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Our Morocco Travel Blog contains an almost endless amount of information, covering virtually every aspect of traveling in Morocco. Find all the information you need about any of the country’s vibrant cities; discover the best Morocco tourist attractions, and explore some of the most fascinating sites with our easy to read and beautifully illustrated articles.

Our Morocco travel blog is all about helping people to make the right choices when they are planning a trip to this incredible destination so that they can truly enjoy a vacation of a lifetime. And, if you cannot find the sort of information you need, just get in touch with us and we will be glad to help.


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Morocco Travel Tips

Morocco Travel Tips – Make the Most of Your Adventure

Our Morocco Travel Tips And Advice guide covers everything you need to know: Staying safe, visa requirements, what to bring, and much more...
Morocco Travel Safety

Morocco Travel Safety – Staying Safe during Your Stay

As is the case with any international travel plans, when traveling to Morocco you should concern yourself with Morocco travel safety for you and your family.
Morocco Tourist Visa

How to Obtain Your Morocco Tourist Visa

Traveling to Morocco is an easy affair from most countries in the world. Entry requirements are straight forward and in many cases do not require you have a Morocco tourist visa...
Morocco Tours from the UK

Morocco Tours from the UK

Wave goodbye to UK, explore the Medinas of Morocco, and listen to the undisturbed silence of the mighty Sahara. Come enjoy the treasures of Morocco with Morocco Tours from UK.
Morocco Tours from South Africa

Morocco Tours from South Africa

Explore historic cities, conquer the Sahara Desert, and swim in pristine turqouise blue waters with breathtaking time-tested Morocco tours from South Africa.
Morocco Tours from Canada

Morocco Tours from Canada

Whether you are longing to immerse yourself in ancient culture, or whether you are yearning for a non-stop Moroccan adventure Morocco tours from Canada are the perfect choice.
Morocco Tours from Australia

Morocco Tours from Australia

Familiarize yourself with the weather in Morocco; the country’s visa requirements and so much more in this colorful guide to Morocco tours from Australia.
Morocco Tour Packages from USA

Morocco Tour Packages from USA

Check out this colorful guide to Morocco tour packages from USA, and make a magical Moroccan vacation even more special by being fully prepared.
Morocco Tour Packages from Dubai

Morocco Tour Packages from Dubai

Find out everything you need to know about Morocco tour packages from Dubai, including travel tips; visa requirements, and etc. in this practical guide.
Morocco City Breaks

Morocco City Breaks – Exploring Morocco Your Way

Planning a vacation in Morocco? Get all the information you need for a truly amazing Morocco city break in this brightly illustrated guide.
Essaouira Tours

Essaouira Tours – Spicing Up Your Moroccan Break

Discover the magic of Essaouira tours, and learn about one of Morocco’s best kept travel secrets in this colorful guide to the seaside town of Essaouira.
Marrakech Attractions

Marrakech Attractions – An Essential Guide for Travelers

Enjoy a virtual tour of the best Marrakech attractions in this beautifully illustrated guide for travelers who are planning a trip to magical Morocco.
Casablanca Attractions

Casablanca Attractions – The Best of Casablanca Revealed

Buckle up and get ready for the experience of a lifetime as we take you one an unforgettable journey through the best Casablanca attractions.
Rabat Attractions

Rabat Attractions – Your Guide to Morocco’s Capital City

Explore the very best Rabat attractions with this informative illustrated guide, offered by a tour provider with more than six decades worth of experience.
Tangier Tourist Attractions and Top Places to Visit

Tangier Attractions – Exploring Morocco’s Gateway to Africa

Discover pristine beaches; ancient historical sites, and a culture found nowhere else in the world. Allow us to show you all the best Tangier attractions.
Morocco Day Tours

Morocco Day Tours - The Ultimate Guide

Check out this beautifully illustrated travel guide and discover why Morocco day tours can transform your vacation beyond your wildest expectations.
Merzouga Tours

Merzouga Tours - Enjoying Morocco's Wilderness

Leave the sparkling city lights behind you and immerse yourself in the beauty and splendor of Morocco’s wilderness with our enchanting Merzouga tours.
Tangier Tours

Tangier Tours – An Experience You’ll Never Forget

Nourish your soul and enjoy an unforgettable taste of Morocco with our gold standard Tangier tours that have been painstakingly crafted to suit all tastes.
Fez Attractions

Fez Attractions – Discovering the True Magic of Fez

What are the top Fez attractions? Come check out this great guide for the amazing tourist places to see and visit in Fez. Come explore the best of Morocco.
Agadir Attractions - Red archs on Atlantic Ocean coast. Agadir, Morocco

Agadir Attractions – Everything You Need to Know and More

Dreaming of exploring the top Agadir attractions? A visit to Agadir in southern Morocco is a treat for the senses. Come learn more in this brief Agadir travel guide.
Things to Do in Fez, Morocco - Fez at night

