Reviews: Egypt Tours Plus by Memphis Tours

Our Reviews page is not as comprehensive as it could be, but when you’ve been receiving testimonials from customers for more than half a century, you can’t display them all. Instead, we try to keep this page updated by replacing old reviews as we receive new ones from our customers. Occasionally you’ll find one from an unhappy customer, but we are extremely proud to say that the overwhelming majority of our customers have nothing but praise for the services we provide. If you’ve recently travelled to the Egypt with Egypt Tours Plus by Memphis Tours, we’d really love to hear your comments.

"Mummified" From USA

Thanks for helping us to have such an unforgettable experience in your amazing country. I’m sure you can tell how much of an impact it made on me, just by looking at my screen name. When we first arrived in Cairo, it was really not what I had been expecting, and we actually discussed changing our original plans while we were in the hotel on our first night. It’s a hectic and chaotic city, and the heat just seems to make it worse. Nonetheless, we decided to give things a chance, and besides, I went to Egypt with the dream of exploring inside a pyramid, and I really didn’t want to miss the opportunity now that it was on my doorstep. Despite our initial perception of Cairo, it proved to be a really fascinating place. I suppose having a friendly guide and air conditioned transport also helped. We had five very memorable days in the city, followed by a cruise on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. Wow, what a wonderful experience!!!!

We will be flying over again once we have enough funds saved up, but we’ve decided to focus more on desert tours next time. As crazy as this might seem, we will also be spending some more time in Cairo. I guess it sort of grows on you. Thanx to all concerned, we had a great time.

Lisa Roberts From Canada

If you are looking for a reliable tour operator specializing in Egyptian and Middle Eastern Tours, then I highly recommend I’ve used them three times already, and I still don’t have a single bad word to say about this company. As a single woman, I always feel a bit anxious travelling alone in places like Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. I can honestly say though, I have never felt threatened in any way during the trips I’ve booked through this company. Their guides are fluent in English, and not one of them has ever left me in a position where I feel vulnerable. It still amazes me how well everything is organized when your tour involves multiple countries. One minute you have an Egyptian guide by your side, and the next minute you have Turkish guide showing you around. I seriously doubt anyone would be able to find a company providing better value for money. It’s like buying an economy class air ticket and then being upgraded to 1st class for free.

Shane And Linda From South Africa

My wife and I have always loved travelling, but like so many other young South Africans, our first destination of choice was London, followed by a short tour around some other European cities, including Paris and Amsterdam. What made us choose Egypt for our second adventure is actually a mystery to me. I did have plans to visit at some point but I first wanted to explore the Far East. Anyway, looking back in hindsight, it was the best decision we could have made. We were there for nearly 3 weeks, and it was as if every day brought with it another outstanding experience. We arranged our holiday about a month in advance through Egypt Tours Plus, and considering how many times we contacted them to make changes to our itinerary; I’m actually surprised they still had someone to meet us at the airport when we arrived. Both my wife and I give this company full marks on all counts. Friendly; professional and very flexible. All round, a 5 STAR experience.

Egypt Tours Plus Review By Stephan From Thailand

I’ve been living in Thailand for around 10 years now with my wife and kids. During this time I’ve explored many parts of Southeast Asia, including Cambodia; Burma; Laos; Vietnam; Malaysia, and practically every inch of Thailand itself. I guess I just reached a point where I wanted to explore further afield, and Egypt seemed like a great place to start because of its ancient history and vastly unique culture.

A friend of mine recommended “Egypt Tours Plus” to me so I visited their website, and I can only say that I have never looked back. From the time I initially contacted them, to the time I was ready to board my flight back home from Cairo, I was well taken care of by some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.

One of the things that struck me the most was that nowhere on their website do they promote their tours as being VIP tours, but that’s essentially what they are. The level of professionalism and personal interaction was miles beyond what I had been expecting.

A big “THANK YOU” to everyone at Egypt Tours Plus, including those working behind the scenes. Lastly……I love you Egypt, and I’ll be seeing you all again shortly.

