Aswan Attractions

Aswan Attractions cater for all tastes, and historical attractions like the imposing Abu Simbel Temples will appeal to people even if they aren’t particularly interested in history. Commissioned by Ramesses II during the 13th century BC, the temples which are carved out of rock are one of the most recognizable faces of Ancient Egypt.

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The Unique Appeal of Aswan Attractions

Aswan Egypt Tourist Attractions

It is interesting that so many visitors to Egypt consider Aswan only as a final stop on a Nile cruise when this region is packed with remarkable attractions, sites, and scenery. While it is the Aswan High Dam that so many people know, and Lake Nasser that so many come to explore, there is a long list of remarkable and “must see” Aswan attractions, as well.

Aswan Tourist Attractions Are All About History

One of the Aswan attractions that all visitors must see is one that comes as a bit of a surprise. Called the Unfinished Obelisk, this attraction answers at least a few of the questions about the “how” of Ancient Egyptian technology. For many long years people wondered just how the Egyptians made those massive, solid obelisks. Then the Unfinished Obelisk was discovered and it revealed just how they managed this impressive task.

Aswan Attractions

Engineering marvels can also be enjoyed with a visit to another of the top Aswan attractions – the Philae Temple. The structure itself is not a feat of engineering, but the relocation of it to spare it from being lost when the Aswan Dam was built was quite an accomplishment. Today it is a spot for an impressive light and sound display after sunset, but a visit to this Temple of Isis is enjoyable at any time of the day.


The Aswan area is also a spot to find some fascinating islands as well. There is the island given to General Kitchener and which is today the remarkably beautiful Aswan Botanical Garden. There is world famous Elephantine Island, which is another of the top tourist attractions in Aswan. While once playing a role as a military site, it is today a popular spot because of the Nubian Village open to visitors.

On Land

Back on land, visitors frequently pay visits to the monastery of Saint Simeon, as well as the Tombs of the Nobles (Qubbet El-Hawa). The tombs are rock cut tombs and truly impressive examples of the Old Kingdom period of Pharaonic Egypt. So far south in Egypt, there is a lot of Nubian influence to be seen, and the Nubian Museum is among the top Aswan attractions for those interested in this fascinating subject.

The more modern sites on shore include the gorgeous Aga Khan Musoleum that sits majestically overlooking the water and is something that most visitors to Aswan visit. Of course, if you are lucky enough to be in the area during the Darau Camel Market, this is an experience not to miss. Unlike the other, scenic or historic sites in Aswan, this attraction in Aswan is, possibly, one of the most unique, unforgettable, and entertaining.

A visit to Aswan is something you should plan if you are touring Egypt. Not all tour companies make guided tours available, but at you will find a nice array of options for taking in the impressive and scenic beauties of Aswan. Though it is often forgotten because of its location at the bottom of Egypt, the true Egyptophiles will want to dedicate a few days exploring the wondrous Aswan attractions, or much more!