Cairo Attractions

Cairo Attractions draw more tourists to Egypt than any other part of the country. With the mind numbing Giza pyramids on its doorstep, and the pyramids of Saqqara a stone throw away, it’s easy to see why. Home to ancient, medieval, and modern attractions the number of amazing places to visit in Cairo is numerous. Scroll down to explore the best of Cairo’s attractions!

Top 10 Cairo Tourist Attractions

Top 10 Cairo Tourism Attractions

Top 10 Attractions in Cairo

Meet the pharaohs face to face in their pyramids and explore their ancient tombs and temples – Discover the best Cairo tourist attractions.

Cairo Top Attractions: Pyramids in/near Cairo

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Giza Pyramids Complex, Cairo

Giza Pyramids – The Famous Face Of An Ancient Civilization

Listed as one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the Giza Pyramids Complex and Necropolis in Egypt are well and truly the face of an Ancient Civilization.
Djosers Step Pyramid in Saqqara

Djoser Step Pyramid – One Of Egypt’s Most Famous Tombs

Built during the 27th century BC, Djoser Step Pyramid stands in the Saqqara necropolis which is located in Memphis, the capital of the Old Kingdom.
The Bent pyramid, Dahshur Pyramids

Dahshur Pyramids – An Amazing Ancient Egyptian Royal Necropolis

The Dahshur Pyramids make up an ancient royal necropolis, located approximately 40 kilometers south of Cairo - the pyramids were built from 2613 – 2589 BC.
Abusir Complex - Pyramid complex of Sahure, view to the west, Abusir Complex - Photo by Roland Unger

Abusir Pyramids Complex – An Ancient And Noble Burial Ground

The Abusir Complex is often left out of tour brochures, but it’s an ancient site of interesting historical significance.
Meidum Pyramid in Egypt

Meidum Pyramid – An Example Of Engineering Gone Wrong

The Meidum Pyramid is believed to have been built for Pharaoh Huni. However, the pyramid was never completed due to a design fault which caused it to collapse.
Ancient Egyptian Pyramids - Giza Plateau, Cairo

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids – Understanding The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Pyramids - Why were they built? Understand the Egyptian Pyramids; origin, importance to the Afterlife, and role in ancient Egyptian religion.

Museums to Visit in Cairo

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo

The Egyptian Museum – The Amazing Museum of Antiquities

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, usually just called the “Egyptian Museum”, houses the world’s biggest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts.
The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Welcome to Cairo’s all-new Grand Egyptian Museum and enjoy never before seen artifacts, and for the first time ever, the complete Tutankhamen collection.
Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo - Photo by richardavis

Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo – The Finest Of Its Kind in the World

Discover the history of the Islamic world when you visit the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, rated as one of the world’s greatest museums of its kind.
Gayer Anderson Museum - Photo by Berthold Werner

Gayer Anderson Museum – The Art Museum in Sayyida Zeinab, Cairo

Marvel at Egypt’s best example of 17th-century Islamic architecture at the Gayer Anderson Museum, then step inside and enjoy a magical journey through time.
Coptic Museum in Cairo

Coptic Museum – The World’s Biggest Collection of Coptic Artifacts

Enjoy a magnificent journey through time at the Coptic Museum in Cairo as you marvel at the world’s largest collection of Egyptian Christian artifacts.
Museum of Modern Egyptian Art - Photo by Daniel Csorfoly

Museum of Modern Egyptian Art (aka Gezira Center for Modern Art)

Enjoy a peaceful and blissfully quiet stroll though the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art in Cairo, and marvel at more than 10,000 modern works of art.
Throne Hall at Manial Palace of Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik

Manial Palace – A Look at Royal Life in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Enjoy an unforgettable taste of how royalty lived during the 19th and early 20th century when you visit the splendid yet modest Manial Palace in Cairo.
Statue of Ramses II in Memphis, Egypt

Memphis, Egypt – The Ancient Capital Of The Old Kingdom

Memphis in Egypt served as the country’s capital during the Old Kingdom. For this reason, many tourists see it as a great starting point of their vacation.
Architectural fragment of basilica in Al-Matariyyah (Heliopolis), Cairo

Al-Matariyyah – Once A Great City Of Grandeur, Now Forgotten

The city of Al-Matariyyah which lies in the northern region of Cairo is one of the country’s oldest cities, and was once renowned for its unrivalled beauty and grandeur.

