Christian Sites in Egypt

Get ready for a sightseeing experience like no other when you visit the Land of the Pharaohs. While Muslims certainly account for the majority of the country’s population, there are numerous awe-inspiring Christian sites in Egypt, and many Egypt tour packages will include a visit to some of the best ones, including the famous Hanging Church in Cairo.

Depending on which package tour you opt for, you might also be taken to explore a few ancient monasteries hidden away in the hills not far from Cairo. Interestingly, some of these are still active to this day, having survived many past battles.

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Monastery of Saint Paul, Eastern Desert, Egypt

Monastery of Saint Paul – A Coptic Wonder Of The Desert

Make your dreams come alive; explore the desert; experience life in oases, and head for the hills to explore the spectacular cave built Monastery of Saint Paul.
Monastery of Saint Anthony, Eastern Desert, Egypt

Monastery Of Saint Anthony – A Gem In The Red Sea Mountains

Prepare for a venture into a medieval world where Coptic Christian rituals have remained unchanged for more than 16 centuries – visit the Eastern Desert’s Monastery of Saint Anthony.
Rock carving in the Monastery of St. Simon the Tanner - Photo by Roland Unger

Monastery Of St. Simon The Tanner – A Haven In The Urban Sprawl

Hidden amongst the vast urban sprawl of modern day Cairo, lies a very unique religious site known as the Monastery of St. Simon the Tanner (Monastery complex of St. Sama'an), and it’s a real gem.
Church Of St. George, Cairo

The Church Of St. George – A Gem In The Heart Of Old Cairo

Located right in the very heart of Old Cairo, In the Coptic Compound, one will find the delightful old Church of St. George, and it really is well worth a visit.
Church of St. Barbara, Cairo

Church Of St. Barbara – A Resting Place For The Holy Family

With so many sites to visit in Egypt, one would be forgiven for overlooking places like the Church of St. Barbara, but it honestly is a little gem worth seeing.
Ben Ezra Synagogue

Visiting Ben Ezra Synagogue in Old Coptic Cairo

Considering that Egypt has been home to so many different cultures and religions, it’s not surprising to see the ancient Ben Ezra Synagogue at the heart of Cairo City.
Ruins of Saint Simeon Monastery - By Olaf Tausch

Saint Simeon Monastery – Ruins Of A 7th Century Monastery

Saint Simeon Monastery is a 7th century church built by a monk of the Nile River’s Elephantine Island, but it was almost totally destroyed when Saladin invaded.
The Monastery of Saint Pishoy at Wadi Natrun - Photo by Einsamer Schütze

Wadi Natrun – A Forgotten Village Of Hermits And Monasteries

Wadi Natrun is a valley in Egypt, not far from Cairo, that has served many purposes throughout history, including being home to many hermits and many monasteries.