Egypt Travel Information

Egypt travel information designed to smash down barriers. Enjoy hassle-free travel in Egypt, the ancient Land of the Pharaohs. Find all the information you need right here before booking your Egypt tour package, and experience this intriguing land; its people; its blend of cultures and it inspiring history dating back thousands of years.


Traveling Egypt - Luxor Temple at night, Thebes

13 Myths About Travelling to Egypt – Busted!

If you’ve heard some bad things about traveling this beautiful land, you could have been hearing some of these common myths. Here we bust 13 common myths.
Explore Egypt

Explore 127 Amazing Places to Visit in Egypt

Explore the best, most important and beautiful places to visit in Egypt. Find the ultimate guide to all the must-see destinations in Egypt right here.
What to See in Egypt

What To See In Egypt?

Wondering about What to See in Egypt? Find a comprehensive, picture rich, guide covering the best of Egypt's many, many historical sites.
Where to go in Egypt

Where To Go In Egypt?

Cruise the Nile; venture into pyramids, tombs and temples; trek the Sahara and visit oases, or relax on the Red Sea coast. Discover where to go in Egypt and enjoy the ultimate vacation.
Senior Travelers In Egypt

Senior Travelers In Egypt – Enjoying Egypt Regardless Of Age

Explore the ancient pyramids, tombs and temples; cruise the Nile River in the lap of luxury; visit the stunningly beautiful Red Sea coast, or camp under the desert stars in the mighty Sahara – a guide for senior travelers in Egypt.
Women travelers in Egypt

Women Travelers In Egypt – Enjoy A Vacation Of A Lifetime

Visit the legendary Pyramids of Giza; cruise the Nile in the lap of luxury; dive or snorkel in the Red Sea, or enjoy an unforgettable Sahara desert adventure – travel advice for women travelers in Egypt.
Traveling with children in Egypt

Traveling With Children In Egypt – The Ideal Family Vacation

Most people discover an interest, or even a fascination, with Egypt as children. No one forgets the first time they heard the stories of the ancient pharaohs and their burial pyramids...
Egypt Visa Requirements

Egypt Visa Requirements – Don’t Get Turned Away On Arrival

Immerse yourself in thousands of years of history; explore ancient pyramids, tombs and temples; conquer the Sahara Desert or cruise the Nile in Luxury – A guide to Egypt visa requirements.
Eating And Drinking When Traveling Egypt

Eating And Drinking In Egypt – An Epic Culinary Journey

Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey of discovery: enjoy the mouth watering flavors of the ancient civilizations that have stood the test of time - Eating and drinking in Egypt.
What To Pack for Egypt

What to Pack For Egypt – Far Less than You Think

Don your cap; put on your sunglasses; grab your camera; head outside into antiquity and explore the wonders of ancient Egypt, the Cradle of Human Civilization – What to pack for Egypt.