Mosques to Visit in Cairo

Aqmar Mosque

Aqmar Mosque – The Oldest Surviving Example of Small Mosques

Discover all you need to know about Aqmar Mosque, Egypt’s oldest surviving small mosque, and one of the most beautiful Fatimid mosques ever built.
Al-Hakim Mosque is a major Islamic religious site in Cairo, Egypt. It is named after Imam Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah.

Al-Hakim Mosque – A Built, Neglected and Revived Masterpiece

Surround yourself with beautiful Fatimid era architecture at the splendid Al-Hakim Mosque in Cairo; the ideal place to enjoy some peace and tranquility.
Aqsunqur Mosque - Photo by Marc Lacoste

Aqsunqur Mosque – A Real Gem in Cairo’s Old Islamic Quarter

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience one of Islamic Cairo’s most amazing attractions, the spectacular Aqsunqur Mosque which was built in 1347.
Al-Hussein Mosque - Cairo, Egypt

Al Hussein Mosque – One of the Holiest Islamic Sites in Egypt

Visit the Al Hussein Mosque in Cairo, one of the holiest Muslim sites in Egypt, and home to the world’s oldest complete manuscript of the Quran.
Mosque of Muhammad Ali – The Alabaster Mosque

Mosque Of Muhammad Ali – The Alabaster Mosque

The Mosque of Mohammad Ali in Cairo is also fondly referred to as the Alabaster Mosque, and thanks to its outstanding beauty, it’s the most visited mosque in Egypt.
Courtyard of the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Cairo

Mosque Of Ibn Tulun – Unexpected Survivor Of Ancient Egypt

The Mosque of Ibn Tulun is by no means Cairo’s most splendid mosque, but it certainly is worth a visit if you have an interest in historical religious sites.
Mosque of Amr Ibn al-As in Cairo is the oldest mosque in Africa

Mosque Of Amr Ibn Al-As – The First Mosque Ever Built In Africa

The Mosque of Amr Ibn El-As might not be the grandest mosque or most famous mosque, but it’s the first mosque ever built in Africa, and certainly worth a visit.
Mosque of Al Azhar, Cairo

Mosque Of Al Azhar – A Sight Of Splendor In Cairo

Cairo is home to so many mosques that it’s sometimes referred to as the City of Minarets, but even so, the Mosque of Al Azhar still manages to stand out.
View over Islamic Cairo and the Mosque of Sultan Hassan

Islamic Cairo – Discover The True Charm Of Medieval Cairo

Islamic Cairo, also known as Medieval Cairo, is home to the region’s most historically significant mosques and Islamic monuments, but it has even more to offer.

Churches to Visit in Cairo

The hanging church (Coptic Orthodox Church) or Saint Virgin Mary's Church in Coptic Cairo (a part of Old Cairo)

Hanging Church Of Cairo – Coptic Church Of St. Virgin Mary

The Hanging Church of Cairo is one of Egypt’s oldest churches, believed to have been built in 690 AD. It’s also Egypt’s most famous Basilica style churches.
Rock carving in the Monastery of St. Simon the Tanner - Photo by Roland Unger

Monastery Of St. Simon The Tanner – A Haven In The Urban Sprawl

Hidden amongst the vast urban sprawl of modern day Cairo, lies a very unique religious site known as the Monastery of St. Simon the Tanner (Monastery complex of St. Sama'an), and it’s a real gem.
Church Of St. George, Cairo

The Church Of St. George – A Gem In The Heart Of Old Cairo

Located right in the very heart of Old Cairo, In the Coptic Compound, one will find the delightful old Church of St. George, and it really is well worth a visit.
Church of St. Barbara, Cairo

Church Of St. Barbara – A Resting Place For The Holy Family

With so many sites to visit in Egypt, one would be forgiven for overlooking places like the Church of St. Barbara, but it honestly is a little gem worth seeing.
Ben Ezra Synagogue

Visiting Ben Ezra Synagogue in Old Coptic Cairo

Considering that Egypt has been home to so many different cultures and religions, it’s not surprising to see the ancient Ben Ezra Synagogue at the heart of Cairo City.
The Monastery of Saint Pishoy at Wadi Natrun - Photo by Einsamer Schütze

Wadi Natrun – A Forgotten Village Of Hermits And Monasteries

Wadi Natrun is a valley in Egypt, not far from Cairo, that has served many purposes throughout history, including being home to many hermits and many monasteries.

