one of the most frequently photographed, the Abul Hassan Medersa, and the remains of the Fondouk al-Askour.

Temara is also a nearby spot popular with travelers and Moroccans alike. It is a fantastic beach with natural pools and amazing scenery. It is less than 15km from the city.

A visit to Rabat is bound to be inspiring and unforgettable. As the modern capital, it is much more than administrative. It is a place full of top tourist attractions and impressive sites, it is also home to a great deal of culture, and it is worthy of at least a few days exploration. Our customizable Egypt and Morocco Tours can ensure you make the most out of even a brief visit to this historic and appealing city.

Sunset in Rabat, Morocco - Tourist Attractions

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