Breathtaking Egypt Tour Packages from Canada

Egypt Tour Packages From Canada – Feeding the soul. Nourishing the heart. Awakening the mind.

Visiting Egypt is usually high on the wish list of most Canadian travelers and with our carefully structured Egypt tours from Canada, first time visitors need no longer worry about having a daunting experience. Whether you are looking for guided Egypt tours, or fair priced no headache Nile cruises our amazing Egypt tour packages from Canada are a perfect choice.

Find your dream trip below and prepare yourself for an extraordinary Egypt travel experience.


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Sun Festival at Abu Simbel



There are so very many fantastic places to discover in Egypt that it’s frequently a concern that some will be left out. Nevertheless whether you decide on a luxury or budget Egypt tour, each landmark and historic place of interest will be included. There’ll be no fears that an imperative museum or landmark will be forgotten while exploring. If there are parts of Egypt that you have already seen before, you might want to customize your Egypt tour to make certain that it fulfills your dreams.

Starting your Egypt Tour from Canada in Cairo

Having arrived in Cairo, Egypt’s capital, you’ll find that this is the kick off point for all Egypt tours from Canada, and it enables you to see the incredible sights in this colorful and exciting town has to offer.

Your tour to Egypt from Canada will permit you to, among other things, explore the ancient Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum. Most often you’ll then move onto Luxor, which is an entrancing town full of poser and intrigue. In Luxor we recommend you take a Nile cruise. A cruise down the Nile is something that all visitors to Egypt must take part in and will give you a couple of days of luxury on board the ship.

Visa requirements for Travelers from Canada

In order to enjoy Egypt tours from Canada you’ll need a tourist visa. The tourist visa entitles you to stay in Egypt for a period of one month. The visa is a minuscule stamp you purchase at the airport on arrival, and will make sure you have authorization to be in the country.

Egypt Tour Packages from Canada – Travel Safety

Egypt Tour Packages from Canada - The Ultimate Way to Travel Egypt

Though traveling Egypt is wonderfully safe, you must be privy to the general risks that are concerned with any holiday. You want to ensure you keep property safe and never travel anywhere that you’re uncertain of. Our Egypt tour packages from Canada are designed to permit you to explore the safe areas of the country. Listening to the guidance given by the tour staff at every point is critical, they’ll be useful during your trip.

Egypt is stunning and has a lot to offer all visitors that need to experience the breathtaking landmarks and historic views. Whether you would like to camel trek through the Sahara, or be stunned by the Sphinx our Egypt travel packages from Canada will make sure that you see everything, and more.

Egypt Tour Packages from Canada – Lifetime Memories Guaranteed.

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