Nile Cruises All Inclusive – Designed To Pamper, Thrill, And Entertain

Egypt is without a doubt one of the most fascinating holiday destinations on the planet. No matter where about in the country you are, there are always many exciting things to see and do. Many people visit Egypt because they want to visit the country’s countless ancient monuments; others visit because they want to soak up the sun on the Red Sea coast; float on the Dead Sea in Jordan, or explore the timeless splendor of the mighty Sahara Desert in Egypt, while other visitors want to experience it all.

Our Nile Cruises All Inclusive tours are specifically designed for people who want to travel in absolute style while visiting and exploring many of best attractions in Egypt, some of the most treasured ancient monuments, both along the banks of the Nile River, and elsewhere in the country.

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Nile Cruises All Inclusive Tour Packages – More Than Just A Cruise

The River Nile Cruises All Inclusive packages which we offer feature a lot more than just an unforgettable cruise on board a luxury river cruiser. Even before you get to board your ship in Cairo, Luxor, or Aswan, you will get to enjoy a Giza Pyramids tour and a visit to a number of other fascinating sites in and around Cairo, including  the Egyptian Museum, to name only a few. Our all-inclusive Nile cruises are designed to pamper, thrill, and entertain from beginning to end, and because they are “all-inclusive” you can spend more time enjoying yourself, and less time planning your journey.

Arrivals, Departures, And Transfers

When you arrive for the start of your Nile cruise tour, one of our tour representatives will be there to meet you at the airport, and they will escort you to the luxury hotel where you will initially be staying. A tour representative will also accompany you to the airport at the end of your stay. Our meet and greet policy also applies to domestic travel, should your itinerary include any domestic flights and/or overnight train journeys. Likewise, one of our representatives will escort you to the port where you will be boarding your Nile cruise, and another representative will meet you again after final disembarkation.

All transfers to and from hotels, airports, and railway stations are included in the price of your tour package, and they are done in modern air-conditioned vehicles, thereby ensuring maximum comfort, every step of the way.

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Nile Cruises And Stay All Inclusive

Nile Cruises All Inclusive

With our Nile cruises all inclusive really does mean all inclusive, in that your stay on board the ship is based on full-board, meaning that all meals are included in the price. If your chosen tour includes a cocktail party, then those cocktails are also included in the price. However, the cost of all other drinks is not included.

All tours and excursions during the course of your cruise are included in the price of your tour package. This also includes the services of an experienced Expert guide, and all entrance fees for various places you will visit during your cruise.

Nile cruise all inclusive packages also entitle you to use the many amenities which are to be found on the different cruise ships which feature in our tour packages. While the price of your cruise includes free access to all amenities, it does not include the cost of optional services such as laundry services, massage services, and etc.

Many of our Nile cruises feature onboard entertainment such as Egyptian Belly Dance shows, Folkloric shows, Galabiya parties, and etc. These are also all included in our Nile Cruises and Stay All Inclusive deals, and we strongly recommend that our clients take full advantage of all onboard entertainment.

The Private Guided Tours Are Included

Most of our “Nile Cruise Holidays All Inclusive” packages include a short stay in Cairo, during which time you will enjoy one or more tours to the many attractions which are located in and around the capital. Some examples would include Giza Pyramids tours; tours of Coptic Cairo and the Islamic quarter; tours to Memphis, the ancient capital of Old Kingdom, and tours to Saqqara which is an ancient royal necropolis, and home to the first pyramids ever build.

These are private guided tours, and they are included in the price of your Nile cruise package. While these tours include air-conditioned transport, a driver, and one of our guides, they may or may not include meals, other than breakfasts which are served at your hotel. The best way to determine whether or not meals are provided during tours is to check your preferred tour itinerary, or to enquire via customer support.

If you happen to book an all inclusive Nile cruise which departs from Cairo, you will still enjoy some sightseeing tours in and around the city, but in this case they will be group tours rather than private tours, but they will include lunch which will be served on board your cruise ship in the afternoons. This also applies to all other tours and excursions during the course of your cruise. However, with some shore excursions, it simply insn’t possible for everyone to return to the ship for lunch, and in such cases, passengers will be given a packed lunch to enjoy during their excursion.

What Else Is Included?

Nile Cruises All Inclusive packages also include 24/7 customer assistance for the full duration of your stay. In the unlikely event that you encounter any problems during your cruise, you can simply contact us, and one of our tour representatives or one of our tour managers will be ready to assist you in any and every way possible.

Many of our all-inclusive Nile cruise packages include the use of a mobile phone, along with a certain amount of free call time, thereby making it even easier for you to contact us if you need to. Alternatively, you can contact us free of charge simply by using our toll-free number. With our Nile Cruises All Inclusive packages, Egypt Tours Plus really does have your back covered from all angles so that you can enjoy your vacation the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

What is Not Included?

While we do strive to include as much as we possibly can in our Nile Cruises All Inclusive packages, there are certain things which we simply cannot include in the price of these tours. For example, the cost of entry visas is not included in these packages, not least because visa requirements are not the same for all people who are planning on visiting Egypt. The citizens of some countries don’t require a visa; citizens from certain other countries can obtain a visa on arrival, while the citizens of some other countries need to obtain a visa before they travel to Egypt. Not only do the requirements vary, but so do the costs, so this is something which travelers need to do for themselves.

Our Nile Cruises All Inclusive packages also do not include any international air travel to and from Egypt. This also applies to air travel in our multi-destination tour packages. In other words, if your chosen tour package includes more than one country, the cost of flights from one country to the next is not included in the price of our all-inclusive packages.

Our all-inclusive Nile cruises also don’t include personal spending money, and/or money for tipping. Tipping is not mandatory, or even expected in Egypt, but it is often very much appreciated. If you feel you want to leave tips, your tour guide will be happy to offer advice on how much to tip and when to tip.

What If You Get Ill During Your Cruise?

Once again, we have your back covered. All the cruise ships which feature in our Nile Cruises All Inclusive packages have a qualified medical doctor on board. In the event that you become ill during your cruise, the ship’s doctor will be there to help. If the doctor feels that you are too ill to continue with the cruise, they will make the necessary arrangements so that you can receive adequate treatment at a hospital. However, such treatment is not included in the cost of your tour, so we highly recommend that all visitors should have adequate holiday insurance whenever they are going to be travelling outside of their own countries.

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