Sahara Desert Attractions

Sahara Desert Attractions are incredibly popular among tourists who want an authentic Egyptian experience, but one which includes some outdoor adventure. Contrary to what some believe, the Sahara is home to many great Egypt tourist attractions, and several breathtakingly beautiful oases. Stay in resorts; camp under to stars, and dine with local desert inhabitants.

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White Desert Tours - Chalk formations

White Desert Tours – Discover A World Like No Other

White Desert Tours are designed to introduce travelers to the timeless beauty of the Sahara Desert. Enjoy breathtaking scenery; visit magical oases and come face to face with fascinating cultures.
Siwa Oasis Tours

Siwa Oasis Tours – A Cultural Journey Of Discovery

Marvel at the thousands of olive and date trees thriving in the Western Sahara, explore ancient oracle temples, unwind in luxuriant springs and relax in verdant gardens with unforgettable Siwa Oasis Tours.
Farafra Oasis Tours

Farafra Oasis Tours – Discover The Ancient “Land Of The Cow”

Farafra oasis tours that take you a place where time stands still; swim in hot springs; visit an ancient Roman fortress, marvel at traditional medieval dwellings, and buy wonderful locally made handicrafts.
Bahariya Oasis Tour

Bahariya Oasis Tour – Visiting A Land Where Dinosaurs Roamed

Visit and explore ancient tombs; a temple built by Alexandria the Great; come face to face with mummies, or enjoy the view from above in a hot air balloon: A Bahariya oasis tour never disappoints.
Dorudon Atrox Whale, Wadi Al Hitan

Wadi Al Hitan – The Fascinating Desert Valley Of Whales

Wadi Al Hitan – An astonishing part of the Desert where dunes travel for miles, driven by winds; where visitors can see whale skeletons and aquatic fossils in an area that once lay beneath the ocean.
Fayoum Oasis, Sahara

Fayoum Oasis, Sahara – Embark On A Journey Through Time

Take a journey back through time; visit an historical manmade lake that stands witness to human determination; explore the ancient monasteries of the desert, or simply relax and unwind at the Sahara’s Fayoum Oasis.
Eastern Desert

The Eastern Desert in Egypt – Come Marvel at the Natural Beauty

Step into a world of perfect isolation; marvel at the striking natural beauty of the desert and its towering mountain peaks – Eastern Desert tours give you all this and more.
Temple of Hibis

Temple of Hibis – A Resurrected 26th Dynasty Roman Temple

Relinquish yourself to the splendor of an ancient Persian era temple nestled in the lush green Kharga Oasis; explore the resurrected 26th dynasty Temple of Hibis.
Temple of Qasr Dush, Kharga Oasis view

Temple of Qasr Dush – A Fascinating Relic Of Roman Strength

Wonder through an ancient Roman fortress temple; marvel at the iconic domed ceilings and think of the Roman soldiers that once manned its gates – visit Qasr Dush.
Dakhla Oasis

The Dakhla Oasis – Tropical Paradise Of The Western Desert

Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the unspoiled beauty and romantic allure of Egypt’s most loved oasis. Welcome to the Dakhla Oasis,; an island of green, and home to more than 500 hot springs.
Black Desert Tours

Black Desert Tours – Discover The Isolation Of Naked Egypt

Black Desert tours for adventurers who long so see naked Egypt, where human hands have not yet caused destruction; where unspoiled beauty and total isolation blend gracefully together.
White Desert - Western Desert, Egypt

Western Desert Egypt – A World Of Dunes, Canyons And Oases

Western Desert Egypt tours; bringing you the most vivid experiences imaginable, from ancient tombs; temples and shrines, to lush green oases set among dunes and canyons as old as time itself.
Valley of El Haiz

Valley of El Haiz – Natural Beauty And Unspoiled Marvel Await

Hoist yourself in to the cool comfort of a 4x4 vehicle; head into the desert; marvel at the natural wonders created by eons of time – Explore the fascinating Valley of El Haiz.
Upper Temple of Nadura

