Luxor Egypt Attractions

Luxor Egypt Attractions are well and truly in a league of their own: explore the Valley of Kings, home to more than 60 royal tombs, including that of Tutankhamen; venture through Valley of Queens; marvel at the splendor of Queen Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple, gaze upon Luxor Temple, and discover Karnak, the largest temple complex ever constructed. Luxor tourist attractions can best be described as an overload of ancient Egyptian sites.

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traveling to Luxor

Traveling to Luxor: Experience the Mystique and History of Luxor

Dive into the mystique of Luxor, Egypt, and discover its ancient history, top attractions, and travel tips for a truly unforgettable journey.
Luxor hot air balloon rides

Luxor Hot Air Balloon Rides: An Aerial Tour of Ancient Egypt

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of ancient Egypt's monuments from a hot air balloon in Luxor, offering breathtaking views of Nile River and stunning landscapes.
Karnak Temples in Luxor

Top 5 Temples in Luxor

There are many amazing temples in Luxor, so which are the best ones to visit if you only have a few days to spare? In this post, we take a look at what many consider to be the top 5 temples in Luxor.
The Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings – Luxor’s Ancient Valley where Kings and Nobles were Buried

The Valley of the Kings is a breathtaking sight filled with history, mystique and deep reverence. Come experience the power of the ancient kings of Egypt!
Tomb of King Tut in Valley of the Kings, Luxor

Tomb of King Tut – Egypt’s Most Loved Ancient Site By Far

Wherever you go in the world, you’re likely to find pictures and statues of Tutankhamen, so it’s hardly surprising that the tomb of King Tutankhamen is so popular
The Sacred Lake of Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple – Largest Religious Site Of The Ancient World

Karnak Temple is a vast collection of religious structures dating back more than four thousand years, and it is the oldest religious site of the ancient world.
Luxor Temple at night - Luxor, Thebes

Luxor Temple – An Ancient Temple Of Pharoah Amenophis III

Luxor Temple is one of six ancient temples found in the vicinity of Luxor. It was built by Amenophis III for worshipping the gods Amun, Chons and Mut.
Edfu Temple of Horus

Edfu Temple – One Of Egypt’s Best Preserved Ancient Temples

Edfu Temple is a Greco-Roman temple constructed during the Ptolemaic dynasty, and it is without question one of the best preserved ancient temples in Egypt.
Queen Hatshepsut Temple - Built in honor of the longest living female Pharaoh

Hatshepsut Temple: A Window into the Reign of One of Egypt’s Most Powerful Female Rulers

Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple is a mortuary temple located near the Valley of Kings, and it is today considered to be one of the great wonders of Ancient Egypt.
Dendera Temple Complex, Egypt

Dendera Temple Complex – Home To Egypt’s Best Preserved Temple

The Dendera temple complex is located approximately 60 km from Luxor, and it is most famous for its striking Temple of Hathor, Egypt’s best preserved temple.
Theban Necropolis - Aerial view of the Tombs of the Nobles

Theban Necropolis – One of the Best Ancient Sites in All of Egypt

Come and explore the ancient Theban Necropolis on Luxor’s West Bank, the final resting place of the New Kingdom pharaohs, queens, princes and princesses.
Thebes, Egypt - Capital of Ancient Egypt

Thebes Egypt – The Majestic Capital Of Ancient Egypt

Thebes Egypt is an amazing city, wedding the modern world with the ancient. The stunning ruins of the ancient past stand side-by-side with the everyday, and adventure abounds!
Abu Haggag Mosque, Luxor Temple, Egypt

Abu Haggag Mosque – The Mosque in the Heart of Luxor Temple

Discover the legend of the 13th century Abu Haggag Mosque, built amidst ruins of the ancient Luxor Temple, an area of worship for more than 35 centuries.
Avenue of Sphinxes, Luxor