Things to Do in Fez – Getting the Most Out of Your Stay

There plenty of things to do in Fez, Morocco’s medieval city, and nobody is better equipped than we are to ensure you get to see the best of the best.
Things to Do in Tangier, Morocco -Landscape

Things to Do in Tangier – Uncovering the Beauty of Tangier

Discover all the best things to do in Tangier, a fascinating and captivating place which many describe as being the most original city in Morocco.
Things to Do in Morocco - Visit the Historical Medina

Things to Do in Rabat – Exploring Morocco’s Modern Capital

Join us as we take a look and some of the best things to do in Rabat, and then let us create a tour itinerary based on your own personal tastes.
Things to do in Marrakech - Cab drivers in horse-drawn carriages around Koutoubia mosque awaiting tourists

Things to Do in Marrakech – An Imperial City Like No Other

Find out everything you need to know about things to do in Marrakech, one of Morocco’s most endearing cities, a place where the magic truly never ends.
Things to Do in Morocco - Camel Caravan

Things to Do in Morocco – Your Guide to the Pearl of Africa

The lists of things to do in Morocco are endless. They can touch on any sort of activity, from spa going and sunbathing to trekking for days on end. Get an overview here.
Things to Do in Casablanca - Visit the Great Mosque of Hassan II

Things to Do in Casablanca – A Non-Stop Journey of Discovery

Find out why so many of the rich and famous were and still are drawn to Casablanca with our Things to Do in Casablanca guide, complete with video.
Things to Do in Agadir - Idyllic sand beach near Agadir in Morocco

Things to Do in Agadir – An Unspoiled Moroccan Gem

Let us introduce you to the best things to do in Agadir, a modern yet captivating Moroccan city which has largely escaped the wrath of mass tourism.
Morocco Tours

Morocco Tours – Your Gateway to an Ancient Kingdom

Morocco tours can cover an abundances of destinations. You have cities and towns, villages and beaches, gardens and museums, and so many other places to consider...
Trekking in Morocco

Trekking In Morocco – A Handy Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Go trekking in Morocco and enjoy the vast amount of natural beauty this country has to offer; climb mountains; camp under the stars, and so much more.
Erg Chebbi Tours

Erg Chebbi Tours – Exploring Morocco’s Legendary Dunes

Experience the mighty Sahara with our customizable Erg Chebbi Tours; explore Erg Chebbi’s towering sand dunes on foot, on a camel, or on your own ATV.
Atlas Mountains Day Trip

Atlas Mountains Day Trips – Everything You Need To Know

The Atlas Mountains are an amazing range that stretches through the heart of Morocco. Hiking, trekking, or simply gazing at the unbelievable scenery…all of this, and more awaits!
Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco Desert Tours - Discovering the Magic of Morocco’s Deserts

Leave the stress and worry behind you with our spectacular Morocco Desert Tours; a truly immersive experience sculptured by Mother Nature herself.
Morocco Luxury Tours

Morocco Luxury Tours – When Only the Very Best Will Do

Explore the magic of Morocco in absolute style with our bespoke Morocco Luxury Tours. Explore enchanting cities; ancient sites, and so much more.
Agadir Tours - A view of Agadir from the mountains

Agadir Tours - The Perfect Blend of Relaxation and Adventure

Enjoy lazy days in the sun with Agadir tours that are designed to show you the very best this remarkable city, Morocco’s most unusual, has to offer.
Morocco Tourist Attractions - Group of camels grazing on fresh pasture between the Atlas mountains and Sahara Desert in Morocco

Morocco Tourist Attractions

Visit the best tourist attractions in Morocco, along with many lesser-known sites. We can customize your entire visit, offering knowledgeable and experienced guides and drivers. Request details or book your holiday today.
Marrakech Tours - Jemaa el Fna Square at sunset

Marrakech Tours - Your Passport to the Red City of Morocco

Find out all you need to know about Marrakech tours, and then book your dream vacation and enjoy some of the most mesmerizing attractions in Morocco.
Fez Tours - Tannery in Fez, Morocco

Fez Tours

Fez is one of the most intact and well preserved of the ancient cities of Morocco. It has a famous medina in the Fez el Bali, and Fez tours are an ideal way to get more familiar with the city, see its very best sights, and spend as much time as you like exploring its intriguing historic sites, museums, shops, and cafes.
Casablanca Tours - Hassan II Mosque

Casablanca Tours – Enjoy the Magic of a City You Will Never Forget

Enjoy Casablanca tours your way. From day tours to short city breaks, we have everything it takes to create the ultimate tour itinerary just for you.
Marrakech Desert Tours - Caravan of tourists on camels riding in the desert

Marrakech Desert Tours – Enjoying the Ultimate Desert Experience

Visit our Marrakech Desert Tours page and get all the information you need or tell us what you want, and let bring your desert tour dream to life.