Temple of Nadura – A Mysterious Roman Temple Left To Die

Visit the ruins of the ancient Temple of Nadura that once looked over the Kharga Oasis; explore other nearby Roman Temples, or simply soak up the ambience of oasis living.
Deir El Hagar Temple

Deir El Hagar Temple – An Ancient Wonder Preserved By Nature

Experience the Sahara; visit oases; sample traditional desert cuisine; relax in natural springs, and come face to face with fascinating cultures when you visit Deir El Hagar Temple.
Temple of Amun, Siwa Oasis

Amun Temple Siwa – Oracle Antiquity Hidden In Isolation

Buckle up for a journey into isolation; explore the fascinating Valley of Golden Mummies, and walk in the footsteps of Alexander the Great at Amun Temple Siwa.
Ruins at the Temple of Ain El Muftella

Temple Of Ain El Muftella – Chapels Devoured By The Desert

Drive in style or ride a camel; bathe and relax in refreshing natural springs at the Bahariya Oasis, and spend hours strolling through the 26th dynasty Temple Of Ain El Muftella.
Qasr El Labeka, Kharga Oasis

Qasr El Labeka – Ancient Aqueducts; Temples And Tombs Await

Venture off the beaten track; brave the Sahara; experience life in the Kharga Oasis, and explore the area’s most spectacular ancient temple complex when you visit Qasr El Labeka.
House wall decorated with a Mecca pilgrimage, Qasr Al Farafra

Qasr Al Farafra – A Town Untainted And Frozen In Time

Fly back through time; explore an oasis where time stands still, and stroll among ancient medieval dwellings – welcome Qasr Al Farafra., home of the Bedouins
Mountain of the Dead (Gebel el-Mawta)

Mountain of the Dead – Brace Yourself For The Afterlife

Experience the magic of authentic oasis life; swim in natural springs; dine on Bedouin food and explore ancient tombs on the Mountain of the Dead... If you dare.
Monastery of Saint Paul, Eastern Desert, Egypt

Monastery of Saint Paul – A Coptic Wonder Of The Desert

Make your dreams come alive; explore the desert; experience life in oases, and head for the hills to explore the spectacular cave built Monastery of Saint Paul.
Monastery of Saint Anthony, Eastern Desert, Egypt

Monastery Of Saint Anthony – A Gem In The Red Sea Mountains

Prepare for a venture into a medieval world where Coptic Christian rituals have remained unchanged for more than 16 centuries – visit the Eastern Desert’s Monastery of Saint Anthony.
Al Mizawaka Tombs, Hill of Qarat el-Muzawwaqa

Al Mizawaka Tombs – Stepping Into Ancient Burial Chambers

Feed your passion for all things Roman, Greek and Egyptian; enjoy the thrill of the Sahara and the charm of an oasis, and enter the White Desert’s exhilarating Al Mizawaka Tombs of the dead.
Magic Spring

The Magic Spring – Floating On Bubbles In The Sahara Desert

Discover the Sahara Desert; visit oases and mix with the locals; shop for handicrafts; camp under the stars; trek on a camel, and swim in the Magic Spring where the bubbles never end.
Kharga Oasis

Kharga Oasis – Egyptians, Romans, Traders And Slaves

Stroll through the Necropolis of Al-Bagawat and its Chapel of Peace; explore ancient Persian ruins and Roman temples, and think of the slaves that went before you – A Kharga Oasis tour.
Landscape of the Valley of the Golden Mummie

Valley of the Golden Mummies – An Ancient Home of the Dead

Experience the magic of the Sahara Desert; discover secrets revealed; explore picturesque oases, and set your imagination free in the Valley of the Golden Mummies.
Pupils and teacher, Mut Etnographic Museum

Mut Ethnographic Museum – A Fitting Tribute To Desert Life

Leave city life behind; head off into the vastness of the Sahara desert; visit Dakhla and explore Mut Ethnographic Museum for a surreal oasis experience.
English House or House of the Englishman at the Black Mountain, el-Bawiti, Bahariya Oasis