The Avenue of Sphinxes – An Amazing Project Of Queen Hatshepsut

Luxor is a popular part of Egypt which routinely serves as a hub for Nile River cruises, but it’s also home to several historical sites like the Avenue of Sphinxes.
Temple of Khnum, Esna

Temple of Khnum – A Must-See Attraction In The Quiet Town Of Esna

The Temple of Khnum is located is the relatively quiet town of Esna, and many visitors find that there is actually a lot to see, rather than only the temple.
The Ramesseum Temple in Luxor - Mortuary Temple of Ramses II

The Ramesseum Temple in Luxor – Mortuary Temple of Ramses II

The Ramesseum Temple, located in the West Bank of Luxor, was the mortuary temple of Ramses II, whose 67 year rule saw the creation of many fabulous public buildings and architectural wonders.
Temple of Medinet Habu, Luxor

Medinet Habu – An Ancient Mortuary Temple Of Ramesses III

Medinet Habu is an ancient mortuary temple of Ramesses III located on Luxor’s West Bank. It’s most famous for its many reliefs and giant Ramesses III statues.
Luxor Museum Interior

Luxor Museum – A Select Display Of Fine Egyptian Antiquities

The Luxor Museum is nowhere near as big as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but it was never meant to be, choosing instead to display quality rather than quantity.
Temple of Karnak Sound and Light Show

Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show – Worth Considering A Visit

No trip to the city of Luxor in Egypt is complete without a visit to the Karnak Temple complex, and the Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show is a definite must see.
Howard Carter House, Luxor - Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Howard Carter House – The Man Who Found The Tomb Of Tutankhamen

Visitors to Luxor can now visit a home that once belonged to the man who discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb, and which is now officially known as the Howard Carter House.
Deir El Medina, Luxor

Deir El Medina – An Ancient Egyptian Village Revealed

Deir El Medina is an ancient Egyptian “workers” village near the Valley of Kings, and it is one of the most informative Ancient Egyptian discoveries ever made.
Colossi of Memnon, Luxor

Colossi Of Memnon – The Guardians Of An Ancient Mortuary Temple

Situated on the West Bank in Luxor, the Colossi of Memnon stand guarding a mortuary temple that was built Amenhotep III in the ancient city of Thebes.
Tempel of Pharaoh Seti I, Abydos

Abydos – One Of The Oldest Sacred Ancient Cities Discovered

The sacred city of Abydos is one of the oldest cities of Ancient Egypt, and it’s also considered to be one of the most important archeological sites ever discovered.
Aerial view over Luxor West Bank

Luxor West Bank – Home To Some Of Egypt’s Most Famous Sites

Many guide books hold Luxor West Bank in high regard, and for good reason, considering the fact that it is home to some of Ancient Egypt’s most famous sites.
Karnak Temple and Luxor East Bank, Luxor

Luxor East Bank – A Modern City And Home To Countless Attractions

While many guide books place a lot of emphasis on the West Bank, you’ll be missing out on a great deal if you fail to spend some time exploring Luxor East Bank.
Aerial view of the Valley of the Nobles, Luxor

Valley of the Nobles – 500 Tombs of Theban Nobles and High Officials

The Valley of the Nobles, located on the West bank of Luxor, extend over a huge surface area to the South of the Valley of the Kings.
Valley of the Queens - Photo by Zureks

Valley of the Queens – A Necropolis Of The Pharaohs Wives

The Valley of the Queens stands as a dedication to the powerful female rulers of ancient Egypt and preserves their glory and majesty for visitors today.
Sarcophagus on display in the Luxor Museum of Mummification

Luxor Museum of Mummification – A Real Must-See Attraction

The Luxor Museum of Mummification is without question a real Must-See attraction that essentially showcases the ancient and fascinating art of mummification.

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Is Luxor Egypt safe for tourists?

Yes, Luxor is safe for tourists, with high security at all popular Luxor Egypt attractions. However, while tourists are rarely victims of serious crime, they are sometimes targeted by pickpockets.

What to do in Luxor Egypt?

