Egypt All-Inclusive Vacations – The Best Way To See Egypt

Book your Egypt All-Inclusive Vacations with Egypt Tours Plus and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime in the Land of the Pharaohs with decades worth of experience right by your side. We have a spectacular range of vacation packages available; all crafted, created and offered by a certified tour operator and proud winner of the Tripadvisor “Travelers’ Choice” Award.

Our Egypt vacation packages cover every region of this fascinating country, and they are more affordable than you might ever have imagined. From the moment you arrive in Egypt, to the moment you board your flight back home, the magic simply doesn’t stop.

Egypt All Inclusive Vacations

Egypt All-Inclusive Vacations - Pyramids of Giza

Camels and Pyramids – Welcome to the Giza Plateau, an ancient royal necropolis on the outskirts of Cairo.

When people hear the term “All-Inclusive,” many automatically assume that it is referring to a stay in an all inclusive hotel or an all inclusive resort. While this might often be the case, our own Egypt All-Inclusive Vacation Packages include so much more than just a stay at a hotel.

As is to be expected, Egypt has numerous all-inclusive hotels and resorts. Many of these are located on the east coast of the country, in tourist hotspots like Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada. In fact, this region of the country is quite often referred to as the Red Sea Riviera due to its pristine beaches and its abundance of world-class inclusive resorts.

Most tourists who book all-inclusive vacations in this part of the country do so because they want to enjoy a relaxing break in the sun. They want to enjoy the sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and a wide variety of water sports. Many guests also visit places like Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada to enjoy world-class snorkeling and SCUBA diving. After all, the area is home to some of the world’s best dive sites.

Choosing the Perfect All-Inclusive Egyptian Tour Package

Knowing exactly what you want from your vacation is the key to finding the best deals and choosing the ultimate all inclusive Egypt tour package. Do you want to explore a paradise of unspoiled coral reefs in the Red Sea? Do you want to spend your days exploring the country’s deserts and its many oases? Do you want to see the many countless pyramids, temples and tombs left behind by one of the world’s oldest civilizations?

Perhaps you want to experience the magic of a five star luxury Nile cruise, or maybe you just want to experience it all during your stay in the Land of the Pharaohs. No matter what your budget is, and no matter what your desires are, we can help turn your dream holiday into a reality with our all inclusive trips to Egypt and beyond.

Red Sea Snorkeling and All Inclusive SCUBA Diving Vacations

The Red Sea coast in Egypt is hugely popular among snorkeling and SCUBA diving enthusiasts.  Most visitors who want to partake in such activities tend to do so while staying in Sharm el-Sheikh and/or Hurghada. We ourselves offer a number of trips that include snorkeling and/or SCUBA diving on the Red Sea coast.

We only work with the very best and most reputable resorts dive ship operators. Our tour prices include transfers to and from your hotel; all necessary equipment, and a fully certified diving guide. Lunch and soft drinks are also provided on board the dive boats and are included in the price of our tour packages.

Nile River Cruises – Nile Valley Trips in the Lap of Luxury

Nearly all of our Egypt All-Inclusive Vacations include Nile River cruises with full board and lodging. The cruise ships that we book our clients onto are quite literally like floating hotels, complete with a wide range of world-class amenities and various entertainment options. Most of the cruises that feature in our tour packages run between Aswan and Luxor, although we also have some which begin or end in Cairo.

During river cruises, our clients can look forward to visiting a number of Egypt’s most treasured historical sites that are located along the banks of the River Nile. These include Philae Temple in Aswan; Horus Temple at Edfu; the Temple of Kom Ombo; Karnak Temple; Luxor Temple; Hatshepsut Temple; Valley of the Kings; the rock-cut Abu Simbel Temples and more. All onshore excursions to these ancient sites are led by one of our Expert guides to ensure that you cruise is more rewarding than ever.