Places to Visit in Modern Cairo

Tahrir Square, Downtown Cairo

Tahrir Square – The Brief Guide to Cairo’s Infamous Square

Relive a part of Egypt’s history when you visit Cairo’s infamous Tahrir Square, the epicenter of protests and demonstration - and a vibrant city.
The Abandoned Baron Empain Palace in Heliopolis City in Cairo, Egypt

Baron Empain Palace – Is this Cairo’s Most Intriguing Building?

Enjoy a visit to Baron Empain Palace, the most beautifully bazaar building in Egypt, set in a spectacular neo-Islamic city created by the baron himself.
Pharaonic Village Cairo

Pharaonic Village – An Epic Journey through Egypt’s Pharaonic Past

Discover how the ancient Egyptians went about their daily lives; visit the Pharaonic Village on Ya'aqoub Island, a stone throw away from downtown Cairo.
Kasr Al Nile Bridge Entrance - Cairo - Egypt

Qasr El Nil Bridge – Egypt’s Most Famous Bridge over the Nile

Visit Qasr El Nil Bridge to enjoy unrivaled views of the city’s skyline, and to meet the famous Lions of Kasr El Nil, guardians of the bridge since 1933.
Panorama of The Mosque of Muhammad Ali and Azhar park in Cairo, Egypt

Al Azhar Park – A Sea of Tranquility in the Midst of Bustling Cairo

Escape from all the madness in Cairo and visit the phenomenal Al-Azhar Park; a vast, lush and tranquil oasis in the heart of an urbanized desert.
Cairo Opera House Aerial View

Cairo Opera House – A Perfect Venue for Performing Arts

Enjoy operas, orchestral musicals, and world-class ballet performances at the 1,200 seat Cairo Opera House, the best such venue on the African continent.
Giza Pyramids Sound And Light Show

Giza Pyramids Sound And Light Show – The Best Of Both Worlds

Everyone who visits Egypt wants to see the pyramids, and the good news is, now you can visit them at night as well, thanks to the Giza Pyramids Sound and Light Show.
Cairo Tower seen from the Nile River

Cairo Tower – A Classic Landmark And Must See Attraction

Reaching 187 meters into the sky, Cairo Tower is undeniably one of Cairo’s most distinguishable landmarks, and one which is definitely worth a visit.
Abdeen Palace, Cairo

Abdeen Palace – Is This the World’s Most Lavish Palace?

Prepare to be mesmerized when you visit 500-suite Abdeen Palace in Cairo, an extravagant palace which is now host to multiple fascinating museums.

Places to Visit in Medieval Cairo

Walls of the Cairo Citadel

Cairo Citadel – An Islamic Medieval Fortification in Cairo, Egypt

The Cairo Citadel in Egypt is a medieval Islamic fortification constructed in 1183 CE around the ancient city to protect against the invading Crusaders.
Boy selling bread in the Khan-el-Khalili bazaar

The Khan El Khalili Bazaar – There’s No Market Like It

Khan El Khalili bazaar is located in the Islamic district of Cairo. It is said to be the oldest open air market in the Middle East, and a must see attraction.

Babylon Fortress – A Fortified Ancient City that was Like No Other

Revisit the 6th century and discover the fascinating history of Babylon Fortress in Cairo, one of the most formidable fortified cities ever built in Egypt.
Bab El Futuh, Cairo

Bab al-Futuh – A Timeless Relic of the Old City in Cairo

Visit Old Cairo with us and stroll through Fatimid-era Bab-al-Futuh, one of the last remaining fortified gates that kept enemies out of the old walled city.
The historic street of Al-Muizz should be an important part of every tourist route in Cairo

Sultan Al-Ghuri Complex – A Reminder of Egypt’s Mamluk Era

Join us for a visit to the vast Sultan Al-Ghuri Complex in the heart of medieval Cairo; a funerary complex built by Egypt’s second last Mamluk ruler.
Cannons at the Al Gawhara Palace, Cairo Citadel