The English House – An Oasis Relic Of War And Revolution

Take in the sight, smells and sounds of the desert; enjoy the springs in Bahariya, and visit the ruins of the English House, a reminder of war and a fight for freedom.
Crystal Mountain, Egypt

Crystal Mountain Egypt – A Fairytale Mountain That Sparkles

Listen to the deafening silence of the desert; discover ancient ruins and tombs; explore charming oases, and marvel at the sparkles of Crystal Mountain Egypt.
Cleopatra's Bath

Cleopatra’s Bath – Unwinding And Swimming With A Queen

Embrace the desert; explore the charming Siwa Oasis; visit ancient ruins and timeless relics, and rejuvenate mind and body in the presence of a queen – Cleopatra's Bath, Egypt.
Cemetery of Al-Bagawat

Al Bagawat – A Sprawling Necropolis Of Ancient Tombs

Lose yourself in the enchanting Kharga Oasis, mix with locals and savor their cuisine; relax in refreshing springs and explore the ancient Al Bagawat necropolis with its 263 Christian tombs.
Façade of the Badr Museum

Badr Museum – One Man’s Astonishing Gift To Farafra Oasis

One man’s extraordinary gift to the people of the Farafra Oasis, and all who pass by; medieval history recorded in art, and done entirely with natural desert resources - Badr Museum.

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The Many Sahara Desert Attractions

Sahara Desert Attractions

There is a linguistic event known as tautology or pleonasm. This is when a place name duplicates itself. This is an interesting thing to know when planning a visit to Egypt and making arrangements to visit Sahara Desert attractions. Why? Because the name Sahara is taken from the Arabic word for desert, Sahraa, and so when we say “Sahara Desert” we are saying “Desert Desert”. Of course, if you are a fan of deserts you might take it to mean something like the Deserts of Deserts because the Sahara is so astonishing.

The part of it in Egypt is found on the western side of the country, and though many travelers think of it as a barren place, the reality is far different. In fact, if you are looking for one of the most remarkable experiences on a visit to Egypt, you will most certainly want to arrange a tour of top Sahara Desert attractions.

Places To Visit – Oases And Temples

As you may guess, some of the most enchanting Sahara Desert attractions are the different oases. Some are enormous and man-made, like the massive Fayoum outside of Cairo, and some are small and mysterious.

The most frequently visited are Farafra, where hot springs, Roman ruins, and lots of local handicrafts are found. The Bahariya Oasis is among the top Sahara Desert attractions because of its ongoing archeological digs, its connection to Alexander the Great, and its thriving agriculture. Siwa Oasis is also popular because of its many olive and date trees, its ancient temples, and its impressive springs and gardens. The enormous Kharga Oasis is also a top destination and the southernmost with connections to ancient Nubian culture, too.

Of course, there are more than just the small islands of growth and water out in the Western Desert, and some of the other Sahara Desert attractions include the wadis such as Al Hitan where a whale skeleton and other fossils are found. There are also the many different temples that were ancient stops along trade routes or places for pilgrimages. For example, the Amun Temple is said to have been visited by Alexander the Great, and several Roman era temples that include Hibis and Qasr are not to be missed.

The Open Spaces Of The Egyptian Desert

The desert also has many natural wonders that include the White Desert with its otherworldly chalk formations, the Black Desert littered with miles of natural mineral deposits. The Valley of El Haiz is another unspoiled location where a true desert experience is still possible, and the Al Mizawaka Tombs set in stunning beauty of the White Desert.

Visiting the Sahara is not for an uninformed traveler. You must be properly prepared and know where you are going. This is not something most foreigners are able to undertake on their own, and knowledgeable tour providers are the smartest and safest ways to pay a visit. At travelers can find an array of options for visiting all of the top locations in the Sahara. As the desert of deserts, it is well worth the time, and booking with experts will ensure you really experience this remarkable setting.

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