Sahara Desert Tours

So many visitors are beyond amazed when they discover just how much there is to see in Egypt’s desert regions. In addition to several oases there are also breathtakingly beautiful natural wonders, including places like the White Desert and the Black Desert. There are also numerous ancient relics, temples and tombs waiting to be explored.

Our desert safaris are undertaken in deluxe air-conditioned 4×4 vehicles and all necessary equipment is provided for those who want to experience a magical night under a star-filled sky. Most of our Sahara adventures include a visit to at least one oasis. Some of our vacation packages also include spending several days in the Sahara, in which case you will visit a number of different oases. Spending a few days exploring some of the best Sahara Desert attractions opens up a whole new window of discovery.

The Best of Vacations of Cairo and Beyond

Nearly all of our Egypt all-inclusive vacation packages begin in Cairo, the bustling capital of Egypt. Our tours include private guided Cairo tour packages to several of the best Cairo attractions in and around the city. These include the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx; the Egyptian Museum; the Khan el Khalili Bazaar; Memphis; the Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djozer and more.

Many visitors also book a day trip to Alexandria while they are in Cairo, or perhaps a day trip to the Dashur pyramids which are only a relatively short drive away from the bustling Egyptian capital.

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Cairo, Nile Cruise and Red Sea Stay 2
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Multi Destination All Inclusive Vacation Packages

For those travelers who are longing for an even more adventurous vacation, we also have a wide range of Egypt multi-destination tours, including our ever-popular Egypt and Jordan tours. Make your trip more memorable than ever by visiting more than only one destination. Visit Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, Dubai, or even Kenya, either before or after your stay in Egypt.

Fully Customizable Travel

At Egypt Tours Plus, we are travelers too, and we know that different travelers have different needs and desires. With this in mind, we want to do everything we can possibly do to ensure that every one of our clients get to enjoy exactly the sort of holiday they have been dreaming of. After all, it is your time, your money and your vacation, and we want you to enjoy it your way. This is why all of our Egypt tour packages are fully customizable and can be tailored to your own exact needs.

When you travel with us, everything is possible! We can even work with you to create your own unique travel itinerary from scratch. Contact us now to find out more or to book your dream vacation today.

Design Your Custom Egypt Tour

Explore Egypt your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

6 Best-Selling All Inclusive Egyptian Vacations

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Do tour prices include flights?

Our displayed tour prices do not include international flights. They do however include domestic flights if your chosen itinerary includes domestic air travel. For Instance, if your chosen itinerary begins in Cairo and it includes a Nile cruise, we will fly you to Luxor or Aswan and then fly you back to Cairo after your cruise. These flights are included in our prices.

What is not included in our all inclusive Egypt holiday packages?

Our tours do not include things such as tipping; laundry; costs relating to optional activities, personal expenses, and etc. All our itinerary pages include detailed lists of what is and what is not included in our tour prices.

Can I request changes for an all inclusive Egypt itinerary I like?

Yes, all of our tour packages can be customized and tailored to meet your needs. Simply let us know what aspects of your tour you would like changed, and we will then tailor your tour accordingly.

Are tours private or shared group tours?

All of our vacation packages are private tours although we do also offer a small number of group tours as well. Additionally, sightseeing excursions that take places during Nile River cruises are small group tours.

When we book our clients onto a cruise, we also book at least one of our guides onto the same cruise so that they can accompany you to the various sites you will be visiting. It just wouldn’t be practical for us to book multiple guides onto the same cruise. For this reason, cruise excursions are small group tours.

How much to tip in Egypt all inclusive?

For full day guided tours consider tipping your guide about 10 to 12 USD. In restaurants, tipping 10% of the bill is suggested, while tips of around 5 or 6 USD are suggested for services in hotels.

How much money to take to Egypt all inclusive?

Even if your all-inclusive break includes all meals and drinks, including alcoholic drinks, you should still budget for around 40 to 50 USD p/person p/day for general spending, laundry, tipping, etc.

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