Oases in Egypt

Take a walk on the wild side with Egypt tour packages that include visits to the best oases in Egypt.

Start your journey of discovery in Cairo, and then head off into the world’s mightiest desert, the Great Sahara. Travel in the company of a professional guide, explore the desert in cool air conditioned comfort; go camel trekking; camp under a star filled sky, or relax and unwind in luxury resorts. Enjoy dining with the people of the desert as they keep you entertained, and come face to face with a lifestyle that has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

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Siwa Oasis Tours

Siwa Oasis Tours – A Cultural Journey Of Discovery

Marvel at the thousands of olive and date trees thriving in the Western Sahara, explore ancient oracle temples, unwind in luxuriant springs and relax in verdant gardens with unforgettable Siwa Oasis Tours.

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