Luxor Egypt Attractions

Luxor Egypt Attractions are well and truly in a league of their own: explore the Valley of Kings, home to more than 60 royal tombs, including that of Tutankhamen; venture through Valley of Queens; marvel at the splendor of Queen Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple, gaze upon Luxor Temple, and discover Karnak, the largest temple complex ever constructed. Luxor tourist attractions can best be described as an overload of ancient Egyptian sites.

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Not to Be Missed: The Top Luxor, Egypt Attractions & Points of Interest

Luxor Egypt Tourist Attractions

If you are just starting to make plans to visit Egypt it is likely that you have already realized that Luxor is a place that needs more than just a day or so to really experience. If you have not come to this conclusion just yet, let’s look at just a sampling of the best Luxor, Egypt Attractions and you’ll realize why you’ll want to make sure you have a lot of time here.

The Kings And Queens Of Luxor’s Attractions

Those not familiar with the different Luxor tourist attractions should know that this is where you find the ancient capital of Egypt – known as Thebes. It is where the tomb of the ultra-famous King Tutankhamen is found, and where the Valley of the Kings is located, too. There is also the Valley of the Queens nearby as well as the amazing Karnak Temple complex, Luxor Temple, the absolutely must see Avenue of Sphinxes, and the great wonder that is the temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

Now, that is just a very brief and basic list, and we did not mention the specific sites within these top Luxor, Egypt attractions. There are also museums, temples, an ancient worker’s village, and so much more.

Let’s just select a few of the Luxor attractions listed above to be sure you understand what an amazing and remarkable place this is, and to begin calculating how much time to give yourself during a visit.

Things To See In Luxor? Go East and West

To begin planning most effectively, you should know that the Luxor, Egypt attractions are divided by the river. The Nile splits the city in half, and so you will need to dedicate time to Luxor West and Luxor East activities. It is helpful to note that the western side of the city is also where the Valley of the Kings is located along with the bulk of the most famous spots.

However, on the eastern side is where the Temple of Karnak is found along with some of the region’s best museums, including the Luxor Museum and the Museum of Mummification. The eastern side is also where the Temple of Luxor is found, too. The Avenue of the Sphinxes is located here, and some of the most modern luxury hotels are also on this side of the Nile. It is also where you will find the delightful and beguiling junction where Sharia al-Markaz and the Sharia al-Lokanda meet and where visitors spend many hours experiencing one of the best bazaars and markets in the area.

Now that you are bit better oriented, you can more reasonably plan your stay, and as you have probably realized, it is best to know where to go and what to see when there are so many options. One of the best ways to get the very most out of even a short time in Luxor is to book with experienced tour providers. At you can work with knowledgeable experts of the Luxor area to create the ideal itinerary for your needs and travel wishes visiting all the best Luxor Egypt Attractions.