  • Egypt 10 day with added Sharm el Sheik Egypt Tour Plus by Memphis Tours exceeded my expectations. All the tour guides are awesome - most have PhDs. They picked up from airport, got our tickets for inter-flights and walked us to the gates, etc. They were great at working with my special requests... read more

    Mindy C.

    Kirstin Otten Most wonderful experience - personalized arrangements, attention to detail, enthusiastic and passionate guides. EgyptToursPlus just made the whole experience wonderful. Thank you!

    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Dubai Tour with EgyptToursPlus Definitely worth it! Our tour guide was both personable and knowledgeable. The places we visited were breathtaking. Our entire group of 8 had a wonderful time!

    Anna O.
  • MEMPHIS TOURS PLUS BY MEMPHIS TOURS IS INCREDIBLE! Our group was in Egypt at the beginning of May, 2018. We had a fabulous time and could not have asked for better tour guides (Ahmed and Sam), and Islam! We were with Ahmed and Sam for a number of days and both were very... read more

    Charlotte C.

    Good company I've travelled with Egypt Tours Plus by Memphis Tours twice domestically to Luxor & Aswan by Nile cruise, and internationally to Dubai. In both trips they were great, however, with the one domestic trip they changed the cruise ship before traveling, but they did inform... read more

    Nona R.

    Dubai Tour Definitely worth it! Our tour guide was both personable and knowledgeable. The places we visited were breathtaking. Our entire group of 8 had a wonderful time, Thank you Egypt Tours Plus.

    Anna O.
  • Tour of Cairo My husband and I spent two amazing days with Maha Elnefay as she took us to Giza, and all around Cairo. She is an exceptional guide - patient, super knowledgeable and just a wonderful person. She was so kind and she has ninja skills -... read more

    Pleasanton, California

    A Wonderful Experience Egypt Tours Plus by Memphis Tours has provided me with a great experience which I recommend. I went on an 8 day/7 night private tour and it was fantastic. Ihab was great assistance in meeting us at the airport and helping us get through that... read more

    Jamie F.

    Pre Travel Help In Aug of 2018, I booked a trip for the spring of 2019 with EgyptToursPlus by Memphis Tours. I was so fortunate having Amir Yassin be my booking agent. He took care of every detail so efficiently and relayed all info to me in a... read more

    Decatur, Texas
  • My Solo Egyptian holiday At 1st I was a little hesitant to book this holiday based only on holiday reviews but Amira the local destination expert was attentive and punctually answered all my queries via email. I spent a total of 9 days in Egypt. Egypt Tours Plus did... read more

    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Cairo Tour Our Egypt Tours Plus tour guide was Amr Ahmed. He gave us the best experience possible and his English was excellent. He was patient and his depth of knowledge satisfied our constant questions, not only about ancient Egypt, but also about modern day Egypt.

    June M.

    Father & Son Vacation in Egypt - Cairo and Luxor Absolute professionalism to the core by the tour leader Ms. Mayar Lotfy, right from the time I was picked up from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport after the trip. The entire tour was well organized and not once did I... read more

    Hyderabat, India
  • BEST tour company, hands down. We booked an Egypt to Petra tour this past October through Egypt Tours Plus by Memphis Tours. What an incredible company dedicated to extreme detail and excellent customer service. From the moment we landed at the Cairo airport, we were greeted by Mohamed Sabrey, who... read more

    Nicole H.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We've just returned from a trip to Egypt - Cairo, Nile Cruise and Alexandria. Normally we're passionate about making all our own arrangements - but for this trip we put our trust into Egypt Tours Plus by Memphis Tours: all we had to do was... read more

    Romford, United Kingdom

    Best Trip Ever This trip was my 1st time travelling alone and of course I have mixed feelings, excited and also cautious, but it turned out it was the best trip I’ve ever experienced. Egypt Tours Plus by Memphis Tours took good care of me from the beginning... read more

    desinia p.