Devote at least 2 or 3 days to sightseeing, preferably with a professional guide. If you are feeling adventurous, consider a sunrise or sunset hot air balloon ride over the area’s ancient monuments.

Must see in Luxor Egypt?

Luxor Egypt attractions which you really cannot afford to miss include Valley of Kings and King Tut’s tomb; Hatshepsut Temple; Luxor Temple; Karnak Temple, and the towering Colossi of Memnon.

Where is Luxor located in Egypt?

Luxor is located near the ancient city of Thebes in the south of Upper Egypt. Thebes was the capital city of Ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom years. Luxor is the world’s best open-air museum.

How far is Aswan from Luxor Egypt?

Aswan is approximately 181 kilometers from Luxor if you travel by air. The shortest distance by road is roughly 215 kilometers. You can travel from Aswan to Luxor by air, road or rail.

How far is Cairo from Luxor Egypt?

The flight distance from Cairo to Luxor is approximately 510 kilometers, while the shortest distance by road is about 660 kilometers. Average flight time is 1hour and 10 minutes.

How many days in Luxor Egypt?

Plan on spending at least two nights in Luxor. This will give you 3 days to visit all the top Luxor Egypt attractions. The best way to explore Luxor is by way of a private guided tour.

How old is Luxor Egypt?

Luxor was first inhabited 250,000 years ago. It is one of the longest inhabited areas in the world and served as a provincial administration center when the Giza Pyramids were being built.

Are there pyramids in Luxor Egypt?

There are a multitude of breathtaking Luxor Egypt attractions, but there are no pyramids. The three pyramids which are often shown in books and movies are located on the outskirts of Cairo.

Not to Be Missed: The Top Luxor Attractions & Points of Interest

Luxor Egypt Tourist Attractions

If you are just starting to make plans to visit Egypt it is likely that you have already realized that Luxor is a place that needs more than just a day or so to really experience. If you have not come to this conclusion just yet, let’s look at just a sampling of the best Luxor, Egypt Attractions and you’ll realize why you’ll want to make sure you have a lot of time here.

The Kings And Queens Of Luxor’s Attractions

Those not familiar with the different Luxor tourist attractions should know that this is where you find the ancient capital of Egypt – known as Thebes. It is where the tomb of the ultra-famous King Tutankhamen is found, and where the Valley of the Kings is located, too. There is also the Valley of the Queens nearby as well as the amazing Karnak Temple complex, Luxor Temple, the absolutely must see Avenue of Sphinxes, and the great wonder that is the temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

Now, that is just a very brief and basic list, and we did not mention the specific sites within these top Luxor, Egypt attractions. There are also museums, temples, an ancient worker’s village, and so much more.

Let’s just select a few of the Luxor attractions listed above to be sure you understand what an amazing and remarkable place this is, and to begin calculating how much time to give yourself during a visit.

Things To See In Luxor? Go East and West

To begin planning most effectively, you should know that the Luxor, Egypt attractions are divided by the river. The Nile splits the city in half, and so you will need to dedicate time to Luxor West and Luxor East activities. It is helpful to note that the western side of the city is also where the Valley of the Kings is located along with the bulk of the most famous spots.

However, on the eastern side is where the Temple of Karnak is found along with some of the region’s best museums, including the Luxor Museum and the Museum of Mummification. The eastern side is also where the Temple of Luxor is found, too. The Avenue of the Sphinxes is located here, and some of the most modern luxury hotels are also on this side of the Nile. It is also where you will find the delightful and beguiling junction where Sharia al-Markaz and the Sharia al-Lokanda meet and where visitors spend many hours experiencing one of the best bazaars and markets in the area.

Now that you are bit better oriented, you can more reasonably plan your stay, and as you have probably realized, it is best to know where to go and what to see when there are so many options. One of the best ways to get the very most out of even a short time in Luxor is to book with experienced tour providers. At you can work with knowledgeable experts of the Luxor area to create the ideal itinerary for your needs and travel wishes visiting all the best Luxor Egypt Attractions.

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