Sahara Desert Attractions

Sahara Desert Attractions are incredibly popular among tourists who want an authentic Egyptian experience, but one which includes some outdoor adventure. Contrary to what some believe, the Sahara is home to many great Egypt tourist attractions, and several breathtakingly beautiful oases. Stay in resorts; camp under to stars, and dine with local desert inhabitants.

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The Many Sahara Desert Attractions

Sahara Desert Attractions

There is a linguistic event known as tautology or pleonasm. This is when a place name duplicates itself. This is an interesting thing to know when planning a visit to Egypt and making arrangements to visit Sahara Desert attractions. Why? Because the name Sahara is taken from the Arabic word for desert, Sahraa, and so when we say “Sahara Desert” we are saying “Desert Desert”. Of course, if you are a fan of deserts you might take it to mean something like the Deserts of Deserts because the Sahara is so astonishing.

The part of it in Egypt is found on the western side of the country, and though many travelers think of it as a barren place, the reality is far different. In fact, if you are looking for one of the most remarkable experiences on a visit to Egypt, you will most certainly want to arrange a tour of top Sahara Desert attractions.

Places To Visit – Oases And Temples

As you may guess, some of the most enchanting Sahara Desert attractions are the different oases. Some are enormous and man-made, like the massive Fayoum outside of Cairo, and some are small and mysterious.

The most frequently visited are Farafra, where hot springs, Roman ruins, and lots of local handicrafts are found. The Bahariya Oasis is among the top Sahara Desert attractions because of its ongoing archeological digs, its connection to Alexander the Great, and its thriving agriculture. Siwa Oasis is also popular because of its many olive and date trees, its ancient temples, and its impressive springs and gardens. The enormous Kharga Oasis is also a top destination and the southernmost with connections to ancient Nubian culture, too.

Of course, there are more than just the small islands of growth and water out in the Western Desert, and some of the other Sahara Desert attractions include the wadis such as Al Hitan where a whale skeleton and other fossils are found. There are also the many different temples that were ancient stops along trade routes or places for pilgrimages. For example, the Amun Temple is said to have been visited by Alexander the Great, and several Roman era temples that include Hibis and Qasr are not to be missed.

The Open Spaces Of The Egyptian Desert

The desert also has many natural wonders that include the White Desert with its otherworldly chalk formations, the Black Desert littered with miles of natural mineral deposits. The Valley of El Haiz is another unspoiled location where a true desert experience is still possible, and the Al Mizawaka Tombs set in stunning beauty of the White Desert.

Visiting the Sahara is not for an uninformed traveler. You must be properly prepared and know where you are going. This is not something most foreigners are able to undertake on their own, and knowledgeable tour providers are the smartest and safest ways to pay a visit. At travelers can find an array of options for visiting all of the top locations in the Sahara. As the desert of deserts, it is well worth the time, and booking with experts will ensure you really experience this remarkable setting.