Safa Park – One of Dubai’s Most Cherished Public Parks

Safa Park in Dubai is a vast public park which covers an area of just over 150 acres (64 hectare). The park is incredibly popular among the residents of Dubai, but in terms of tourists, it has largely remained an as yet undiscovered gem. Because the park is essentially just a place where people can relax or enjoy a stroll, it does not feature in our existing Dubai and Egypt vacation packages.

Dubai view from Safa Park

Dubai view from Safa Park.

Anyone who visits this inspiring city soon discovers that there is no shortage of Dubai Tourist Attractions, but with so many places to visit, sometimes you simply need a break. Safa Park is, in that regard, the ideal place to visit when you just want to get away from all the hustle and bustle.

Safa Park – A Brief History

While it might not be easy for visitors to imagine it, the area which is now Safa Park was once a run-down ghetto-type area inhabited by illegal immigrants. People lived in makeshift homes under crowded conditions without any basics, not even any running water. However, the city was heavily reliant on the labor which the illegal immigrants provided, but eventually the authorities decided to turn things around.

Safa Park was then created in 1975 after the area’s inhabitants were granted amnesty, and subsequently expelled from the area. Since its creation in 1975, the park has undergone three major redevelopments, in 1984, 1989, and again in 1992. While the park was essentially on the outskirts of the city when it was first created, it is now more or less in the center of the city due to the city’s rapid expansion.

Even though Safa Park is not featured in our current selection of Egypt and Dubai packages, it can easily be added to any one of our existing itineraries if requested.

Safa Park as It Is Today

Aerial view of Safa park and Skyscrapers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Aerial view of parts of Safa park and skyscrapers in Dubai.

Today, Safa Park is undeniably better than it has ever been. Visitors to the park can enjoy the serenity of three large lakes, along with acres and acres of lush green lawns. The park is also home to more than 200 different bird species; almost 17,000 different types of trees, bushes and shrubs, and a man-made hill which allows visitors to enjoy spectacular views of the entire park.

One of the park’s most endearing features is a waterfall that flows directly out of the hill before flowing down into Safa Park’s biggest lake. This lake has a magnificent fountain, along with numerous boats which can be used to tour to lake. There are also cycling paths and jogging paths in the park, both of which are very popular in the evenings.

Other things of interest at the park include a very well-equipped indoor play area for children and small niche-type areas known as Secret Gardens where people can sit and read in peace. There are also fixed BBQ grilling areas scattered along the outer perimeter of the park. It should come as no surprise that Safa Park has long since been the place of choice among residents who want to enjoy a nice outdoor picnic during their free time.

Visiting the Park with Egypt Tours Plus

When people book tours, they are almost always hoping to see as many tourist attractions as they possibly can. For this reason, a visit Safa Park is typically not included in our Egypt and Dubai tours. Instead, if you would like to spend some time relaxing at the park, we recommend choosing a tour itinerary which includes some free time for yourself. Alternatively, we can always modify any one of our itineraries if requested to do so.

Safa Park is an amazing quiet space in the heart of Dubai; it is a place which is truly perfect if you just want to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in a beautiful setting without having far to travel. If you have a free day in the city and you are not sure what to do, then we would certainly recommend visiting this astonishing park.

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