Al-Gawhara Palace – A Place of Architectural Beauty

Visit the exceptional Al-Gawhara Palace and enjoy a peek into the life of Muhammad Ali as you wonder around admiring indescribable architectural splendor.
View of Qalawun Complex from Muizz street also this area is nicknamed Bayn Al Qasrayn

Qalawun Complex – A Tale of a Sultan and His Prisoners of War

Come visit the vast Qalawun Complex in the heart of Medieval Cairo, and home to the world’s second-most beautiful mausoleum.
View over Islamic Cairo and the Mosque of Sultan Hassan

Islamic Cairo – Discover The True Charm Of Medieval Cairo

Islamic Cairo, also known as Medieval Cairo, is home to the region’s most historically significant mosques and Islamic monuments, but it has even more to offer.

Other Places to Visit in Cairo, Egypt

Rock at the southern lake in the Wadi El Rayan - Photo by Roland Unger

Wadi El Rayan – An Oasis Complete With Lakes And Waterfalls

The desert regions of Cairo can be unforgiving places, but they can also be wonderfully accommodating, as is the case with the beautiful Wadi El Rayan oasis.
Wadi Degla, The Grand Canyon of Egypt - Photo by Premiero

Wadi Degla – The Perfect Place To Escape The Chaos Of Cairo

Cairo has countless fascinating attractions, but it is also a very densely, populated city that never sleeps. Fortunately, places like Wadi Degla are not far away.

A Brief Guide to the Finest Cairo Egypt Attractions & Points of Interest

The majority of travelers visiting Egypt for its many historic sites will begin their stay in the city of Cairo. The largest city on the entire continent of Africa, it is home to millions of people, and is an extremely diverse location. Home to ancient, medieval, and modern attractions, it is more than just a historic spot. You can enjoy wonderful scenery, excellent food, a dizzying array of shopping, and more.

Because there are so many places to visit in Cairo, we’ll provide you with a brief guide to some of the top attractions to see when you want to get a full and rich experience of this remarkable city.

Ancient Attractions in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Attractions - Pyramids of Giza

Because the Cairo attractions are some of the most popular, we’ll take a look at those first. If there is a #1 location where all travelers go during even a brief visit to the city, it would have to be the Giza Necropolis. Most people refer to this spot as “the pyramids” because of their worldwide fame and familiarity. There are the three great pyramids, several smaller ones, the Sphinx, and more to see here.

Though not an actual “historic” site, the Egyptian Museum is also among the best Cairo attractions thanks to its immense collection of antiquities and historical objects. With a great gallery of the mummies of famous kings and pharaohs, as well as housing some of the most recognizable collections, it is a must.

Old Cairo is also a popular spot and home to the historic Hanging Church of Cairo, as well as the Church of Saint George and so much more. The city is also where you will find the first mosque built in Africa, the Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-As, and the oldest original mosque in city is the Ibn Tulun Mosque.

Though it too is not ancient, the Cairo Citadel overlooks Old Cairo and numbers as one of the most scenic and impressive spots to get a glimpse of the entire city.

Modern Cairo Attractions

Places to Visit in Cairo - Sunset over Cairo Tower

Though it has long been one of the top places to visit in Cairo, the Alabaster Mosque dates only to the 1800s. Staggeringly beautiful, it is another must-see destination for someone hoping to enjoy the best Cairo has to offer.

Naturally, few visitors to Egypt arrive without dreams of the “souk” or classic Middle Eastern marketplace, and Cairo is home to one of the most impressive of them all. The Khan El Khalili bazaar is straight out of a fairy tale with its spice vendors, coffee stalls, and persistent haggling between buyers and sellers.

Finally, if you want to explore one of the most romantic of all places to visit in Cairo, it would have to be the Nile, and one of the loveliest ways to do that is to book a dinner cruise aboard the lovely ships that give you a chance to enjoy excellent food and remarkable scenery.

With so many places to see in Cairo, it can be a bit overwhelming. Rather than risk missing a must see Cairo attraction, get in touch with to discover their amazing Cairo tour package options. See it all in relaxed comfort when you arrange your visit with experienced guides.